Fun outdoor playground for a memorable summer


In the present article we are going to give you ideas of outdoor children's games that you can take advantage of to play and have fun as a family during the long summer holidays that are approaching.

Football game

Do you want Ñ?? u son to go outside and enjoy a real game instead of playing all day games virtual at home? Are you interested in finding new outdoor playgrounds that will make your kids' summer vacation more fun? art class
Currently, children live in a world full of electronic entertainment and therefore entertainment is limited to activities in the interior. An average child spends only 30 minutes outside and at the same time several hours in front of the computer screen, cell phone or television. swimming class

As a mother or father you should know that lack of physical activity can affect your child's mental and physical development. Outdoor activities are not only fun but also healthy! So, what are you waiting for, take your son out to play outdoors?


Our list of the best outdoor playgrounds:

Whether you like playing clay or playing hopscotch, we have many ideas to get your children out of the room. Here we offer outdoor playgrounds that fight against boredom and keep your child active for long hours. Most of these activities are not expensive and your children can help you in the preparation by unleashing your creativity and imagination.


1. Painting:

Painting gives your children their first encounter with art. There are many ways in which you can make painting fun for children.
For example you can buy a sprayer and fill it with washable paint. Let your child be creative and make the most of his imagination on a large poster board.

Let your child go with his friends to an expedition in nature and then ask him to paint his findings.

garden games for children

2. Gardening:

Gardening is an excellent way to develop new skills. So children can learn a lot about plants, flowers, insects, etc.

Encourage your children to plant an organic garden for them. Let them do all the work alone from the beginning: plant, water, remove weeds, etc. Be patient not to intervene even when you have difficulties because in this way you will feel more proud when you see the results of your work.

car-race-in-the-yard (2)

3. Race of cars:

It can fuel your child's imagination and ignite his inner passion for speed with a DIY racing track made in his backyard.
Draw the race tracks in your backyard and ask your child to compete with all the cars he has. Add small tunnels and some obstacles too.

A small obstacle in the middle of the race track can make the race more exciting.
In this way, your child will enjoy the outdoors and learn more about cars. Do not forget to share interesting facts about the cars with your love and buy an illustrated encyclopedia about it!

Football game

4. Football:

Turn on your son the passion for this fabulous game. Football is the king of outdoor games par excellence. It can be adapted depending on the age and the number of participants. All you need is ample ground, a ball and the enthusiasm of children.
In addition, soccer provides an excellent way to keep children strong and in good physical shape.

playground with-ball

5. Pass the ball under the bridge:

This is another of our favorite outdoor children's games that you can also play if you wish! Read how to play:

How to play:
The players form a circle with their hands on their knees and their legs wide open.
The objective of the game is for the players to try to pass the ball between the bridges of other players (formed by their legs) and block the passage of the ball through their own bridges. Players receive a letter of the word"bridge"each time the ball passes between their legs. Once a player has written"bridge", the game restarts.
Players can only hit the ball with an open palm. Without launching

children's games spot
They can catch the ball if it is the height of the head. Then they must place the ball on the ground and hit it again in the game.
If a ball leaves the circle, the nearest player can go and look for it.

If the ball passes between the legs of a player he receives a card with the consecutive letter of the word"bridge"and can go to find the ball to return it to the game.

Outdoor playground


6. Hide the ball:

This game requires a small ping-pong ball. A player hides the ball and returns to the place of the game.
The others have to look for the ball. If a player is near the ball, the player who has hidden it must say"close"and if he is moving away he should say"far".
The player who finds the ball will be the next to hide it.

Children's games for summer


7. Pass the ball:

The players must sit in a circle. An adult or an older child should play music. The participants have to pass the ball to each other until the music stops.
The player who holds the ball in his hands when the music stops comes out of the game.
The game continues until a child is the winner.
This can be a wonderful game for your child's birthday party!

children's games al-aire-libre

8. Hanky's game:

The group of children sits in a circle. All are seated except the one with the handkerchief.
The child with the handkerchief must stay out of the circle and try to run around the players and drop the handkerchief behind someone without warning them.
Then the player needs to run around the circle and get to that person's position. If they catch him, he has to try again or, otherwise, the new person gets his turn.

Children's games and sports


9. Swimming:

All children enjoy swimming. Swimming is probably one of the most favorite outdoor entertainments that refresh and relax the mind and body.
Swimming is a skill that is learned in childhood and stays for life. It also offers a good exercise to stay fit regardless of age.
Try this summer to make swimming a daily habit and let your child swim and enjoy the moment.


10. Cycling

Children love to ride their bike through their neighborhood. This is a simple activity and also a good exercise.
Cycling gives them freedom and self-confidence to move independently.

bike ride
Plan a trip with your child on a quiet path or forest to make it more adventurous.


11. Art exhibition in the courtyard:

Start by allowing your children to make some fun pieces of art at home using paper and basic colors (preferably crayons).
Ask them to send homemade invitations to friends and relatives who can visit the art exhibition.

children's games exhibition
Hang a clothesline in your backyard and let your son hang his artwork there with the help of clothespins. The child can also invite his friends to bring their art and show it there.

Rope game

12. Rope game

Divide the children into two teams.
Secure a long rope.
Draw a vertical line in the middle of a field.
Ask each team to stand on each side of the line.
Once the whistle blows, the teams have to hold the opposite ends of the rope and try to pull it hard so that the other team crosses the line.
The team that manages to shoot the other team first is the winner.


13. Play the spot (variation):

Group size: Large group (10 or more)
Group age: 3-5 years
Duration of the activity: 10 minutes or more
Development goal: Develop cooperation and strategic thinking.
Team: None
Before starting:
Divide the group in pairs. Couples should join their arms at the elbows and have both hands on their hips.
Ask for two volunteers and assign one of them to be the runner and the other for the"that".
How to stain:

A light touch, like the wings of a butterfly, on the back or shoulder.
How to play:
The player who is the"that"must try to stain the"runner".
The"runner"must find a partner and join with the elbow. The player on the other side of that pair separates and is now the new runner pursued by the player who is"that".
The new broker must find another partner to bond with, in turn separating another person.
If the"runner"is tagged before he can find someone to bond with, he becomes"that"and chases the other person.


14. Game with rings:

Place several rings around the play area.

A child is the"that"and has to label others. In your signal, the"that"will begin to chase the children to label them. Children can jump inside one of the hoops to avoid being touched, but they can stay inside only until they count to ten. Only one child's stay is allowed inside each hoop.


15. Game of tails:

All children have to put a handkerchief in their pocket or belt that will be their tail.
The goal is to collect as many queues as possible from other children while protecting yours.


16. Balloons and dishes:

Hand out a paper plate and an inflated balloon to each child.
The child who manages to keep the balloon in the air longer by pushing it with the help of the paper plate is the winner.

children-active games

17. Capture the flag:

Divide the group of children into two teams.
Each team must have a handkerchief that will be their flag.
A player from each team must run to the other side and try to capture the opponent's flag, without being touched. If someone from the opposing team touches the player, the child must remain in jail until another player on his team touches him to release him.
The goal is to capture the opponent's flag and have all the players on your team out of jail.


18. Find a friend:

Sell ​​the eyes to all children and ask them to meet. Once they recognize someone, the children should hold hands with him and continue with the next.
Watch the children as they play this game so they do not trip and fall.


19. Beat the balloon:

Ask the children to form two groups and to sit facing each other.
Give one balloon per child to one of the teams and the other player's players distribute bats.
The children of the balloon team have to throw the balloon with their hand and try to send it to the other side over the opponent's head. Children with bats have to try to hit the balloon before it passes over your head.


20. Traffic lights race:

Ask the children to stand behind a starting line to run. A child is the announcer.
When the announcer says"green,"the children should keep moving toward the finish line. In 'red' all children have to stop moving. Children who move in 'red' should return to the starting line. The child who arrives at the finish line first wins.

children games of-varano
These twenty children's outdoor games for children can be played together with their children's friends to make this summer vacation more enjoyable and memorable. fun children games
No matter what type of activity you choose for your child, your voluntary participation contributes to your mental health and fitness. We hope this article has given you tips to provide more opportunities for outdoor children's games for your children. girl-drawing-with-chalks


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