Garden houses and sheds with a lot of charm


Our garden Can become a magical fairy-tale place thanks to flirty garden huts or small plant sheds or garden tools.

These little houses invite us to dream and awaken our childhood in us again. Of course, we do not all have the necessary space to build a house, so today we show different styles of houses and sheds of different sizes that fit any need and taste.

Garden sheds with trim on the corners House shed garden white ornaments corners

We started by presenting this wonderful wooden shed with ornaments Cut in the upper corners. The front fa├žade is almost completely cut out, in this way there is an illusion of a covered porch or house, although it is really a totally enclosed space.

Open garden shed with palm leaf roof Open garden shed palm wood

For leisure environments and more summer we show this example of open wooden shed untreated and roof covered with palm leaves. Perfect refuge For the sun or the rain and long talks of dusk, and very striking detail as centerpiece of our garden.

Contemporary style garden shed Modern contemporary garden shed

We then proceed to this shed in more contemporary style. With very resistant materials such as metal and cement we can also get garden sheds suitable for our garden or outdoor patio. It is very current to build Garden sheds To model the main house, as if it were a model of it.

Garden shed with luxurious pool Luxury pool garden shed

Another variant but with a more classic and luxurious style is this house with central hall and lateral openings. What really gives us this place is the comfort of being simultaneously relaxed on the living room sofa and in the sunny garden at the same time, without losing any detail. Located near the swimming pool, they are really garden huts for the privileged.

Wooden garden huts covered with plants Shed garden bench wood deck

Wooden hut in the garden in the form of porch Wooden house

Garden sheds decorated with flowers White flower garden huts

Blue and white wooden garden shed Garden huts blue white wood

Untreated wooden garden sheds modern design Garden huts untreated wood forest

Deckhouse with roof for indoor pool Roof deck

Rustic brown wood garden house

Shed-house-garden-gardener Shed-wood-large-empty Shed-rustic-large-house