Designs of modern houses - Fairhaven Beach House by John Wardle

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The designs of modern houses never cease to amaze us and today we share another fascinating example. It is a house designed by the Australian architect John Wardle on the picturesque Great Ocean Road in Victoria. All the design is very striking with different finishes. Zinc-coated angular volumes are folded around a yard central and extend towards the views of the ocean.

Designs of modern houses Fairhaven Beach House

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Called Fairhaven Beach House, the three-story residence sits on top of a hill. John Wardle Architects designed the building with an uneven U-shaped plan. This enabled the creation of a wall of windows that faces the sea. As well as a beautiful patio facing east that is protected from the coastal winds.

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As a striking aspect and that distinguishes it from other designs of modern houses, the entrance is different. The route from the entrance to a large living room was thought of as a dramatic progression through the building. It begins by going through a cantilever study and through a pivoting asymmetric door.

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main, they added.

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Several of the spaces have a special projection and connection. Starting with a large kitchen and dining room that are on one side. All this open and modern environment is projected further towards the coast. In an environment of this beauty and similar to other designs of modern houses the outer space was not overlooked.


So it was added an isolated balcony that offers the opportunity to dine outdoors while enjoying the views. All the division and creation of spaces is what has made it possible to keep the house functional and interconnected. The house is carefully divided into zones to allow for privacy and community gathering, the architects said.

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On the other hand, the relationship with the exterior is very fluid and the whole building is successfully integrated. As we mentioned at the beginning, the exterior of the house is covered with gray zinc panels to blend with the tones of the shrubby landscape. In practice, a very fluid and elegant effect was achieved with the gardens and the entire exterior environment.


The interior presents surfaces of wood in each wall, floor and ceiling. For the designs of modern homes and other traditional type is a material that never goes out of style. Here the warmth of the interior stands out and it always helps in a large measure to propitiate the natural accent of the whole living room and interior in general.


Neither can mention the bedrooms and common spaces. Two bedrooms are on the ground floor and a wooden staircase leads to a third on the top floor. As we see in the photos are obviously intended for rest and relaxation.




The proportions, orientation and dimensions of the windows have been adapted to particular views and to reveal internal spaces. Taking as an example in case of the bedroom or the open dining room that we see in the photos. The design process has been similar to the scenography, which brings together sensory and spatial experiences to frame the theater of the room inside, said the architects.


All the relationship with the exterior has been thought from the beginning and the conception of the project. Fairhaven Beach House rolls up and around a protected central courtyard. This idea is what just creates an outdoor space protected from the prevailing harsh winds. The doors of the living area and a large sliding window open and integrate the patio with the house in good weather.


With just arriving you start a dynamic and fluid journey through the house from the arrival to the view of the ocean. It is choreographed to increase anticipation before reaching the main living room. By passing beneath a cantilevered studio in a dramatic vertical entry space, he becomes acutely aware of a series of twists and turns along its length that make the transformation into the horizontal living space.


The opening of its main window coincides with the kinematic proportions of the ocean view. The main characteristics can be summarized with the description of the architects: This house is carefully divided into zones to allow privacy and community meeting.


The upper level houses a set of private rooms, including a master bedroom, bathroom, study and observation deck. The entry level contains a couple of bedrooms and bathroom. The main living and dining space is where the occupants meet.


Materially, the home It is covered with a green-gray zinc coating, both for its longevity and for its natural color that blends with the landscape of the thicket and the tea tree. On the contrary, the interior of the house is completely covered with wooden floors, walls, cabinets and ceilings to form an enclosure for life in which its inhabitants are completely submerged.





Photos: Trevor Mein