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Can you imagine life in the luxurious interior of a yacht? To be today we present you design and decoration of interiors combining original elements.

In fact, it is not necessary to have a yacht to enjoy its elegant design. We invite you to be inspired by these beautiful photos.

You can invite this style in your apartment or house. How and why, discover in our article today. Today we show you the interior of a modern apartment inspired by the interior design of yachts designed by Ahead Concept Design┬╣.

Interior design and decoration - Interior covered with turquoise, wood and marble

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"It is not the detail of a particular style that counts, but the sensitivity that is in an upward direction. "John Pawson

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Design and decoration of interiors - An apartment with design inspired by yachts

At first, the interior of this apartment was like all the others. But one day, the architects of Ahead Concept Design arrived and changed everything. They transformed the interior of this living room into a luxury apartment. Sophisticated and full of luxurious elements with lighting that creates a dark but elegant atmosphere.

Marble fireplace in the living room

design and decoration of interiors-apartment-fireplace

The interior of this apartment is inspired by the so-called Gentleman's Club. But it's the details that really give this apartment its own personality!

Once one enters, you will instantly see wooden vaults that lead from one room to another. This is not the only outstanding feature, as turquoise walls and cabinets create a colorful and modern world.

Design and interior decoration A contemporary apartment in Taipei


Polished marble tables and iradian luxury kitchen counters, while the dark wood floor with herringbone design provides the perfect setting for this urban setting. It feels like leaving the city and entering a completely different world. one that is inspired by the sumptuous life on the high seas.


In the room, the turquoise color gives way to a more neutral background and once again dominates the wood. An arch leads to the wardrobe with mirrors and the tidy bathroom that covers the color palette and the theme of the rest of the apartment. Every little detail inside this house is carefully chosen and implemented - luxury minimalism meets the spirit of the ocean here!


The interior of this modern apartment proves that the combination of two styles can be achieved and it seems that it is achieved with great ease. The rusticity and elegance are mixed here to provide a sophisticated and elegant at the same time.


The unexpected combination of dark wood and turquoise elements is an unexpected idea but it is also a great success.

Blue is one of the most loved colors by most people, the second is green. Calm and serene, blue and green are presented here in the form of turquoise. Turquoise, oil blue and dark green are the three most popular shades of blue in interior design lately.


Design and interior decoration

Each item of furniture or decoration in this interior has found its perfect place.


And at night, we can contemplate the urban landscape through the large windows. It's fun how inside you can enjoy an interior inspired by life on the high seas. And looking out the window, discover the urban landscape. This is what we wanted to achieve with the design of this living space. Having two completely different worlds in an apartment.

The wooden arches that we find in each room of the apartment give it the appeal of a boat-style interior


The yellow sofa is a beautiful accent. It serves as a cheerful and warm accent that changes the style of the entire room.


Mix of subtle styles

The kitchen is small, refined, simple and very compact. It is large enough for one to feel comfortable when cooking. When you enter your eyes you are particularly attracted to the original floor. The walls are dressed in concrete, the ceiling is white and the floor has a rectangular slab coating. The combination of concrete and wood is undoubtedly a successful idea inspired by two design styles: industrial style and rustic style. Here we have both at the same time and it is really beautiful! The high ceiling is also impressive.

Modern apartment interior with kitchen in industrial and rustic style


The bedroom looks a lot like a luxury hotel room. Its design, like the kitchen, is simple and functional. It also has a dressing room located behind the mirror doors. The wooden wall is decorated with a small work of art.

Wooden wall and concrete wall feel comfortable next to each other in the bedroom


The room has a false ceiling. The lighting is soft, which allows them to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere. Here, too, we discover the successful mix of concrete and wood, as in the kitchen.


Interior design and decoration - A modern apartment

The padded headrest is secured with leather straps for. A very interesting idea. Having a header is always a good idea. In fact, almost all the interiors of the bedrooms have headboards.


Design and decoration of interiors -A modern apartment that does not lack functionality

Often, luxury interiors lack functionality. This is not the case. The presence of bright, high-quality surfaces, as well as the selection of sophisticated luxury furniture, have not made this space an impractical one. Its atmosphere is pleasant and sophisticated, while remaining sumptuous. Everything is possible and modern designers of interiors and exteriors do not stop to show it with their magnificent projects.


This apartment is designed by Ahead Concept Design , A design studio based in Taipei, Taiwan. It is composed of three members: Lo, Yang and Chuang. The team works in the fields of architecture, interior design and decoration, commercial spaces and public spaces.