Designs of practical minimalist kitchens with modern style

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The designs of minimalist kitchens have really come to stay. If you have a small home, it's just what you need. More and more designers offer incredible options to make a space Small be comfortable and put everything you need there. This is precisely what we are going to share today.

Designs of minimalist kitchens

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Designs minimalist kitchens that will serve as inspiration to get the most out of the dimensions of your home. They are designs of the Japanese brand Sanwa that is launching a new collection of kitchens designed for small homes. As we see in the photos all designed to provide cooking and washing facilities in a single unit.

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No functionality is lost at all and style is what makes them ideal for those who have limited living space. The new collection represents the combination of a sophisticated contemporary and minimalist design. Aspects that are typical of Japanese tradition, with design research. This new Sanwa collection brings a new version of the already famous Ceragino cuisine.

Modern minimalist kitchen designs

It differs from the others by its rusted metal finish. As well as a kitchen on wheels, one with a rusty finish and another that must be suspended from a wall. The AM 01 model features high and low storage units, a countertop, a sink and a plate in several bright colors. For its part QB 01 is a unit with a steel frame on the wheels.

Designs of functional minimalist kitchens

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There are also many space saving features that make it a fascinating model. Within the designs of minimalist kitchens EO 01 consists of a monochromatic block. Thanks to a visual effect it hides its function when viewed from the front. It also has integrated storage of pots and magnetic tables where users can write notes and recipes.


The use of materials such as bamboo is another interesting aspect that distinguishes the collection. In specific AC 01 is made of bamboo and can work as a desk. If necessary, it opens to become a kitchen at the touch of a button. The designers recommend it for people with a disability.


Also another of the novelties is the SC-01, a steel kitchen that can be suspended from a wall. Something practical and with guaranteed durability thanks to Sanwa's use of steel. As we see in the pictures, the entire range is designed to create astonishment, even in a small living space. The chosen solutions highlight the important research process implemented by Sanwa.


All with the aim of combining a unique style with the latest furniture trends of contemporary housing modules. Three of the new kitchens were designed by Italian architects and designers. Precisely the call AM 01 that we mentioned is of Alessandro Mendini. Looks like a closet independent, with stripes of orange, yellow and green in its lacquered exterior.


Inside, it contains high and low storage units, a countertop, a sink and a plate. The list continues with the QB 01 by Bestetti Associati, designed to move, there are also many space saving features. A wooden cutting board covers the retractable sink, and a portable induction hob could be placed inside the kitchen.


There is also a drawer for the cutlery. Elisa Ossino's kitchen, called EO 01, which we mentioned in the same way, is designed to adapt to many places. Starting with lofts, joint work spaces, studies, small interiors and informal situations. The 2018 range is completed with two compact versions of existing Sanwa kitchens, Pattina with wood design and Grad 45 stainless steel. Both standing out within the minimalist kitchen designs of Sanwa

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