Distinctive touch with striped wallpaper

Painting wall bedroom white black one wall

Usually we seek the perfect balance between serenity and passion for our bedroom, so we offer 20 great simple ideas for the Wall decorations Using parallel lines or stripes with Wall paper .

Wall painted with vertical stripes of high contrast of colors

Wall painted stripes vertical brown

This apparently simple detail adds sophistication to the environment and allows you to take full advantage of all the variants of the colors chosen for the resting place. We will begin with an example of wallpaper of more sober colors and classic but very well combined with the blue tones.

Wallpaper with horizontal stripes and blue tones

Wallpaper stripes blue gray

Later on we can also appreciate this striped style made with paint on wall. It is original to use this type of decoration on one of the walls only, so that it is possible to use colors of the same range for other walls. The choice of lines for the wallpaper will depend on the type of room;

Wallpaper with horizontal lines thick raw tones

Horizontal lines

That is, wider or narrower stripes, horizontal or vertical, depending on the space of the bedroom, and of course, the person who will inhabit it. Finally we will focus our attention on the vertical lines for the smaller rooms.

Wallpaper with multicolored narrow vertical stripes

Paper wall vertical stripes close multicolor

Very modern, very contrasting tones bring elegance to the wall located in the place of the head of the bed. Combinations in painted paper Daring with whites and blacks that attract our look and create an optical effect that gives greater importance to the bed inspires comfort and tranquility in turn.

Wall paint in black and white tones with high contrast

Painting wall black white contrast fine lines

We also see examples of decoration for walls of children's bedrooms with a striped wall, choosing this time the variant of horizontal lines and thicker, in raw tones and pastel for girls; And vivid blue and red for children.

Contrasting wall paper with thick and thin lines

Paper wall lines thick thin colors contrast

Dare to innovate the rooms of your home with these interesting ideas that will transform dull and monochromatic walls into elegant details that will attract your attention and invite you to a whole world of new fantasies.

Stripes or lines for baby bedroom wall pastels

Stripes lines wall baby room pink

Wallpaper with horizontal lines for children's room

Blue horizontal thick striped wall paper

Wallpaper with horizontal lines for a girl's room Horizontal thick children's wall paper

Black and white contrast wall paper

Wall paper much contrast white black

Wall painting horizontal lines warm tones white Vertical stripes wallpaper Wallpaper beige stripes raw Wallpaper stripes brown white