Design gardens, ideas for unique creations!


When it comes to outdoor space, our garden specifically, the color and contrast achieved are decisive. The design of gardens is a key step in creating our green space.

Which plants combine according to their hue and color scheme that we can achieve with it? Special interest should be given in any design of gardens to pots and flower beds. They give greater contrast effects according to their color and design.

Design of gardens with succulents in pot

Garden design succulent banks flower pots

Even the color of the background wall also enhances plants that we can usually have cascaded like ferns. If you prefer a more natural or gentle tone the main thing would be to highlight the green and create some areas of shadows in the garden. However, in cases where you prefer a more radiant approach do not hesitate to combine plants Of clearer flowers and contrast them with more colorful ones.

Design of geometric gardens

Modern garden design rocks containers

On the other hand if we prefer rather the neutral tones it is good to remember that they have a powerful effect. This applies both to the garden and to the terrace . A deep green of great intensity creates a relaxing effect, as it is visually calming. This is perfect for seasons like the summer we rest in the open air. It is good in any design of gardens that make simple adjustments that allow the colors of the plants to be the center of attention.

Design of gardens with abundant lighting

Outdoor furniture

The use of simple garden furniture allows the colors of the plants to be more striking. As the case of the design of the previous photograph of Tara Bussema . The use of green and red shades is a suitable technique for this purpose. The design of gardens goes beyond, it also affects the architecture enhancing it or not. Sometimes the colors or materials of your outdoor space can complement and highlight it. So, tired of the same tones? Let's do it!

Circular garden design with contrasts


Garden with benches and center table

Design garden modern lighting chairs

Use of shadows in garden design

Garden table terrace design rocks bank

Top view of garden with wooden platform

Modern garden wood terrace succulent

Illuminated contrast design


Style with shadows and furniture with cushions

Furniture outdoor table cheap garden furniture

Folding chairs on background with bamboo plants

Furniture swimming pool gardening pool decoration

Garden with wooden platform and chairs

Platform wood garden furniture luminaires

Design with circular table and colored chairs

Metal chairs table lamp

Potted terrace chairs Chairs

Swimming pool