Fashionable bikinis, the most modern brands among the latest trends of 2018


The time has come to see one of the last components of summer, vacations, the beach and the heat. In other articles we have talked about the care of hair and skin during this time of year especially on the days that we expose ourselves directly to the sun. Today we will talk about the brands of fashionable bikinis which mark the trends this year. Below you can see a collection of photos of the most modern beachwear this summer and some models of very original bikinis.

Fashionable bikinis and models from the Sfera brand

fashion bikinis-woman-sfera

This brand has been on the market since 2001 and started under the chain of Corte Inglés. The truth is that over the years the brand and the clothes of Sfera have become one of the most interesting proposals of quality that we can find today, without underestimating other popular chains and brands.

fashion bikinis-women-sfera

In addition, this year the designs of the women's bikinis offered by Sfera integrate components and geometric elements and paintings. You will also find many designs with floral and single-color decorations, as well as knitted fabrics. At the same time, monochromatic swimsuits offer a wide range of possibilities and nuances from which they can choose.

fashion-brand-sfera bikinis

On the other hand, the Sfera brand becomes the perfect variant and the ideal solution for those women who bet on quality and price and not on style and design. You can visit their website and see the models of their latest collection of bikinis for this summer of the year 2018.

The trendy Rip Curl bikinis, a combination of colors and comfort

bikinis woman-rip-curl

The interesting thing about this clothing chain is that it was founded in Australia and initially offered only products and items for surfers. Later, they began to manufacture and also offer diving suits. If you look more closely at the images, you will surely be able to contemplate that sporty air that hides behind the chosen models.

banadores mujeres-rip-curl

Today, this brand and clothing chain manufactures a beachwear that follows to a certain extent the line and models of Decathlon. Among the models you can find high-rise bikinis or boxer bikinis that offer great comfort to athletes. At the same time, they can also find models that adapt in great measure to sports needs.

clothes for beach woman-rip-curl

The biggest success we can highlight in these models of bikinis is that the comfort they provide for athletes is very well combined with the feminine air. The striking colors, flowers and other interesting elements of these bikinis make them an ideal component for every woman who likes to play sports on the beach.

Taking the feminine out of the fashionable bikinis of the Roxy brand

fashion-brand-roxy bikinis

It is possible that for some of you this brand is not very well known, but surely the Quiksilver chain will sound much more to you. I refer to this chain because the Roxy brand presents the feminine part in the sportsmanship of Quiksilver, whose origin comes from Chile. With which we can conclude that Roxy and Rip Curl are quite similar in terms of the models they offer.

fashion-women-roxy bikinis

Like the previous brand, this also offers our sports models, ideal for people who like to surf. They are very comfortable and also stand out for the elements and details of tropical flowers. At the same time, the chain also allows them to make combinations between the top parts offered and the bottom parts. So, you can create your own clothes for beach woman.

fashion-woman-roxy bikinis

On the other hand, if what they want or what they want are competitive swimwear for women, this is the place where they should look for them. If they notice, they will realize that many of the great surfers use precisely this type of bikinis. In addition, this chain follows the sports line of other large companies such as Adidas and Puma.

The fashionable bikinis of the Banana Moon brand

fashion-women-banana-moon bikinis

This chain is also very interesting and its origin is half European, half Californian. The brand is relatively new and has managed to integrate among the best-known brands with a series of swimsuits for women with a great diversity of colors and shapes. In addition, among its products and articles we can also find many beach accessories and accessories that are very feminine.

fashion-banana-moon bikinis

The reason why she has managed to become so popular so quickly and has managed to integrate into the world of fashion is due to the bikinis full of colors and prints that she offers. It is about colors and a combination of very cheerful and summery tones that simply fall in love. This is the reason why it has become one of the favorite chains of consumers.

fashion bikinis-women-banana-moon

However, the chain has divided its articles with the idea of ​​covering a wider circle of consumers and their wants and needs. One of the sections is what you see above in the previous paragraphs, the most colorful of all. In contrast, the second offers more elegant and subtle products, while the third has been specified to meet the needs of young athletes.

The Italian line Calzedonia and its fashionable bikinis

fashion-calzedonia bikinis

Surely the company Calzedonia is one of the best known in the world. Its origin is Italian and its exit in the world of commerce began in 1987. Since that moment the company has not stopped growing and developing, opening new stores in more countries of the world.

fashion-women-calzedonia bikinis

This clothing chain offers a wide range of beachwear for women in a very varied collection. It is about models full of joy for the richness of their colors and tones that also makes them very young. All these elements and beach accessories are designed especially for women, with which the feminine emanates from them.

fashion-women-calzedonia bikinis

On the other hand, the most distinctive feature of this clothing chain is that its models stand out every year for their designs that lead the trends. In addition, bikinis and other products are very original and they can find the right relationship between quality and price. This means that they can find cheap swimsuits, relatively, depending on their quality.

The extravagance in the fashionable bikinis of Dolores Cortés

fashion bikinis-pains-cuts

The Dolores Cortés brand is one of the Spanish brands whose bikinis are in fashion this year and have found their place among the trends. Among the different types of bikini models that we can find in the market, these are differentiated by a top with neckline in the form of a strapless. Thanks to this type of cut can save the marks that are left and that leave the other models.

fashion bikinis-woman-pains-cuts

In addition, the conclusion that can be drawn from the images in this section, is that in the collection of bikinis of 2018 Dolores Cortés chain dominate the bright colors and striking. There is a clear predominance of colors that give us freshness, although you can also find more classic bikinis.

fashion bikinis-women-pains-cuts

At the same time, the designer has also thought about the difference in tastes that exists among the female audience and has included models with fringes and frills in her collection. You can also choose a decoration with figures and geometric lines. On the other hand, this brand also allows the creation of your own bikini, using different interchangeable pieces.

The variety of designs and models of Oysho fashion bikinis


Oysho is a brand and a clothing chain behind which hides a large group of designers who create the models that later appear on the market. The chain came out into the world in 2001 and from that moment on it has not stopped growing and developing. Due to the large number of designers that are behind that name, we can find a wide variety of models and designs that meet the needs of a broad female audience.

Bikinis type boxer-woman-oysho

Due to the great variety of models and styles you can find from full bathing suits to two-piece bikinis, going through the triquinis. You can also find models with a variety of adornments, with tribal and tropical motifs and can also find classic models of a single color.

high-oysho bikinis

The important thing and what most attracts the attention of this chain of underwear and bikinis is that despite the variety, the romantic touch and the personality of the design of the models that make them so specific are not lost.

The famous Victoria's Secret chain and its fashionable bikinis


The Victoria's Secret underwear chain is probably the best known worldwide for the underwear it offers, but this year its bikinis have set the trends and have become one of the favorite models of women. The most distinctive of the brand is its commitment to quality, success and sensuality.

bikinis type boxer-victoria-secrets

The secret that forms the basis of this chain is the fact of continuously following the latest trends in fashion and giving designs and models a sexy touch with style that makes them unique and unrepeatable.

high-victoria-secret bikinis

In fact, the prices of these beach items are not the cheapest, but in the sales season you can find some models with very interesting prices. The truth is that it is worth getting one of them. You will see that they will enjoy it.

Rosa Chá and the Brazilian style fashion bikinis

banadores mujer-rosa-cha

Now we are going to move for a moment to the coasts of Brazil to make reference to one of the most famous brands and clothing chains in Latin America. The history of this chain is quite interesting, since in 2010 it closed its doors and later it was unified with the company Restoque. This caused the company to return to the market to expose its products to consumers.

beachwear women-pink-cha

One of the distinctive features of Rosa Cha's bikinis is the diversity of tones. This brand also allows them to obtain one-piece bikinis and trikinis. It is a brand not very popular in Europe, but it is widely used on the other side of the ocean.

bikinis woman-pink-cha

As you can see in the photos in this section, bikinis are very varied in shape, designs and colors. Appear both leopard prints, as a combination of bright colors, like a monochromatic bikinis. In the last photo you can see a very original and interesting design for this summer.

Fashionable style bikinis by Lenny Niemeyer

clothes for beach woman-niemeyer

This brand is named after the stylist who founded it in the late 70s. The chain and the work of the stylist is best known in Brazil, although in many European countries some of the shops offer their products precisely. The photos in this section will show you the originality and the personal style that emanates from the swimsuits.

bathing suits for lady-niemeyer

Among these models you can also find a wide range of colors and a variety of designs and shapes. You can choose between complete pieces or full swimsuits and you can also choose two-piece bikinis.

beachwear for women-niemeyer

Even the stylist shows us and presents us some sets of bikinis and swimsuits in combination with summer blouses with the same decorative motifs and embellishments as the bikinis. Next, I leave you with a few more brands of fashion bikinis, such as La Perla and Agent Provocateur, to see their models that are also very original and distinctive.

beachwear for women-the-pearl

I hope you liked the article and that you have decided on your brand and your bikini in case you were wondering which model to buy.

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