Garden design; Ideas mixed with colors.

Garden design

Often the care of our garden leaves us several hours a day, but it is still something we do with dedication and detail. Today we are going to see some ideas and a way to combine care and beauty in the design of gardens: the mulch of colors.

While the warmer days are getting better, we should focus our attention on our outer areas. The design of gardens allows us to add color And contrasts mixing on the one hand plants of different shades.

Design of gardens with dark mulch

Garden design benches flowers furniture cushions

Although when we speak of union between colorful and care for our garden the solution is to add a mulch of color. It is excellent for coloring the base of the plants, in addition to not allowing the growth of weeds or the immediate evaporation of the Water . The mulch comes in many varieties, being very common those of wood with rubber base and recycled content. In the latter case they may be recycled automobile tires; Plastic bottles and other sustainable contents that make possible a beautiful effect with many colors.

Design of gardens, contrasting house and garden

Garden design

There are many other varieties, including cypress, which tends to be a deep red color and the pine mulch is generally brown and looks much more natural. We can also add others of a softer texture. It can be ideal for children to play on it in this area of ​​the garden. The increase in temperatures is the ideal time because more foliage and plants appear. It is time to add color.

Design of gardens accentuating circles


If we add the mulch along corridors or under shrubs, it is appropriate to be within a few inches of the home. This is a way to also prevent moisture and insects from entering the house. An ideal space to add color and texture are the areas of fountains or waterfalls intended for meditation. Consider some designs like the image below Custom Landscaping Design And give life to our garden!

Dark mulch contrasting with rocks


Design for garden contrasting the lawn

Contrast plants garden rocks mulch

Furniture in circular platform with mulch


Mulch delineating terrace with outdoor furniture

Garden modern design palm tree furniture

Application of mulch outdoors

Gardener colors grass plants compost

Color enhancement with use of red mulch


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