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Have you decided that you want an original tattoo and are looking for interesting ideas and models? This week, we propose a new theme is about feathered tattoos.

The pen is a type of tattoo very common and is one of the most sought after. And this is not difficult to understand given its symbolism and its rich history. In fact, this is a type of tattoo for women or men that adopts quite different styles. In addition, in terms of meaning and symbolism, feather tattoos reflect different things and concepts in the traditions of different cultures.

Feather tattoos expand its meaning in the various contexts and models and choose the best option for you!

Feather tattoos have some characteristics that make them very popular. To begin with, it is a unisex pattern. This is what distinguishes them from other tattoo ideas, such as, for example, the flower that is quite famous for only one of the two sexes. The feather tattoo is also unique in the sense that it has several symbolic meanings. Everyone can decide for themselves the idea behind their feather tattoo and the meaning it will give them. And, as we will see in the text that follows, these characteristics are far from being the only ones that define said tattoo. Let's see what are the different forms of feathered tattoos and their meanings.


This tattoo is found both in the body of women as of men. For the girls, the feathers silky to the touch, which touch the skin gently, have the value of the lightness of flight, the love of freedom, tenderness, beauty. For men, the value of the tattoo on the pen is determined by the fact that it is part of a raptor, bold, strong, determined and predatory.


This is a fairly common tattoo and has many different meanings and symbolic tones. It all depends on the style and shape of the pattern that is applied. The tattoo with the image of the feather appeared for the first time in the ancient Indian tribes.

Modern and original feather tattoos

feather tattoos-white-black-options

In the natives of the American continent, the tattoo of a feather symbolizes the rebirth of life (all living beings on earth) or immortality. Such a tattoo could be made only to people who deserved the general respect of the tribe: chiefs, shamans, elders, healers and brave warriors.


It was believed that the image of the pen on the body promoted closer contact with the gods and allowed them to communicate with them. In addition, the Indians used feathers to set fire to the curule tube. And Indian soldiers often wore a tattoo with the feather of an eagle to take charge of the qualities of this brave animal: strength and courage.


With the feathers of an eagle, the Indians have always decorated their clothes, this shows a great respect and respect for this intrepid bird. His eagle was considered a symbol of sovereign power, which sees everything and almighty. It is known that the indigenous peoples of America attached great importance to their appearance. They decorated their clothes and houses with the feathers of different birds.


He did not lack feathers and shamanic rituals, which were not uncommon among Indians. Now many young people are making a feather tattoo to show their connection with ancient relatives. This is the meaning that has spread throughout the world.


The pen is, first of all, a symbol of family ties and spiritual unity. In addition, the Indians believed that feathers are the power of a thunderstorm, wind and air. The pen tattoo is popular with boys and girls. Thanks to the variety of tattoo designs, you can easily select the exact image that meets all your requirements.

The meanings of feathered tattoos


To date, all known feathered tattoos can be divided into two groups: traditional Indian tattoos and common tattoos with peacock feathers, eagle, crane and other birds. In the general case, the value of the pen's tattoo expresses symbols such as ease, flight or ascent, spirituality and trust, creativity and freedom, firmness and courage.


The meaning of a tattoo is a red feather, a symbol of victory, if a feather, cut in half, is a sign of pain or memory of a wounded soul, it can mean defeat, a broken hope or a broken dream. The thrown feather is a symbol of the separation and pain of the soul.


The peacock feather from the time of Ancient Greece became a symbol of the starry sky, it also means prosperity, splendor and nobility. In China, it means high dignity and extraordinary beauty. In Buddhism there is meaning of compassion and vigilance. Peacock feathers are often considered a symbol of renewal and cyclicity, because the peacock changes its appearance over time.


Women tend to search and find the delicate features in the meaning of the tattoo pen. They are attracted by the incredible lightness and the delicate beauty of the feathers of the birds. A tattoo with a pen image fits well with creative, free-thinking and open-minded people.


As you can see, the value of feather tattoos depends directly on the feather of which bird it is, and in what context this modest symbol is drawn.


Generally, for a tattoo, a feather is chosen from any bird (an eagle, a peacock, an ostrich, an owl, a feather bird, a phoenix, a turkey, a swallow, etc.). A feather tattoo can be applied to any part of the body, depending on the person's desire. The pen can be represented as black and white colors, and can be saturated with several bright colors.


Consider some of the most common values ​​of a pen-shaped tattoo


Some models of feather tattoos for women are quite different and elegant. In this way, they very effectively reflect the types and species of birds from which they are derived. The use of a feather tattoo of an eagle, ostrich or peacock can be a way to show attachment to this type of bird and the symbolism attributed to it.


The red pen is a symbol of victory and triumph. In addition, it can mean love, passion.

The orange or yellow pen means exceptional, unique mental abilities.

The bird's feather of fire is associated with creativity, talent and also indicates mystery, beauty, elegance.

The peacock feather indicates the high position of a person in society, the honor of this person among creative people.


The pen divided into two parts symbolizes the loss, separation from a loved one, an important loss.

The feather of the phoenix in the fire symbolizes rebirth, immortality.

The pen, which is represented by birds in flight, speaks of man's persistent desire to be independent, free.


The tattoo of the feather of the girls gives a sensation of grace, lightness and weightlessness. While in men, the pen is preferably depicted in dark tones and gives a feeling of severity, strength, courage.


In addition to the main interpretation of the pen tattoo, there are several other equally important meanings. The pen of an eagle is one of the most popular options. It is also inextricably linked to Indian wars. Each warrior tribe was adorned with an attribute of eagle, so that all the strength and power of this bird passed to the person. It is for this reason that now the tattoo of the pen symbolizes strength, courage and honor.


In some cultures, feathers personified those who died. According to the beliefs of these people, if a pen falls in front of a person on the road, it is a sign that someone he knows has just died. In ancient Christianity, the pen served as a mystical symbol.


On the feasts of the priests three feathers were often represented, symbolizing hope, faith and charity. In a word, a benefactor. The ancient Egyptians believed that feathers are the signs of the heavenly gods.


Another interesting association with the pen. Many cultures associate pen with dreams. It is light and small, so it moves freely where the wind blows. It was believed that if you dream of a white feather, this marks a new spiritual period in your life.


Let's summarize some meanings more than feathered tattoos

The truth;



Relationship with the ancestors;


High morality;





Movement of souls;




The feather tattoo is ideal for any part of the body. It can be a large eagle feather on the shoulder blade or shoulder, or perhaps an elegant small feather on the wrist or ankle. Most people prefer black and gray design.


Although feathers, blue and yellow are very uncommon, they are a very original idea. As a rule, you only choose a pen for a tattoo at least this is the common option. This as we said can be an eagle feather, owl, phoenix, rooster, peacock, swallow, ostrich and turkey. It is also worth mentioning that the value of the tattoo varies with the chosen bird.


A tattoo with a pen image is often enough, and can be given different meanings according to the shape and style of the image. Try to find out which one is most appropriate for you by inspiring yourself with these photos.


The feathers can symbolize so many varied things and that is the beauty of tattoos with this type of pattern. If you have decided to get a feather tattoo, do not forget to consider the shape and size of the feather, but also its color and, of course, the images that will eventually complete your fountain pen.


Finally, do not forget to think about the style of your tattoo and select one that represents your personality! For more inspiration, we invite you to review our section of tattoos where you will find information and ideas in photos for all types of designs.

Here we continue with more interesting ideas of nice feather tattoos for you: