DIY garden furniture for all tastes


In this article we are going to present to your attention some inspiring ideas for DIY garden furniture that each of you can do with your own hands.

With the ideas and tutorials we offer you can add an original article to your favorite outdoor space and feel the incomparable satisfaction of having made it yourself.


With easy access to tools and materials for DIY enthusiasts, the manufacture of garden furniture has become a growing trend that many like to assume as an alternative and affordable option for outdoor furniture.
With some basic power tools and a plan, any DIY enthusiast can make unique furniture in the garden that suits their lifestyle and budget.

Before starting your own DIY garden furniture projects, there are some things you should keep in mind. First of all, do not be overwhelmed by the details. Not all projects are complicated and here we have selected some that are suitable for beginners. Imagine your garden and think about all the possibilities. All these are excellent weekend projects, so choose your favorite and have fun adding your own touch.

DIY garden furniture

DIY wooden side table

Add a table Assist your balcony this spring to turn it into an extension of your living room. Then, at the moment when the weather warms up you can take your coffee outside enjoying the morning sun.

garden furniture table (2)
The power tool you will need to carry out this DIY project is the belt sander, since with its help it will remove or soften the damages such as uneven legs, irregular upper part and, of course, any sharp edge.

Materials for the project

A piece of cedar or pine wood of 6"x 96". If you plan to use the outdoor table, be sure to buy treated pine wood outdoors.


circular saw

Belt sander

Measuring tape


Electric drill

8 wooden pins

Wood glue

2 clamps

See the scheme below and follow the steps indicated to create an original side table for your garden or terrace.


Garden furniture made with pallets

Among the most used garden furniture highlights the sofa. But the garden sofa is a piece of furniture that has to have some special qualities to fulfill its function: to be resistant to the weather, comfortable and easy to assemble, disassemble and move it in the cold months.

garden furniture
The garden furniture made with pallets can meet these requirements and are very appropriate for our outdoor spaces.

How to build a sofa with pallets?

First let's talk about dimensions. A standard double mattress measures 39"X 75", but there is a difference of a few centimeters between the different brands of mattresses, therefore, choose your mattress first and then the pallets. The pallets come in many sizes, use 48"X40"which is pretty standard.

After having the mattress and the chosen pallets you have to buy 5 large wheels (4") (2 that do not move, and three swivel), a little polyurethane for outdoor use, a brush and 60 grit sandpaper discs, 180 and 220. Sanding the pallets is really the most important part of this project, because nobody wants there to be splinters in their furniture. We do not recommend doing this by hand, unless you really like sanding.


First sand the pallets

Start with the lowest grain disk (60) and upload. Be sure to wear eye protection and a mask to prevent unpleasant dust from entering your lungs and eyes. Sand for a long time to obtain pallets with a pleasant surface, smooth and without splinters.

You will also need a 3/4 bit and many per bolts and nuts, a pack of 3/4 washers, three 3/4"X 3"bolts to join the two blades, 20 3/4"X 2 bolts "To attach the wheels to the pallets and enough washers (minimum 23) and nuts to secure them all. It is better to buy more than necessary since nobody wants to go back to the hardware store for any of these while working. drill-and-screws
Then you have to drill holes to join the two pallets. Measure and carefully mark three holes in each pallet, one near the front, one near the back and another in the center. Drill holes with your 3/4"drill bit. the-pallets-coupled
Place your wheels in each corner. I used two static wheels on one end and rotating on the other, which makes it easier to move the sofa. Mark the holes carefully, and drill.
You already have the base of your sofa and it is time to treat it with a wood sealer to make it more resistant and durable. Let it dry. garden sofa
If you want you can also mount arms of iron tubes as in the example of the photos. Thus the pillows will have a support and will not fall easily to the ground. garden furniture sofa
What is missing is to put on the mattress and several colored pillows to have a super comfortable outdoor sofa where you can lie down at any time to read or take a nap.

Garden furniture: set of table and chairs

If your board game and wooden garden chairs already seem boring you can make it more cheerful and original only with colored paint.


game of garden
Time: 3.5 hours

And then

garden furniture table
Materials: Colored paint, board game with two wooden chairs, paint roller, foam brushes
Lasting paint is key to this project. The paint has to be resistant and intended for outdoor use and also offer different beautiful colors. garden furniture paintings
For all white areas use a paint roller. This will not only help you save time, it will also make a smooth, even and scratch-free paint coat. DIY garden furniture
For smaller areas we recommend using foam brushes. Cover the other boards with sheets of paper while you are painting (so as not to accidentally paint the wrong section). Apply 2 coats of paint and let it dry thoroughly. garden furniture game-painted
When finishing with the project you will already have a completely new and uniquely designed garden furniture instead of the ordinary wooden game that you can see in almost every garden. table-painted-fence


DIY garden furniture:
Patio mat

With only a few materials you can have a unique carpet for your terrace for less than $ 50 and a few hours of work:
Who would say that it would be so easy to transform a carpet with just duct tape and spray paint?

Let's see how:

Materials for the DIY doily:
Absolutely basic cheap outdoor carpet

1 roll of 2-inch thick adhesive tape

Outdoor spray paint: I recommend (about 3.5 cans for this carpet, but it will depend on your carpet and the design you choose)


Protective fabric


How to make your garden rug?

Spread the purchased carpet in a large place and start drawing the design with adhesive tape (no need to measure), going a little beyond the edges of the carpet. Instead of cutting long pieces, you can hold the roll while pulling the ribbon on the carpet. This process takes approximately one hour.

DIY carpet
Now you can start painting the carpet with the spray paint. Choose different colors for the areas drawn at different angles. Let dry for 15 minutes or so. carpet-patterns-painting
If you are very impatient and can not wait 24 hours or so for the paint to dry completely and take off the tape. Seeing the bright colors revealed is the most exciting part! You can remove the tape about 30 min. after drying the paint. Then leave the carpet outside all night so that the paint dries completely. original-diy carpet
The total cost of the carpet was approximately $ 40 and it took around 3 hours from start to finish, it's not bad to have a unique and original piece full of color on your terrace.


DIY garden furniture
Auxiliary table with rolling stump

If you have a stump at your disposal, do not hesitate to turn it into a charming rolling table. Doing it is extremely easy and the result is practical and original at the same time.

The most serious work you will have to do in this case is sanding. Take your palm sander and sand it until you get an absolutely smooth and soft surface especially on the top that will serve as the countertop for the table. finishing-for-wood
In this draft These two paintings have been used to create the desired color starting with the natural Oak and then adding a little dark mahogany so that the finish was a little darker and richer. sand-the-stump
To allow the table to move easily from one place to another, add four small wheels. To assemble them, mark the places with a pencil first, forming a rectangle at the base of the stump to find the most stable positions. Drill the holes and screw the wheels. wheels-and-screws
The DIY garden furniture is so adorable and creates an atmosphere of originality so pleasant that they deserve the work and efforts that are sincere and less than the satisfaction obtained. ride-wheels-table

Parasol for garden in colors

To feel comfortable in the garden during sunny days in summer we need shade. And if in your garden there are no trees or there are not enough trees and your shade does not catch where your favorite resting place, then you will have to resort to buying a parasol.

garden furniture parasol

And why settle for the designs and patterns offered in stores when you can call your imagination to create a truly unique parasol? Below we show you how:


Umbrella and support for patio (we have the parasol in white and the base and the pole in champagne color)

Latex paint in some of your favorite tones


Protective fabric

Manufacturing time: approximately 2 hours (plus drying time)

Step 1: Spread the protective fabric on the floor, extend and fix the parasol on the fabric.

umbrella garden furniture

Step 2: Choose your main paint color for the parasol. Using this color, dip the brush and paint the horizontal strokes on a section of the umbrella. The lines can be as long or as short as you like; in the example the photos vary from approximately 3"to 8". Leave the edges with an unfinished brush stroke. Leave some empty holes here and there in the pattern so you can come back and complete with other colors.

Step 3: Continue in the same way with your first color going through all sections of the umbrella.
Step 4: Once you have finished with the main color, repeat the process with your accent colors. Add 1-3 brushstrokes of the accent color in each section of the umbrella making sure they are evenly distributed.
Step 5: Continue until all the blanks are filled. Allow the umbrella to dry for a couple of hours until the entire paint is completely dry. parasol-de-jardin-decorado
That's! So easy, huh? And now it has its own unique printed parasol to sit on while taking something fresh and delicious. If you have a backyard, I really hope you try this DIY project. It is very fun to make and adds color and joy to the garden. Have fun! sofa-of-pallets
We hope that our projects for DIY garden furniture have pleased you. Feel free to experiment and use your imagination to create even more interesting and unusual models than those shown here.
Do not forget also that recycling old or useless objects in totally new products can not only improve the attractiveness of your space, but also demonstrate that it has a greater environmental value. DIY outdoor furniture projects can be very fun and at the same time, make your garden look really impressive. For this reason in this article we have tried to present you with ideas for truly simple but innovative garden furniture that can do wonders in your home.