Decoration rooms for all tastes and colors


Today we want to offer you 25 great ideas for decor Lounges With a lot of style and personality.

What is involved in this case is also correct with the colors, that is why we have chosen models of decoration rooms in different shades. We will check how colors will influence In our states of mind.

Decorating salons with lots of color

Furniture living room pink black lamp
In the event that we do not dare too much with strong colors, we can always begin by experimenting if we include some details of the same hue in a decor In which white predominates. It is the ideal way to achieve color without removing the light, and the result will be very colorful and interesting.

Living room furniture set table and chairs

Furniture salon table light chairs

Let us now turn to the Negro. Why not include it in our decoration lounges? We can see in the examples that for both minimalist and classic styles, the black color apo A touch of mystery, but at the same time it will serve to highlight certain areas and furniture Creating a great contrast.

Black and white living room design

Furniture white black living room picture

The green color is not usually used for salons, however, see the great models in different variants of green. In some it has gotten a feeling of closeness with nature, but with the darker tones instead The effect is different; A more environment is achieved intimate .

Modern lounge with decoration in green tones

Salon deer curtains green sofa

The blues reassure and refresh. In warm, celestial and light blue areas are good choice for the decoration of common spaces, in addition to the bedrooms . In contrast, the rest of warmer tones provide very different environments. Orange for example symbolizes fusion, and according to the feng shui culture is suitable for meeting spaces.

Living room with fireplace and blue decoration


Red is one of the colors that produces the most effect in our senses. Used in some cases as part of antidepressant therapies even, it is known to be the color of love and passion. We can give a very romantic and sensual touch to our room by choosing this color, but we must take care That is not too overloaded.

Living room with purple and white decoration

Lounge purple white brick wall

Contemporary leather armchairs

Armchairs red leather bright modern Room decoration in black and white colors

Decoration lounges color black white Living room decor with black leather furniture

Black furniture living room decoration Living room with green carpet and green sofa

Lounge rug green lawn sofa Lounge chairs dark green wall Salon blue yellow celeste furniture Table Salon colors heavenly pink baby Sofas armchairs colors link furniture Glass furniture luxurious fireplace Salon minimalist white floor cages Modern minimalist lounge light sofas Living room modern beige sofa armchairs Furniture decocation zen platform wood Living room furniture minimalist modern leather Red salon young decoration Lounge sofa red ornaments cushions Salon view table red armchairs