Decoration of gardens with edges of different materials and styles

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The decoration of gardens and the finish in general is what completes the image of these spaces and makes them completely irresistible.

Especially let's stop today at the edges of the gardens. We propose you a collection of ideas of garden borders that will help to define borders, highlight an area, add texture and improve the landscape. They are often overlooked, but the edges of the lawn and flowers can play an important role in the entire landscape design. Helping to improve the overall attractiveness of our property.

Decoration of gardens with edges of work

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The edges are reduced to simply separating two different areas. It must be mentioned that not all of these landscape edge ideas will be adapted to your garden. You may like the look, but they are simply not practical, affordable or the style of your garden is completely different. Keep in mind that with many things in the garden and landscape there are no infallible recipes. The borders and the decoration of gardens are reduced to their style, creativity, materials and budget.

decoration of gardens concrete stones

The materials used for the edges come in a wide range of options and combinations. Starting with stone, concrete, metal, plates, glass, gabions, logs, brick, wood, tiles, among others. Many of the ideas of garden borders that we show below incorporate some type of recycled material. Something that has also become popular in the design of gardens.

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Concrete edges and curbs

The word concrete may sound very cold when it comes to an outdoor place, but it is a material that offers many design opportunities. The location of these flat broken concrete stones around the corner of the house draws attention. Located on the grass and foliage planted against the edge of the foundation of the house. It is always a good idea to install some garden maya and borders in that order to improve the garden decoration.

decoration of gardens concrete creations

Pouring concrete to shape the edge of the garden

This edging uses concrete to form a curve. The construction of these concrete designs is carried out immediately in the place and is very durable. The concrete can also be painted. It is a good way to skirt a tree. Some local gardening company can give us an exact idea of ​​the price.


Edge of garden with bricks

When we think of the edges of materials in most gardening projects, we think of the edges of bricks. The paving stones and bricks can be used to create beautiful effects on the landscape in many ways. The carefully placed and flat stone tiles in a shallow ditch form a garden border that forms a good barrier between the garden bed and the grass. A clean and tidy appearance that provides uniformity to the entire landscape. A way to skirt a flower bed with bricks that facilitates cutting.


The interesting thing about this garden edge idea is that it is very symmetrical. The square shapes made of bricks make the edge look clean and distinct. However, the center of each design has a different style. The image of the brick edges can be improved in many ways. A strip of rope lighting hidden inside a grass edge is a great idea.


This is a very simple way to bring a lot of style to the garden. It seems almost mystical in the way it seems to generate light from nothing. We see that the bricks are used as borders all the time to separate the edge of the lawn from the flower beds. Turning the bricks sideways creates a completely different look in the garden design


It gives another effect to how to place the brick edges for the front yard and backyard landscape. It is an old style that changes the presence when it comes to brick. It almost seems like a wave that is marking the way for our guests. A beautiful and attractive idea of ​​brick garden edge due to the symmetrical shape. The small blocks inside the edges give a very suburban aspect to the decoration of gardens.


Metal trim for a rustic look and feel

By raising the height of the garden and installing the edges of the metal landscape, this corten steel edging gives a contemporary look that will attract the attention of any guest or passer-by.

Garden decoration with corten steel edges

height-steel-corten-patio borders-straight-stepped-flowers

Metal edge placed in a zig zag pattern

The short and long metal edge gives it a very simple look. It's nothing extravagant or flashy, but it has amazing results. Paint the thin sheets of steel if you wish to fill with joy a small garden.


Corrugated steel panels installed vertically as garden edges

The orderly appearance of this landscape edge idea is extremely beautiful. It gives a very minimalist and simple feeling. The colors are not too highlighted and make the patio have a peaceful image. As an extra, panels used at full size did not require any cutting of the edge for the metal landscape.


Gabion wall used as edges

This type of garden edge offers many possibilities. It seems natural but organized, it integrates well with the surroundings of the gardens. It is also quite robust and will get us out of trouble in uneven terrain. This gabion border works like a retaining wall that contains the plants and the soil. What undoubtedly makes it a centerpiece of the garden.

effects-rocks-solutions-ideals stones-special-floors-rocks

Stones to design the edge of the garden

The stone edges as well as the brick edges are a popular material for separating the areas. In general, the stone has a low cost but requires continuous work to have everything in place. However, the stone edges produce impressive results. Rocks come in many shapes, sizes, colors and textures. This allows the use of the stone as an independent support on the edges or combining different stones to achieve an interesting aspect


Flat stones for edges

This image shows a good way to skirt a flower bed with rocks of flat tiles stacked on top of each other. A simple design with an informal look, separates the edge of the lawn from the mulch and the area where the flowers are located.


Stones used as simple edges

This unusual way to differentiate the roof from where the garden begins, but adds charm to the design. The small rock edge makes a big difference when you go out and enjoy the view of our garden or patio.


Rock filling between bricks

This idea of ​​edge provides a contrast with the brick and a wide strip of rock. The small height of the stone, but the sudden change of color makes it a clear boundary. Something important is that it does not mix in the landscape design. The contrast of light and dark stones together with different sizes complement each other quite well next to the concrete steps. Gives a concrete idea of ​​where the catwalk ends and where the edge for garden decoration begins


Stones combined with brick edges

This edging made of stones and bricks offers a very natural look even if it does not seem care and perfect. It is simple, but the way it spirals gives an impressive touch to the decoration of gardens. There are no complicated instructions to install this type of borders. The stones were placed on the edges until the bricks and follow the path of the garden. The stone base is an excellent contrast. The small stones create a nice transition edge, while the large stones form the layer. It is a very nice way to create a natural edge.

rocks-big-small-combined 1

Wood trim for landscape

Wood as the brick and the stone comes in many forms. The most common edge with wood is the raised garden bed, but it is not the only one. There are other variants with great potential and with surprising results.


Railway sleepers like garden borders

This garden edging is one of the most durable and favorite of many. Railroad sleepers placed at angles near a plant in each growth zone. Then maybe the biggest problem may be the maintenance of the grass.


Vertical railway sleepers
These railway sleepers cut in unequal lengths make this garden trim unique. Add an informal look and feel. We often think that the edge of the garden is the accent. It shows how to use the resources around us to turn the simple into something extraordinary.


This edge of the garden looks like a miniature fence. It will not be necessary to use something else to make it clear where the plant space begins. Other options look similar to uneven rail sleepers. A good example is recycled wood. With a border that does not vary in height, but also offers a very attractive and natural feeling.

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