Garden Paths A Modern Alternative

Garden paths oak trees

One more way to embellish the rear space of your house is to compose garden Which is not difficult at all. There is a variety of paving but brick and stone are the most used material to make garden paths.

Although it is not difficult to build a path in the garden requires perseverance and effort. You can always invite friends or family members to help with the elaboration of the garden path, since afterwards everyone will enjoy it together.

Garden paths a very interesting idea with large slabs and stones of different size

Road slabs big stones small different shapes interesting fractured

The first thing you have to do is to mark the area that will occupy your path and the path through which it will pass. We have a lot of freedom to choose materials for our way such as tiles, granite, basalt, mosaics, Stones , Gravel a carpet of grass.

Garden paths with grass that gives a very natural appearance

Garden paths wavy ivy look natural slabs vegetation

A slab road leading through a subplotted garden with shrubs and linen pastures or bold furniture and dense plantations can help you create a getaway in your own backyard, even when gardening can be a challenge and if gardening is not Its a meandering gravel road with lawns around or one of decomposed granite is not a bad idea.

Tile path surrounded by dense vegetation

Path surrounded plants flowers ocher forest

Individual concrete platforms create the illusion that they are floating slightly above the desert floor. Its exposed finish mixes with stony texture of the native soil.Each road needs a destination, whether it's a garden shed, a shady tree seat, or a patio with a view. If the route ends on a fence, set a solid colored door in front to suggest that the trip might continue.

Narrow garden path that surrounds the house

Garden paths close house stones small narrow

If the path leads through a bow, put a glazed urn or bird feeder at the other end. A curved path, high walls, soft greens, and a spreading fountain will also make a garden a relaxing getaway. These are just some ideas that can help you, everything is in your imagination.

Autumn garden path leading to a gazebo

Garden paths many plants autumn stones

Front garden path leading to the cobbled house

Garden paths little vegetation around

Very garden path with thick gray gravel

Garden paths stones of different sizes scattered

An ingenious idea for your way is to do it with glass bottles

Splendid garden path made of crystal bottles

Garden path with a large maceta of decoration

Long road sand mixed stones yellow flowers

Garden path with large stones on the outskirts

Long road ballast large stones periphery

Path with curve curve flowers around

Grass cobblestones chess decoration balls bench

Road ahead house slabs large vegetation around