Fireplaces by the pool, treat yourself to a treat

Campfire outside pool garden stones

The latest in trends for Gardens and outdoor patios , These are fireplaces or fire pits by the pool. Rediscover the nocturnal baths in your pool adding magic and romance.

Contemplating the fire reminds us, and if we do it from the quietest and most relaxing place in our home, it will completely purify us.

Contemporary outdoor fireplaces Black modern super fireplace pendant

We show ideas according to each taste and style, starting from chimneys that are part of the architectural structure of the place, to ideas to make a practical and beautiful Fire pit With homemade materials and easy to acquire. Let's look at some of the minimalist and more contemporary examples of Fireplaces Outside.

Round stone outdoor fireplace Fireplace fire round stone fire

Examples of this style often coincide in keeping the fire safe and regular. Some more than chimneys, they remind us of bonfires or natural bonfires made with stones that combine better with a Exterior decoration Very vegetable and natural.

Minimalist garden fireplaces near the pool Fireplace garden minimalist cactus pool

But before making a decision we must make sure that we have chosen the perfect place for the bonfire so that it does not damage or spoil any element of our garden, it is highly recommended to consult with a specialist or architect. Depending on how we use the garden and

Stone fireplaces for garden Fireplace patio garden modern stones

The location of the pool can choose the appropriate kind of fireplace, not forgetting the weather conditions to which it will be exposed. The Chimney models More classic, but rather remind us of closed spaces and cooler times. In a way they are more convenient for that area of ​​the garden dedicated to meetings.

Pool fireplace with rectangular shape Fireplace pool fantastic shape rectangular

Its most appropriate function is to warm up giving life to our garden during the winter highlighting all its splendor. Finally we will talk about the simplest fires or plates of fire to get or make at home. For a static bonfire we can dig a hole and cover it with large rocks and gravel,

Classic stone fireplace in the pool Fireplace pool large fire sunset

Taking care that it is far enough from the plants and furniture. Instead, if we prefer a mobile heat source for different places and events in the garden, we can use a metal container that later we will fill with many stones.

Garden fireplaces in winter Fireplace pool garden snowy winter

Lanterns with fire in the pool Fireplace

Stunning outdoor fireplaces with stones Fireplaces pool sunset great palm trees

Classic style pool fireplaces Chimneys classic style swimming pool

Campfire Campfire Pool Garden pool fireplaces fires dishes