Fashion clothes for women - The best ideas for a summer party in 2018


The weekends of summer, are the perfect time for parties and today we show you some ideas of fashion clothes for women perfect for a summer party.

Generally, there are outdoor daytime parties in addition to the nights reserved for the party. We invite you to consult our ideas in photos of women's fashion clothes for a party to get some inspiration. Seek and you shall find! We have put together the best of the looks that you can copy without effort and be ready for your next event (in which we imagine that you are probably already invited and think about what to wear).

Fashion clothes for modern women for a summer party

fashion clothes for women-frecas-verano

We are in summer time - it's time for entertainment, vacations, spectacular events. In summer, there is always enough energy after work to organize a party or go out for drinks. This is a wonderful time when girls can afford to wear more open dresses that will not look too daring.

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Fashion clothes for women-designs-2018-shorts

The evening dress helps draw a line between a day's work and a long-awaited break. It's like a magic pill that makes us forget about problems. And designers love to offer girls a lot of new styles every year.

fashion clothes for women-dress-short-white clothes-of-fashion-for-women-dress-short-white-cherries dress-original-party-day

In the warm season, the most appreciated are the bright prints and the light and airy textures. Fashion also includes a retro style of 20-40 years. Of course, with small innovations, which can not fail to delight.


A dress from the spring summer collection by Roland Mouret

fashion clothes for women-dress-roland-mouret fashion clothes for women-dress-vintage

Among such variety, it is very difficult to determine the correct color or style of the dress. You just need to listen to your heart and keep in mind some of the fashion trends that we have commented on our page and invite you to review.

fashion clothes for women-dress-roland-mouret-design

In the next two photos you have two examples of modern and casual clothing This is one of the main favorites of the New York fashion week collection of Fenty and Puma, as a collaboration between Rihanna and Puma. His first joint collection was shown a year ago. In fact, the name Fenty comes from his surname. Once again we witnessed the lack of barriers when it comes to an eccentric design. The collection was a nice mix between sportswear and high heels, suitable to wear in everyday life and for a party, Casual, comfortable and elegant, all the clothes had their signature.

Fashion clothes for women - A model of the collaboration of Fenty and Puma

Fenty-x-Puma-spring-summer-2018 week-fashion-2018-Fenty-Puma-Rihanna

In the next three photos you can see some models of Tom Ford, who showed an incredibly glamorous and sexy collection. He took us back to the 90s by showing a different interpretation of his brand of male coats from that period. The wide, high shoulders, the large lapel and the large buttons were among the details that were preserved, but the waist was emphasized to give more femininity. The shoulder padding also focused on dresses where there was definitely an emphasis with additional volume. Draped dresses and sequins were some of the models that impressed in the Ford collection.


Fashion clothes for women - A design by Tom Ford

tom-ford-spring-summer-2018-ideas dress-long-tom-ford-options

It is incredibly important that the outfit fits your type of figure. It should highlight the advantages, not the disadvantages. Particularly we refer to girls with curves. You do not need to try a sack or a burka. Now there is such an abundance of models for exuberant forms that one should not use this.

combination-models-rospa-fiesta-verano dress-color-daring-options dress-light-color-pink-design-modern

A trend of the new season that can not be forgotten are stripes, this pattern and the printing were relevant this spring. In such an interesting style the clothes can be decorated, so that everything seems very unusual, but at the same time elegant and beautiful. If you wear these clothes correctly and choose the correct width and color of stripes for your figure, then with only a few details you can adjust your figure.

blouse-stripes-skirt-squares-design-modern mono-beautiful-stripes-fashion-summer dress-stripes-modern-options

As we all know, fashion is something that evolves every year: women do not dress as they did in the 1890s (or even, as they did in the 1990s). Although logically follows, few people realize that the label around fashion also evolves. We invite you to continue with our photos but also continue reading the tips that we prepared to help make sense of these new dress standards depending on the occasion you attend.


How to dress depending on the occasion


The occasion: a wedding party in summer

Previously it was thought that it is not appropriate to use white, black or red. But the new label allows black and red are perfectly fine, but white is still an inappropriate color to wear at the wedding.


What to wear: let the invitation, season and time be your guides. (If you are lost and you are close to the bride, ask her what is right, otherwise, check with the maid of honor or the mother of the bride).


For day weddings, which tend to be more informal, stay away from anything with beads or sequins. Instead, opt for a knee-length dress in a material such as cotton; In climates or warmer regions, strapless styles and open-toe shoes receive the go-ahead. The"simple hats"also deserve the approval.


If the ceremony is in the evening and the reception in the evening and the invitation does not specify the dress, suppose the event is semiformal, which requires a cocktail dress or an evening dress in a color that does not eclipse the bride. The pale pink is fine, the deep pink color better not.

Fashion clothes for women - Alice and Olivia


The occasion: a cocktail

It will not surprise you that the first option is a cocktail dress. Although cocktail dresses are always in fashion, but you have other options.


What to put on a party like this, a cocktail can be anything from an elegant high society event, a brilliant number of"special occasions", to a discreet group of friends gathered around a chocolate fountain.

alice-and-olivia-short-colorful dress

But for the most part, the cocktails are elegant, casual, so you can not go wrong if you wear a top with some special details and a tailored skirt or pants, plus elegant heels or jackets. Avoid fabrics that are too casual, sweater, denim.


A tight cashmere dress or a fine wool top with a satin skirt up to the knee, heels, earrings and a set of stacked bracelets is the right thing to do, we also suggest a trouser suit, as long as it does not look too much like a work suit . (Under the jacket, wear a silk camisole or a feminine blouse).


The occasion: a dinner

A short black dress and heels is a good idea but the reality is that your outfit will depend on the type of dinner. What to do given the amount of variable must answer the following questions: who are your hosts? Is it a special occasion?

Fashion clothes for women - A design by Ann Taylor

Ann-Taylor-dress-stripes-original options

There is no correct answer, which can make things a bit complicated. If you wear your outfit, you risk offending your dinner companions. If you go to a dinner in the open air dressed too smart you may feel inadequate, insecure or uncomfortable, so if you can discuss with friends what they are going to wear.


Another thing you can do is ask the host for advice. It is the best way to discover if you would like a set of jeans and top or a skirt and blouse. Are you still worried about the accessories? Hanging earrings or a nice scarf in your bag to wear an outfit if necessary.

Women's Fashion Clothing - A Dress by ASOS


The occasion: a night in the theater, ballet or opera

What to wear: Years ago, these nights gave you the opportunity to dress in a super elegant dress. Nowadays, however, you are more likely to see jeans and a T-shirt in a theatrical show than formal clothing. But the fact that it can be informal does not mean that it should be.


You paid a good amount for a nice evening, so why not spend a little more when it comes to your outfit? You can dress like for a cocktail a sophisticated suit or a shirt to measure, pants and heels And yes, you feel that you prefer to wear jeans, choose a pair in a dark color without holes.


In the summer of 2018, prints and decorations are everywhere. The designers have done everything possible to ensure that in the new season, all the girls feel like a true fashionista. In the summer of 2018 no matter what type of party you are going to attend make sure it is fashionable and feels beautiful and feminine. The femininity is highlighted by flounces and floral prints.


Fashion clothes for women a design by Carolina Herrera┬╣

carolina-herrera-dress-spring-2018-color-yellow carolina-herrera-dress-spring-2018-colors carolina-herrera-vestido-primavera-2018-colores-puntos christian-siriano-design-modern-color-green christian-siriano-design-modern-party-summer-clothes. christian-siriano-design-modern-pants-yellow collection-Roberto-Cavalli-2018-design color-pink-dress-simple-short-design Donna-Mizani-skirt-blouse-rose Donna-Mizani-mono-color-blue-dark Donna-Mizani-dress-short-black halston-heritage-design-fashion-attire-black Halston-Heritage-party-air-free-design Halston-Heritage-dress-yellow-summer Halston-Heritage-dress-modern-white KEEPSAKE-white-dress-ruffles-options KEEPSAKE-dress-black-ruffles-options Leanne-Marshall-bella-combinacion-colores Leanne-Marshall-skirt-top-design leanne-marshall-vestid-colorful-options-modern-designs Leanne-Marshall-dress-yellow-modern Leanne-Marshall-dress-combination-colors pamella-roland-look-elegant-simple pamella-roland-short-shine dress ralph-lauren-dress-colorful-options-designs ralph-lauren-dress-prints-beautiful-style rebecca-taylor-spring-2018-monkey Roberto-Cavalli-2018-design-dress-beautiful Roberto-Cavalli-Resort-2018-modern-dress Self-Portrait-dress-short-stars-black tanya-taylor-dress-design-2018 dress-blue-party-ver4an-model

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