Fashionable hair colors 2018 - Do not miss the trends for this year


A new season is the perfect time to stir things up by refreshing the color of your hair. We already know that we are in the middle of the year but what better way to receive the summer that with a new color of hair . If you are willing to try something new, follow the example of these beautiful blond, brown, red and multicolored tones.

Fashionable hair colors 2018 - The trend that will sweep during the summer

The fashionable haircut and the current color of hair these two things are one of the most important components of an elegant image for any girl. The correctly chosen hair color and the good coloration make us true queens of beauty, and a selection of tone and style of not too good dye are capable of spoiling even the most attractive and expressive appearance. But today we are here to show you the best ideas of trendy hair colors.


Of course, in the world of hairdressing fashion there is always a place for classic dyes. However, every year the ideas of trendy hair colors as well as the colors of the clothes undergo certain transformations even if they involve details as discreet as a subtle color solution change exists. For example the wicks so current in the 2000s have long been a sign of bad taste, the color of eggplant hair has fallen into oblivion but this may very soon change. When a new year arrives, the old and the new come out.


In fact, you may have made some promises to yourself, such as going to the gym more or eating lunch instead of waiting until dinner. Easier said than done! If you have fulfilled these promises. When it comes to your hair, why not embrace a new hair color for the new year? After all, it would be difficult to find a better time for an image update since the holidays come a perfect time to show off your new hair color. Of course, we would not want you to waste time finding ideas for hair color. And here we are to give you the latest and best fashion hair color trends in 2018. From variations in classic shades of brown hair and blonde hair to the most striking hair colors I've seen, these are the hair color trends that They will fill their social networks in the coming months.


In 2018, any girl will be able to choose the hair color or haircut suitable for her. The options of fashion dyes have an important feature: in 2018, the technique of hair coloring is designed to emphasize their femininity, refinement and naturalness. Of course, there is room for expressive solutions and nonstandard approaches for staining in the form of bright strands or artificial colors that are never found in nature, but you should be very careful with them.

Fashionable hair colors 2018


We note immediately in 2018 the bluish black hair lost its relevance. If you like black, you should have a pronounced purple or reddish glow. However, at the top are the blonde and the chestnut, the redheaded girls also found a place in the colorful world of hairdressing. Let's talk about trends in hair colors that will be most relevant in 2018, and also learn some important tricks.


Actual blonde shades in 2018

platinum blonde

2018 you can safely call the year for blonde girls: light colors are more in demand than ever! However, not all tones will be so. To show your good taste and the ability to keep track of the latest trends in the world of hairdressing fashion, here we show you the trendy blond hair colors.

Fashionable hair colors 2018-ideas-blonde-platinum-style-modern

So, we start with the blond platinum that will be in fashion for another year. The yellow color is totally inappropriate since it gives the appearance of an unpleasant note of disorder. The gray dye was lost in oblivion, it was fashionable only a couple of seasons. This is not surprising, because the gray blond is capable of killing youth and beauty.

Fashionable hair colors 2018 - shades of blonde

Fashionable hair colors 2018-ideas-blond'platinum'options

So, what shades should you choose so that hair color looks fresh and is relevant?

The silver blonde is your choice a cold tone with a slight silver reflux. But this color, it is necessary to manipulate it with caution; First of all, it is not so easy to achieve, so you should go to dye your hair in a beauty salon since nobody knows better than a professional. If your hair has a pronounced reddish, it is most likely that you should undergo the full discoloration procedure. Otherwise, you will get the most irrelevant yellow coloration.

colors-of-hair-of-fashion-2018-ideas-blonde platinum

Secondly, the best platinum tones are perfect for girls with Nordic appearance and pale skin. In combination with freckles. If you are not surprised by the impact, you can try the staining technique with dark roots, which have been used by almost all Hollywood blondes for several seasons. The main thing is to choose a competent professional, since it should end with color and fashionable hairstyle, and not create the impression of roots too grown.

Fashionable hair colors 2018-ideas-blonde-platinum-style

Blonde golden rose

Fashionable hair colors 2018-ideas-rose-gold

A soft, blonde tone with a light golden note reminds us of the color you get when you submerge a juicy berry in a glass with cold champagne. This color is suitable for most girls, since it can soften the serious appearance, give a touch of fun, refresh the face and draw attention to the unusual shine of the hair in the sun.

fashion hair colors 2018-ideas-rose-golden-ideas-girls

The pink hair pronounced in 2018 is not welcome, only the pink tones on light hair should indicate pink. By the way, stylists recommend using a golden blonde not in bleached hair, but in a light brown or honey blonde. This is how this color looks more natural and organic.

fashion hair colors 2018-ideas-rosa-dorado-ideas-originales

Blonde sand

The blond sand can be called one of the favorites of modern blond colors. This color, without a doubt, is a very good option recommended by stylists, hairdressers, because it is equally suitable for natural blondes and light-haired girls.


The tone is saturated enough for the exterior to be brighter and, at the same time, softer. Suitable for those girls who want updates without cardinal changes in their appearance, and he also manages to nuance both the pale skin and the brunette.





Modern colors for redheaded girls

The coloration in one of the shades of red is a brilliant color solution that can revitalize even the most natural appearance. However, with red shades you must be careful, otherwise your appearance will not be bright, but vulgar. In addition, intense red shades are not suitable for older women, as they can sharply emphasize even subtle wrinkles. In 2018, among the favorite colors, the stylists call the following tones.


The golden red color is very popular. This color can be tested by girls who by nature have a light brown hair color. In general, honey tones can add depth and volume. The combination of caramel and golden strands creates exactly this effect: the hair shines in the sun with natural tones of gold and looks very natural, as if the red color were natural.



Fashionable hair colors 2018 - fashion dark shades

Girls who like to dye their hair in dark colors, stylists paid close attention. We can say that women with brown hair are at the peak of popularity, because the exquisite tones of chocolate are the undoubted favorites of 2018. Among the brown tones can be mentioned.


Chestnut color with juicy dark and golden notes, it is a perfect idea. This color is characterized by saturation and depth, shines beautifully in sunlight and gives the hair a healthy glow. The choice of the stylists of this color can be considered an exceptional success, since it adapts perfectly in the blond or natural brown blocks and adapts to almost all types of appearance.


The dark brown color is a restless color, but very effective with a cold tone. To achieve the total absence of yellow and red iridescence, your colorist will have to try, but the end result is worth the effort, as this color palette is surprisingly elegant and sober, giving aristocracy of almost any kind of appearance.


An ideal combination according to the stylists is considered chestnut hair ash and gray eyes or light blue. Another rule is that the dyed hair of this color should be so saturated with moisture, so do not forget to put on moisturizing balms for hair, and when using a hair dryer and iron, use means of protection, so otherwise your hair will quickly lose its darkness and may become dull.




Fashionable hair colors 2018

As everyone knows the color of the year is the violet utra that can also be used for hair. Although the true modern tone is the mauve chocolate favorite of 2018, he was able to push on the fashionable natural colors. The color is very unusual, cold and bright. The dark and rich color of the bitter chocolate is incredibly shaded by a lilac hue, which gives the hair a modern shine.