Easter eggs, amazing ideas to decorate them at home.

Easter eggs

Easter is a celebration of ancient origins. Millions of people celebrate it around the world, even with special traditional dishes for the occasion. It is also a time to be in family and enjoy free time at home.

There is no doubt that of the many options we have, the most tempting for children are Easter eggs and their decor . They are crafts that we can do at home and we can also take an educational advantage. Materials, thousands, all within easy reach and at home.

Easter eggs with characters

Painted easter eggs

They can be newsprint, felt-tip pens, magazines, even colored plastic. They can serve many things that we find, it is also an opportunity to teach them to recycle. Before decorating the Easter eggs we select a base to make it easier to manipulate. We can use the packaging directly. Even then it can be decorated also and used as center . Easter eggs can be decorated in many ways. One form that is very striking for children are animals.

Easter Eggs with Cardboard Bases

Easter eggs animals painted colors

Variants can range from frogs, cats or puppies. We can even help them develop their imagination by creating new forms and animals. A variant also challenging could be his favorite story characters or the invention of some character of his own creation. Easter eggs can also be a pretext for games for educational purposes.

Easter Eggs, Craft

Easter eggs

Distinct colors, or find them while we talk about the Easter bunny, may be some of the ideas. It is also fun and a way to help them to know this tradition. We can even disguise the eggs with items that we have on hand and customize them according to the taste of the little ones. A wrapping of colors with glossy paper can also be attractive. Enjoy this tradition And some ideas that we bring today, inspire yourself and give yourself unforgettable moments in family.

Easter eggs painted in basket

Easter eggs basket party painting

Chocolate egg variant

Easter eggs chocolate butterfly decoration

Design with characters for children Easter eggs chocolate characters celebration

Decorated eggs

Easter eggs disguise chick decoration

Example of wrapping with colored papers

Easter eggs wrapped party colors

Eggs with floral motifs in basket

Easter eggs flowers basket flowers

Artistic variant with colored paints

Easter eggs painted box decoration

Eggs in colorful decorative tree

Animals eggs party tree decoration plants

Use of alternative materials at home

Carton pack eggs children easter

Multicolored eggs with white spots


Blue design with white polka dots

Egg lunar easter celebration decoration

Example of packaging use as a basis

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