Decorating modern kitchens with wall panels for the dashboard

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The part of the dashboard of our kitchen is the one that does not seem to have any kind of functionality inside. However, using the appropriate style and design can create a modern kitchen decor really impressive. In addition, they can follow different methods of decorating with tiles from kitchen and with other elements. However, in this article we will focus on the variety of modern decor with kitchen panels.

Decorating modern kitchens with design panels

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Surely many of you are not very clear on the basis of what to choose a kitchen panel for the part of the dashboard. Taking into account its main function is to fill with stains and steam at the time of cooking and cooking, this is the key point that must be taken into account. Whereupon the material chosen must be resistant to moisture, heat, stains and changes in temperature.

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Everything listed above makes wallpaper for walls an inappropriate material for decoration, like wood. On the other hand, the marble, the tiles and the granite are quite resistant and are easily cleaned. In addition, with the tiles you can create interesting drawings and decorations on the dashboard.

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However, as I said, today's topic will deal with material to a certain extent new and modern in decoration that is the panel of glass kitchen. These panels offer us very fresh designs, with motifs from which we can choose flowers, fruits, landscapes or other elements with which to create modern kitchens. In the following pictures of kitchens you can see different ideas and choose the one you like the most for your interior.

A decoration of modern kitchens with glass panels

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One of the things that you have to take into account before choosing the panel is the functionality that you want to adhere to. From the practical point of view, we have already enumerated and we have seen the characteristics that it must possess. In contrast, from the point of view of aesthetics, this element in the interior can serve us both to create contrasts with the furniture, and to add accents in the interior.

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In some cases, both criteria may be combined into one. On the one hand, a light background will contrast with brightly colored furniture. On the other hand, the drawings on the dashboard will draw attention and visitors and their eyes will be fixed on them. In addition, in this way they can also hide or disguise some parts of their kitchen that they do not want to stand out.

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On the other hand, if what they want is to create a uniform space in which there are not many striking colors and highlighting places, they simply have to choose a panel of the tones of the rest of the interior decoration. In this way, the environment will be more homogeneous, without highs and lows and a common tone will predominate that is also called neutral tone.

Some tips to choose the decoration of modern kitchens and glass panels

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There are some main rules that can guide you in choosing the most appropriate colors in the design of modern kitchens and in the dashboards. They have to take into account that on the surfaces of dark tones the stains, dust and other negative agents in the decoration, such as stripes, will be more easily seen. With which these surfaces will need more maintenance.

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On the other hand, if you choose a decorative panel of the kitchen models selected for this article then the environment that has to reign in your interior should be more laconic. The reason is that in this way they will introduce the necessary dynamism and vitality without going over and without creating a room that is too striking and altered in terms of tonalities.

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On the other hand, if it is a decoration of small kitchens choose the panels of light colors. These present a surface full of brightness that will reflect the light, like the light tones. Thus, you can increase the effect of lighting and create a very pleasant interior for others and for yourself.

Peculiarities in the assembly of glass panels in the decoration of modern kitchens

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The basic peculiarity in the assembly of these decorative elements is that it can be done in two ways: fixed and mobile. For the first, they can use screws, glue or silicone, while for the second they can opt for a fixation with magnets. This type of mounting with magnets is appropriate for kitchens where renovations are made more often.

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On the other hand, the fixation with screws will help them to mount the panel in the place they want, it offers them a more secure fixation and, in addition, they can disassemble it at the moment in which it is necessary. At the same time, this type of fixation is also appropriate for walls that do not have a flat surface.

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On the other hand, the assembly with glue or silicone is ideal for flat walls, since the panels will be fixed more easily. However, if your wall is not flat enough and you choose this mounting method, there will be gaps without sticking and it is quite possible that within a certain time the panel will be peeled off the wall. This is an easy way in which you can find an answer to your question, how to decorate a kitchen?

Decorating ideas of modern kitchens with decorative glass panels

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In the following photos you can find more ideas for decorating your dashboard. As you can see the combination of the colors with the furniture and the walls is also quite important to create that nice and wonderful space that you want to have in your house. Remember that yellow and red are the colors that set trends during the last years in the design of kitchens. So if they like you, do not hesitate to choose them.

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