Design your kitchen to make it more cozy - 8 useful tips


If you follow our page you will already know that we have many articles about the design of the kitchen. As we all well know, the idea of ​​a contemporary and at the same time warm and cozy kitchen may seem a bit impossible.

But today we have decided to give you some useful tips that prove otherwise, design your contemporary kitchen and trust us is possible and our ideas today prove it.


More than once you will have read any professional kitchen designer accepts the use of some motifs from other design genres regardless of whether it is a contemporary kitchen. It all depends on personal taste, each one of us can have that elegant and incredible kitchen design with which you have always dreamed, with the additional benefit of some rich and retro touches. Using motifs from rustic and even industrial kitchens, your contemporary space can be transformed into something much more fantastic, so design your kitchen with the help of our favorite ideas.


1 Design your kitchen by choosing wooden floors

Regardless if you have chosen a crisp and cool design for your kitchen furniture, if you add a natural wood floor, the warmth will radiate throughout the space and add a softer element that really works wonderfully. It is amazing the influence that a floor can have, but see here; It has really softened a white kitchen that would otherwise glow.

design your kitchen white-options-wide-spaces

2 Enjoy your exposed brick walls

One of the best ways to add a bit of warmth to a modern kitchen is brick walls. The exposed bricks look absolutely incredible. The next image shows it and as you can see it is seen as an industrial motive at play, but more than that, there is a contemporary background that really stands out. It is a touch of beauty and warmth without having to paint the walls design your kitchen using the architecture of space.

Design your inspired-Scandinavian-style kitchen-options

3 Choose a bold wall color that stands out

In the next photo you have a contemporary kitchen with a fiery wall color. If you dare to take the step, you can paint a kitchen wall in a vibrant tone that creates a feeling of warmth and comfort even in the most modern spaces. Think of reds, oranges and yellows to create more impact.


4 Paint the ceiling

Too daring for many! Although we are accustomed to white ceilings a colored ceiling is definitely a contemporary design element and if you want to use the technique to add a sense of warmth to a otherwise very contemporary kitchen , you can choose a gray.

design your style flat-open kitchen

7 Choose furniture made of natural materials

If you do not fancy the idea of ​​wood floors, why not simply include some natural wood furniture? Here is a wooden island painted white. But if your space allows it you can add a wooden dining set would look beautiful and attractive.

design your kitchen island-options-drawers-storage

6 Natural light in the kitchen

Do you have large windows? In a modern kitchen, especially a cozy one, it will be very important to design the lighting well and take advantage of the windows and natural light.


7 Choose fantastic tile that becomes the accent

If you want to add some warmth and charm to a modern and elegant kitchen, then there is no better idea than a mosaic dashboard. A classic or warm color will make your whole room feel much more attractive.


8 Complement the decoration with metallic elements

A great trend of the decoration of 2017 were the metallic details, I think it will not surprise you that during 2018 these remain as one of the best decoration options not only for the kitchen.



Kitchen designed by Bonadies Architects