Design of gardens, ideas for dream walls.

Design of gardens watering stones wall

A few days ago we talked about the care of the gardens located on slopes. One of the biggest problems that this challenging way of cultivating plants has is the soil. The fact of being inclined allows a greater drainage and therefore makes the development of plants more difficult.

We also face problems such as erosion.

Garden design, with wall and Xeriscape

Garden design bamboo rocks wood

One of the techniques we could use to combat it was to sow the plants in parallel and longitudinally. In this way we would create a natural barrier that combined with the use of Terraces Would help to take better advantage of the rains and to prevent the landslide. On this last aspect we will be talking today.

Gardens design, treated wood wall

Design of lawn grass plants wall wood

In the design of gardens, the retaining walls are an integral part of the entire landscape. In addition to being used for the control of the land located on slopes, they also have a decorative purpose for our gardens . It is an element that will always be useful and attractive. Complementing it with our landscape is important.

Design of gardens, modern style with plants

Design of gardens container modern terrace

Just adding flowers and plants in general, soften the texture of the wall. Especially in cases that are of stone although it is not the only variant as we will see later. In garden design many times we must deal with minor landslides and this is where the retaining wall is very useful. We can even build one for ourselves in a simple way.

Design with steps and decorative plants

Modern xeriscape stairway garden design

The right project and a good selection of materials will make it strong enough while remaining affordable. Resistance is a fundamental factor and at the same time must be functional. The height to cover is another of the details that we must consider before beginning its construction. The choice of materials must obviously pass for our personal taste.

Contrast of climbing plants with flowers


Some specialists recommend that you match the material of the house. Today we are going to deal primarily with two types of materials, wood and stones. In the case of the woods are usually pine. The wood is treated to make it more resistant. The pressure treated pine is ideal for a relatively cheap wall. The natural texture of the wood complements much better with the garden as opposed to concrete and other materials.

Metal retaining wall

Garden design pots metal wall

We must also keep in mind that despite being treated with the passage of time moisture and mold can damage it. Wood is probably the least expensive option for retaining walls, but the main factor to consider is longevity. Although it is obviously much more durable than the untreated. In the design of gardens should be used for walls of low height and in areas that have a good drainage. We should opt for a more resistant material if our wall will have a height greater than sixty centimeters.

Treated wood and gravel wall with terraces

Garden design wood gravel succulent

The natural stone walls in the design of gardens add a greater sense of continuity over time. They give the possibility to cover curves in the field, since we can place the material in a more flexible way. This can not be achieved with wood because of its inability to bend. A solid foundation will ensure durability and low maintenance.

Modern design on wooden terraces

Garden design wood macetasterrazas

It will be an effective method against erosion and we can create areas for sowing as terraces. Especially if the wall is more than ninety centimeters high. It is also an opportunity to create gardens with Xeriscape using rocks. The main drawback is that the retaining wall should not be too high because of its stability. The stone walls in the design of gardens are appropriate to accentuate an already existing plot.

Three variants of wall materials

Garden design wood rocks concrete

They also add textures and higher contrast to plants. It is convenient to close the inside of the wall with fabric, so we control the weeds better. The holes we can fill with gravel or other stones of smaller size that we find in our garden. More than its functional aspect as a space divider or as a containment, it can be excellent for variants of landscaping. We can place flower pots or containers on it.

Concrete wall on wooden terrace

Modern patio garden terrace design

We will create a very attractive design combining pots of different colors and dimensions. The selection of plants is equally important whether it is a retaining wall of treated wood or stones. The plants of vines and climbers like the jasmine or the lady of night are one of the most indicated. Plant the vines along the wall, they can be guided without difficulty to grow up or around the wall.

Combined wood and concrete wall

Garden design concrete wall xeriscape

We will create a beautiful view and a highly exuberant design. Of contrast with the flowers we can add a layer of mulch that will also favor the care of the soil. In short we can choose from a wide range of plants, whether perennials or shrubs that complement the wall. It is only important to choose plants resistant to climate and natural conditions in general. A selection of native plants could be the best option.

Cascade plants on metal wall

Garden design metal wall plants

Other decorative elements like the luminarias specifically solar lamps placed along the wall, would create an intimate and unique landscape. We can place another light source that we consider convenient to illuminate areas of interest that we want. The positive thing about solar lamps is that they are affordable and durable. Highly functional for garden design retaining walls hold the ground in the gardens on slopes.

Green concrete wall

Garden design concrete green wall

Even on flat ground. We have a great variety of materials to select, from stone to wood or even concrete. The truth is that they give a different touch to our garden. How to insert them into our landscape and build Something exclusive, are the examples that we will see today.

Stone terraces with plants

Design of gardens stones flowers plants modern

Outdoor patio with bonfire and wall

Design of gardens stones bonfire flowers

Slope with rock terraces

Garden design stones wood terrace plants

Wall of rocks in outdoor living room

Garden design stones furniture wood

Metal outdoor chairs next to wall

Design of gardens stones pendant outdoor chairs

Garden in modern terrace

Design of gardens terrace luminarias modern

Lawn combined with terraces

Garden design terraces containers rocks gardening

Retaining wall with plants at the base

Garden design xeriscape grass herbs

Rocks contrasting with house colors

House patio contrast rocks garden

Containment wall with plants

Grass pots patio terraces xeriscape

Concrete wall decorated with pots

Lawn pots patio modern concrete wall

Treated wood wall with vines

Concrete green wall garden wood flowers

Terrace with furniture and retaining wall

Modern design outdoor furniture plants

Walls of different dimensions with windows

Modern design furniture windows flowers

Garden sloping with wall


Concrete wall with shade trees

Grass wall plants deck chairs concrete

Design combined with wood and concrete

Concrete wall plants deck chairs modern design

Retaining wall for lagoon

Lagoon plants wall flowers gardens design

Cascade plants on wall

Lajas flowers stones plants wall

Concrete wall with outdoor lamps

Xeriscape lamps flowers wall flowers

Circular wood wall

Wood circular garden flowers pots

Preparation of terraces and wall


Modern kitchen with brick wall

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