Easy meals to make, 10 recipes with liver from the best professionals

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The liver is one of the most contradictory foods that we can find in the world of kitchen and health. With it you can prepare some easy meals to make , however, its properties make it a highly nutritious and important product for some and very harmful for others.

The reasons for this contradiction are due mainly to the fact that it is the ingredient with the highest cholesterol levels that we can find, which makes it inappropriate for people who have problems with triglycerides.

Easy meals to make and the benefits of the liver

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On the other hand, this food is the richest in iron, vitamin A and B12 and in zinc. This product is very beneficial for people who have a weaker immune system and want to reinforce it. In addition, it improves vision and helps repair and cell formation. At the same time, its high iron content makes it an essential food for people suffering from anemia.

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At the same time, we must not forget zinc, which is another very important substance for our development, especially when it comes to children and adolescents. Zinc is responsible for the formation of sex hormones, fertility and sexual development. Taking all this into account, we can affirm that the liver is one of the foods that must necessarily appear in the diet of adolescents.

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There are many recipes of kitchen that can prepare at home easily and quickly, including this product among its ingredients. The slowest in its preparation is the cleaning of the product. They have to remember that before starting to cook it they should clean it well from the blood and the tendons that are between them. Once all this is done, if you want you can cut it into smaller pieces, depending on the dish you are going to prepare. Next, I'm going to present ten recipes for cooking liver of different animal types.

Easy meals to make, a salad with liver and vegetables

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I have decided to start with the lightest recipe among those that can be found below and that is from the professional Bruno Oteiza. For its preparation, the specialist uses monkfish liver, which is a type of fish, and as you can imagine the main difficulty they can witness during the preparation is with today's main product, the liver.

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Before beginning with the preparation of the livers, first they have to cut them if they seem very big and, later, in a pot with salt they have to put water to boil. When the water has reached its boiling point and has started to boil, they have to introduce the livers inside and leave them for about 5 minutes. When these minutes have passed, they have to take them out and drain them and put them in a glass with brandy and a little pepper.

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They can leave them in the brandy for a few hours without spending the 12 hours of rest and when they take them out they have to spread them on a plate, cover them with kitchen plastic and on top they have to put another dish to crush the livers. The other products only have to peel them, if necessary, and cut them. They can prepare vinaigrette for the salad and, in the end, they just have to add the livers.

Easy meals to make liver with mustard at home and its preparation

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This recipe is from the famous culinary Arguiñano that uses cow liver for its preparation. The products and the proportions that you will need are the following: 4 liver fillets, flour, 2 tablespoons of mustard, black pepper and salt. Next, I will give you the steps you need to follow to prepare these quick and easy meals.

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The first step in the preparation of the files is to add the species, so they have to start with salt and pepper and they have to smear well with mustard. Next, you have to add the flour on all sides and sprinkle a little oil on top.

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Then, they just have to put them on a grill and leave them for two or three minutes on each side. It is important that they are smeared in oil because this way they will not get stuck on the grill. On the other hand, if you prefer to make them fried, this step does not need to be followed, since the oil will have to be added previously in the pan and heated.

Easy meals to make at home, the liver recipe with chorizo ​​and mushrooms

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The following recipe presents us again the culinary tastes of Bruno Oteiza and the proportions of the ingredients that you will see below are for four people. The most important products for the preparation of these recipes are 4 liver fillets, preferably beef, two potatoes, a piece of chorizo ​​and 150 grams of mushrooms.

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The first thing is to prepare the potatoes, which they have to cook and make them puree. To make a fine purée, they have to add a little butter, olive oil and four tablespoons of milk to the potatoes. Then, they have to mix all the ingredients well to get a fine texture and a homogeneous mixture. Once you have finished with the mash preparation, continue with the other steps.

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They have to cut an onion and two garlics into small pieces, put them in a pan and leave them until they get poached. Afterwards, they have to add the rolled mushrooms and they have to add a little salt, pepper and parsley. Next, they have to add the chopped sausage too and a glass of wine. Finally, they have to season the fillets and cook them in a pan. At the end, before putting them in the oven, they have to add the mushrooms on top and put them with the fillets in the oven for about 4 minutes.

Easy meals to make with liver, tomato sauce and onion poached

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The following recipe is for four people and it is advisable that you choose 4 fillets of veal liver to prepare it. In a baking dish they have to cut and place 1 kilo of tomatoes, cut into quarters, an onion cut into julienne and two chopped garlic. After seasoning the products, they have to add two tablespoons of sugar and bake for about 40 minutes.

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Then they have to cut two more onions of the previous form and place them in a pan with oil and a branch of rosemary. Once the products have seasoned and poached well, they have to remove the rosemary branch and leave the onion hot. Then the fillets have to cut them in half, they have to add salt and pepper and they have to spread with two other cloves of garlic.

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The last step you have to follow to prepare the steaks is to spread them in breadcrumbs and fry them briefly on both sides. In the end, just add all the products and decorate the dishes with parsley before serving them. This is one of the food suggestions that can be prepared quickly at home with few products.

A recipe for cooking with red wine and mushrooms, easy meals to make liver

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Liver preparation is very rich also when we add red wine as an ingredient to easy-to-make recipes. To make two servings of this recipe they have to have 300 grams of liver, it is better to be beef, 200 grams of mushrooms, preferably in a can, a glass of red wine, peppers, onion, etc.

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The first step that you have to follow is to place in the pan with hot oil a clove of chopped garlic and add 8 peppers and season them. Next, they have to remove the oil and add water instead to cook the products for 5 minutes. Then, they have to season the fillets and in a pan with oil and garlic they have to reach the golden color of the preparation.

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Then, when the steaks are ready, they have to proceed with the preparation of the sauce, for which they have to place a chopped onion in the pan and when it has turned a golden color, they have to add the red wine, a branch of thyme and another of rosemary. When they have prepared the sauce, in the pan they have to put the mushrooms with the liver and dump the sauce inside and leave them for about 5 minutes.

Easy meals to make liver mechado at home

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To prepare this recipe in a tasty way you have to be careful with the liver and its preparation, since it has to maintain its juice. They will need about 500 grams of liver, an onion and a carrot, a glass of white wine and another of beef broth and 24 grapes.

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The first thing they have to do is prepare the liver in a saucepan with oil in which they have to place it until it has a golden surface. When they have finished with it, they have to introduce the chopped carrot together with the onion and wait to have the same golden effect. Then they have to add the liver together with the wine and they have to leave the products to cook for about 5 minutes.

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After 5 minutes, add the broth and wait another 15 minutes. Then, just remove the liver from the mixture and put the grapes in place for about 5 minutes. In the end, they only have to combine all the products and ingredients prepared before serving the sliced ​​liver on the plates.

Noodles and easy meals to make with liver at home

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For the preparation of this recipe we will add the noodles as one of the staple foods. I suppose that their preparation does not present any difficulty for the readers, since all they have to do is put in a pot of water to boil with salt and when it has boiled, they have to add the noodles and let them cook for about 8 minutes.

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In a pan you have to put two chopped garlic and leave them until golden brown. The same thing must be done with an onion and with a green pepper. After about 4 minutes they have to add four peeled and chopped tomatoes to the pan and they have to add a teaspoon of cumin, a pinch of salt and a bit of sugar.

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They have to cook the mixture for about 10 minutes and remove it from the heat. The liver has to cut into cubes, sauté them in a pan and add chopped parsley. In the end, they have to add the sauce prepared with the tomatoes on top of the noodles and the dice of the liver. Once all this is done, they can serve the food on the plates.

Easy meals to make with applesauce and liver


These ideas to make eating with applesauce are quite easy and simple to prepare, plus they do not need too many products. The essential thing is four liver fillets and four apples. To make the puree, they have to cut the fruit cubes without removing the skin and cook for about 10 minutes. Afterwards, they only have to crush and strain them.

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On the other hand, to prepare the liver of this recipe to make they have to cut the steaks in two halves, add salt and pepper and pass them through bread crumbs. Next, they have to fry in a pan with oil and with three cloves of garlic inside. When they have finished preparing the liver, they have to add the apples puree and decorate the dish with a parsley.

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These quick meals can be added to other products that they find interesting and that they want to try or with those who want to experiment. Next, I'll leave you with more images of cooking recipes in which the liver appears as the main protagonist. I hope you liked the ideas and that you do them at home to surprise your friends and family.

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Do not forget that potatoes are also an ingredient that combines with almost all meat products.

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