Designs of modern"sunken"style rooms for all interiors

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In today's article I will talk about one of the latest tricks and trends that are used in the rooms fashionable with the idea of ​​getting more out of it not only from an aesthetic and innovative point of view, but also from a practical point of view. It's about the modern room designs of sunken effect or you can also find them circulating through the network like living rooms with podium or platform. Let's see what they are now.

Designs of modern rooms with platforms

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Depending on the area in which the platform is placed the living room can get a high aspect or a sunken appearance. Today we will focus on the sunken aspect, since it is the most used today. In addition, one of the elements most used in these decorated rooms are the steps that actually constitute the bridge from one area to another.

Design of modern-sunken-interior rooms

Keep in mind that this is the ideal variant in case you want to visually separate your living room or your living room from the dining room or from some other space. At the same time, this decorative platform also increases the comfort of the living inside the house.

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Probably, from the images they are seeing and from those that remain to be seen, they will draw the conclusion that it is necessary to have a large house in order to include the platform inside. However, the reality is very different, since all they need is to have a roof a little higher, around 2.90 meters. This means that the podium is very practical and very appropriate also for the small rooms, since it breaks the frames and the traditional lines.

Designs of modern rooms with sunken platforms

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One of the things you can be sure of if you decide to make a change of this type in your living room is that the interiors of rooms will go from being boring and out of fashion spaces, to being elegant and stylish spaces. In addition, this is the ideal time in which you can get rid of unnecessary objects, change the colors inside and the rest of the decorative details.

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At the same time, they will also realize that this is the element that they needed to introduce balance, comfort and style. In addition, this element will also mark the starting point of many other changes and solutions in the design of its interior.

Interiors of modern-sunken rooms

After changing the design of the space, they will have to change the design of the furniture. Keep in mind that to meet the needs of these living rooms should bet on a modern interior furniture that is not required to be design but if they have to follow the decorative line.

Designs of modern rooms with podium, the living room area

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As you can see in the photo above, the living room area has become an area in which the platform serves as a backup for the furniture and can also make it a place to store more things. For this, they only have to introduce some shelves under the platform or they can also incorporate built-in cabinets and furniture.

design of modern rooms-sunken-steps

Also, do not forget that you can play with the optical effects to increase and create the feeling of more space inside. For that, you can bet on a smaller and compact furniture in the case that your interior is smaller and you will see the result at the end. Choose a sofa that fits well in the living room and a coffee table or coffee table also smaller.

Design of modern-interior-sunken rooms

In front of the sofa you can place your TV on a platform hanging on the wall. Thus, they can do without the massive and large furniture in which the televisions used to be placed previously. Using and putting into practice these tricks you will see how the space of your living room will really increase and you will not have problems in the design and decoration.

The feeling of having designs of modern sunken rooms

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On the other hand, you should bear in mind that this design inside will completely change the feeling you will experience in this place. Depending on the colors and the decorative details they have used, they can turn the living room into a secluded place where tranquility reigns and where they can rest.

interiors of sunken-modern rooms

To do this, they simply have to remove the television from this space and replace its presence with a fireplace or plants. In winter the fireplace will play a very important role not only in the heating of the interior, but also in the decoration of the space. The fire will call you to sit in front of him and observe him while they rest.

designs of modern rooms-steps

On the other hand, as I mentioned above, this way of organizing and designing the interior creates a sense of separation and division of space. This is very important and is very good especially in the interiors where the border between the living room and the dining room and between the living room and the kitchen is not very clear.

Some designs of modern rooms and the dining room and kitchen area

design of modern-sunken-interior rooms

As you can see in the selected images, although the house is small with this separation, the borders are very clear. On the other hand, the correct application of the colors on the walls will also help them mark the different areas inside. Remember that you can use any element and effect to encourage decoration and interior design.

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The colors can also be used for the steps that divide the platform of the room and for this they can choose the contrast. Below, I will leave you with more pictures of interiors with sunken living rooms and with platforms so that you can complete your idea around this decorative element.

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small-sunken-interior rooms

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