Ecological design with an amazing green roof by the MK27 studio

Ecological design curved walls

The MK27 studio has already completed its new work of art located in Porto Alegre, a municipality in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo. The house does not look like anything we have seen so far and has an ecological design and interesting details in its geometry . In practice it is described as a radical exercise of horizontality.

Ecological design connected to the environment

ecological design warm lights

The house is called by the studio MK27 and its inhabitants the flat house. It is positioned discreetly at the highest point of the terrain. The most singular detail is that it has a flat green roof that can not be distinguished from the surrounding lawn. Referring to the roof as the building's fifth facade, the architects also carefully integrated solar panels and skylights into the canopy.

ecological green roof design

Something that without doubt reinforces the sense of ecological design. Seen from above, the house is almost indistinguishable from the rest of the landscape. From the structural point of view it represents a rigid platform that is not supported by beams but directly by the pillars. These as we see in the photos are distributed modularly in three axes.

ecological design elongated appearance

This is the explanation of the MK27 study. The metal pillars that have the shape of a cross have the elegant proportions typical of the Miesian architecture. Two spaces are located under the roof. The first contains service areas, a gym, TV and game rooms. Once you reach the second immediately you notice five rooms with bathrooms.

aerial view ecological design

The property also has a few living rooms, which can be completely opened or closed by sliding glass doors that allow easy access. When the doors of the house are open, it immediately transforms into a huge terrace surrounded by the surrounding nature.


The furniture in the interiors are classic, of low and solid wood and the total design of the house leaves enough space for the free circulation of the air and of the people in tune with the ecological design. The only detail that contrasts with the horizontality of the home is the chair multicolor pendant. Located in a comfortable place for the rest of the inhabitants. Another visual and structural effect is provided by a striking vertical design wall made of solid bricks.

Ecological design with green roof


The wall, which is usually a symbol of division and isolation, in this project, is sometimes concave and sometimes convex. It is an elegant detail that embraces the entrance garden and creates transparencies, as well as offering protection from the street according to the architects' own intentions.


Its brick texture helps create a cozy atmosphere and creates light filters with effects that change as the day goes by. The house is surrounded by nature and this is contributed by the artificial lake located on one of its sides adapting to the irregular shape of the high ground in one of its parts.


However, it maintains an exquisite harmony with the rest of the space and the ecological design. The MK27 studio is located in one of the most dynamic and chaotic cities in the world, Sao Paulo. Its founder was Marcio Kogan and today the studio has thirty-two employees in the country and a few located in different parts of the world.


One of the first to start the activity were Amanda Temponi, Carlos Costa, Diana Radomysler, Giovanni Meirelles and Lair Reis. In the same way Laura Guedes, Lia, Luciana Antunes, Marcio Tanaka, Mariana Ruzante, Mariana Simas, Oswaldo Pessano, Pedro Ribeiro, Regiane Leao, Renata Furlanetto, Samanta Cafardo, Suzana Glogowski.


The young architects of the studio are all lovers of the Brazilian modernist generation and all of them seek to give continuity to their projects. The designs and projects of MK27 stand out for their simplicity but with a lot of attention to detail and finishing, as in this wonderful house. The founder of the company, Kogan is an honorary member of the American Institute of architects, and his career is also that of professor at the Escola de Cidade and the Politecnico di Milano.


It was here that he recently completed his Master's Degree in Education, Society and Culture. He worked as a film director until he filmed his first feature film in 1988 and then, bankrupt, he focused much more on architecture. He is the author of all the projects of the Mk27 studio and is an honorary member of the AIA American Institute of Architects and of the council of the Museum of Art of São Paulo.


Epoca magazine considers him one of the 100 most influential people in Brazil. The team of its architects works with him for more than 10 years. The studio has also won in all these years of work many national and international awards that are a sign of the quality is impact of their work.


Architecture and ecological design is a broad concept, ranging from the use of more sustainable building materials to a bioclimatic approach. Based on the search for efficiency when using resources without losing sight of the fact that the building has a minimum impact on the entire landscape.


It is a broad concept in which other ideas that follow the same line can be included. Such is the case of sustainable architecture or so-called green architecture. All included within the trend that are friendly to the environment. However, many current trends that are fashionable do not have an ecological intention at all.


When it comes to a construction of this type the use of natural resources is a key point. The way in which they are optimized is vital for an ecological design to be considered. Everything covers even the systems used for building.


These details concentrate on the diminution of the effect that the building can have for the whole environment. The climatic conditions and the suitable materials are taken into account. Different Projects they will have different variations, everything will depend on the specific conditions of the spaces.




Photos: Fernando Guerra