Easter eggs decorated for the elaboration of crowns

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Easter is already knocking at our doors and is approaching each time. That is why this article is going to be dedicated to these significant and symbolic celebrations of Christian culture and religion.

What we will really talk about is the Easter eggs and the decorations we can make with them. In addition, we will also pay attention to the origin of the parties and the origin of the eggs . I hope the article is useful for you and I hope you will be inspired to create some unique decorations for these special days.

Easter eggs and the origin of the holidays

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There is a very interesting fact about the question of what Easter is and this fact is hidden in the answer that the Bible gives us about it. According to this book it is a celebration or a Jewish holiday that is carried out by the liberation that God made of the Israelites of Egypt in the year 1513 a. C. After that, the Israelites had to celebrate this feast every year on the 14th of their month.

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In addition, the same term"pascua"comes from the Hebrew and its meaning is"to ignore". This fact also has its explanation from the point of view of the Bible in which the form of which Jehovah protected the Israelites from the plague is told. Legend has it that before God sent the plague to the world, he told them that they had to sacrifice a sheep or a goat and with their blood had to splash the doors of their houses. When God saw the drops of blood, He would overlook their houses and, in this way, protect them from plague and death.

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In those times the celebration was carried out in a very special way. In the first place, the sacrifice was carried out as the Israelites had done previously to save themselves from the plague. After sacrificing a goat or a sheep, they had to roast it and eat it. However, apart from that, the bread had to be unleavened and they had to eat bitter vegetables. They had to eat this bread for seven days because the festivities lasted so long.

Easter eggs, their origin and meaning in these holidays

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The origin of Easter eggs has an Anglo-Saxon location where the eggs represented the new life and the beginning of spring. Many years later the origin of the Easter , in the S. XIX, this tradition arose and decorate them, give them away and even make them chocolate.

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Some branches of Christianity, such as Catholicism and the Orthodox branch, resumed and revived part of the original traditions of the festivities such as Lent. This is the period of 40 days before the death of Christ or before Sunday of resurrection, during which there is no need to eat meat and animal products and derivatives, of which eggs are part.

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During these days the eggs were preserved and painted with liquid wax to last longer. Many years later the painting began to be used, the eggs began to be decorated with many colors and people began to give them to friends and relatives.

Easter eggs and the Easter rabbit

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At the same time the eggs and the rabbit are two images that are intimately linked in these parties. According to the legend the rabbit was the animal that was in the cave at the burial of Jesus and was the one who saw the whole crowd of people crying. When the cave closed and he saw the resurrection of Jesus he went to warn the people, bringing them eggs. Since then, the rabbit has become a symbol of life and fertility.

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That is why, in many of the decorations that can be found on the market and on the net, images of Easter eggs are accompanied by the image of the rabbit. Usually, decorations are usually made with tree branches, a rabbit in the center and some decorated eggs that are located around the rabbit.

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Now, in the following sections we are going to focus on the decoration of the eggs with paintings, in their use in the crowns and in the adornments that can be created with them both for the interiors, as for the exteriors. I hope you enjoy the images and the advice.

How to make easter eggs at home and how to decorate them

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To make Easter eggs, the first thing we have to keep in mind is that they do not have to be raw. This means that first you have to cook them in a saucepan. However, if you have chosen a specific number of eggs you have to bear in mind that it is possible that some of them will break during cooking, so my advice is that they have prepared more just in case.

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Once you have boiled the water in the pan, you have to wait for about 10 minutes for the eggs to boil in the boiling water. Then you just have to remove the pan from the fire and turn on the tap of the cold water to fill the container. I do not advise you to throw the water on fire and fill the pan with cold water because it is very possible that the shell of the eggs will be damaged.

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In this way, the temperature change will not be abrupt, but gradual and can be painting and coloring the eggs. If you do not know how to decorate Easter eggs, one of the ways is to put each color of the paint in a different jar and place the eggs inside the jars. Thus, they will create eggs of a single color. On the other hand, if they want their eggs to have many different colors, the procedure they have to do is different.

How to decorate easter eggs of different colors

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To make this type of decoration they will need a larger piece of cotton so that they can cover the egg well when placing it in the cotton. Then in the cotton, with the help of a spoon they have to put a little of the colors they want so that they get well soaked and in the end they just have to put the egg in the cotton and cover it well.

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They have to keep it that way for a few minutes and when they open the cotton they will see the result. This process can be carried out with other pieces of cotton in which they have put other paints. In this way, they will have created a variety of decorated eggs.

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Once they have decorated the eggs with them they can make a very diverse decorations. For the elaboration of this article I have selected some images of eggs that have been used to create Easter wreaths. Its preparation is very easy and for this they mainly need wire. The wire must first be covered with the necessary materials for it: some branches or laurel leaves and once this is done they have to stick the eggs.

Wreaths with very modern and elegant easter eggs to decorate the home

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The decoration of the crowns with eggs can be done by concentrating them in some part of the crown or by covering the whole crown with them. Both models are very interesting and largely depend on the colors of the eggs and the other decorations they have added to the crowns.

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Once all this is done, they only have to place the crowns in those places of the house they want to decorate. In the interior they are very well on the walls and furniture, while on the outside their ideal place are the entrance doors. In addition, as you can see in the images of the crowns the additional decorations that have been chosen and have been added in them are the flowers and the figures of birds.

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On the other hand, they can also choose artificial branches and add them. The truth is that these holidays are better than flowers and all the details are natural. However, the artificial elements allow us more options and also make decoration easier. The reason is that they are made with wire and this can be twisted without breaking. Thus, we can create interesting, oval and curved figures.

Some decorations with Easter eggs for the home

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On the other hand, do not forget that the decoration of the interior, like the decoration of the eggs has to be done on Thursday or Saturday before Easter Sunday. In this way, they will receive Easter Day at home with a decorated interior and some painted eggs.

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Next, I leave you with more images of Easter eggs used to make crowns. I hope the information has been interesting and useful and the photos have inspired them. Do not forget that when decorating the eggs the variants are endless and depend only on your imagination. Enjoy the holidays.

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