Design of gardens: modern, risky... unique!

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Changes in temperatures and other weather phenomena often affect our garden. If something we do not enjoy is to see as some parts of the patio begin to die. Especially when it comes to extreme heat.

The heat also makes it difficult to work in the garden At that time of year, it is sometimes arduous to motivate ourselves to change the design of our garden. These climatological difficulties are a good pretext for doing so. When it comes to garden design, this is the time of year to prepare the ground for the next new season.

Rustic flowerpots in garden design

Garden design hanging flowerpots rustic

The first step in garden design is to assess the situation, you will find many elements to observe. Maybe some plants are blooming, with fragrant flowers. On the other hand, other areas of your yard may need some help. Let's start by removing the weeds, this will give us a clearer idea of ​​the areas to be treated. It's amazing how something as simple as removing weeds can give your garden a total face lift. The lower plants now have room to breathe with weeds out of the way.

Design of gardens with cobblestones

Garden design

In garden design, learning from our mistakes is key. Is there an area of ​​your yard where potted plants die constantly? Try to move them to a different place. We must be very observant as to the amount of sun that our plants receive, since excessive exposure could have negative effects. Also consider plugging some Spaces Voids with larger plants. This enhances the space and creates a greater sense of green areas and makes it more welcoming.

Rock decoration in the design of gardens

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If conditions permit, other decorative elements can be used as fountains. If you are the most daring a small bridge adds an oriental air and is very relaxing visually as we watch the water run. They can not miss the luminaires, locate them conveniently and preferably exposure lights make our garden a new and unexplored place during the nights. work !

Flourishing under adequate light conditions

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Use of stone slabs as separators


Balanced distribution of larger trees


Clay pot on wooden wall

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Cascade combination

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Creeper on vertical wood support

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Luminaires parallel to the garden

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Decorative rock path

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