DIY ideas to make the perfect picnic in the middle of nature

blankets-picnic fruits
The time has come spring and together with it the perfect time to picnic in the middle of nature.
If you've been wrapped under a cozy layer of clothes for more than a couple of months it seems that the time has come to go out and enjoy the outdoors.

wicker picnic basket

You look for the window and you see that the white layer of snow has disappeared almost completely and the cold in the air begins to give way. The nights already feel much more tolerable and even pleasant, depending on where you live.

basket-picnic idea

The first signs of fresh life begin to announce their presence and you just want to go out and spend that fun picnic that you could not for so long.


Yes, spring is on the way and we are here to help you with everything you need for a perfect picnic.

Handmade picnic baskets

In this photo you can see how using a simple wooden box you can create an original picnic basket. First you have to paint the wooden box of a color that you like and then you can add a cloth lining. In the example of the photo, the yellow color of the box perfectly matches the red of the white checkered fabric. In this basket you can take food and cutlery for your picnics.

Picnic basket

DIY picnic crafts come in a wide variety of forms. Today, however, we will focus on the basics of everything: the lovely picnic blanket, a wonderful picnic basket that you will not have the patience to open and some other accessories to make the outdoors experience so much more enjoyable. Take a look and start falling in love with the outdoors again.

basket-picnic with-flowers

Perfect homemade picnic blankets

Do not take your DIY jobs so seriously. No matter how skilled you are at it, have fun and use your imagination. Sometimes it's good to set aside strict instructions and experiment a bit.

embroidered picnic blanket

The picnic blankets give you a great opportunity to do so. They allow you to try new patterns, colors and impressions. If you like one, you can then transfer it to a rug, a mat or even your homemade blanket. Maybe it's the flowers and the giant fruits that make you illusion or you're a person who loves modern and abstract patterns with a hint of color. Do not hesitate to express your personality while embracing the colors of spring. Soon you will see how much fun it is!

blue picnic blanket

The hand-embroidered picnic blanket that prompts"Let's Go Picnic"can be modified to give a message of its own, while the blanket with pockets is colorful, elegant and also comes with a very practical storage space. We bet that your children will enjoy immensely of this one.

blanket-picnic with-pocket

Do you need a table to eat outdoors? Then you can do it again using a wooden box. The wooden boxes have the exact size to be used as tables in the middle of nature.

picnic table

Think about what else you will need when you are going to spend a day in the middle of nature together with your loved ones. Food and drinks are undoubtedly very important, but the accessories and the way to serve them are what really create the atmosphere you want to feel and enjoy. The attention to detail and the previous planning are the guarantee of a plecentera and unforgettable experience. Do not leave anything to chance, but nevertheless these preparations should not cause any stress. On the contrary they can be an ideal way to express your individuality and awaken your creativity.