Garden pond ideas for decoration

Peculiar form without vegetation with small stones

If you like to spend time outdoors and you have space a pond of garden Is a great idea to make your garden a more natural place. There are a lot of ideas for ponds in different styles.

With a pond you will turn the garden into an oasis. Decorating it with plants around, marsh plants, wetlands, mold, even fish or turtles and aquatic plants in the pond will turn your garden into the favorite place for everyone.

Garden pond with large amplitude and several waterfalls


Choose carefully the flora and fauna that surrounds your garden pond and also the aquatic vegetation. Your friends and family will enjoy the walk through the garden crossing the pond by a bridge decorative Of wood for example to make it more striking can incorporate a source. The variety of complements is very wide as we said.

Extraordinary rear garden pond

Backyard pond with radiant fish

Decorative bridge, fountain, waterfall, vegetation or lighting. The size and size of the pond will depend on the space you have available. There are infinite forms for your garden pond geometric shapes that highlight the water instead the free give you naturalness you will only have to choose the shape that you consider most appropriate.

Very modern garden pond with large stones

Pond with waterfall also fountain

The depth of the garden pond is limited if it is less deep it will be easier to clean it and change the water continuously because in winter it can freeze. But if you want to have fish or turtles in the staque then it will have to be deeper. The image of the pond is very important to define the style of your garden.

Very characteristic and singular garden pond

Garden pond bright colorful irregular big plants

To your liking you will find the best place in your garden where you will incorporate the pond and the decorations that you like best to create a space where you can feel comfortable and comfortable. If the weather does not allow you to be in the garden by just peeking out the window the colors and water will reassure you. Other similar ideas can be found in Pinterest .

Garden pond surrounded by plants with a fall

Pond waterfall plants

Garden pond with figures of flamingos as decoration

Large garden pond with fish

Pond that looks like a stream with decorative bridge

Long pond with decorative wooden bridge

Garden pond that is at levels with wide rocks

Garden pond that is at levels

Splendid garden pond with large rocks

Dark garden pond with water fall

Pond with fish and lotuses and frog-shaped decorative fountain

Pond with red fish and lotuses

Garden pond with bright water stone large

Round garden pond with stones and little vegetation

Wonderful and large pond with wooden bench

Many stones sparse small vegetation