Decorated nails: the best ideas for your manicure

Ingenious ideas nails black gold decorations modern Fashion has always been and always will be girls. For us the outward appearance is very important. In order to take care of our closet is full of clothes that half we do not even use but it is good to have porsiac, we also lack the shoes that the more the better and a lot of makeup and of course enamels.

Because nails play an important role in the appearance of a woman.

Nails decorated colorful colors for the summer


Styles and trends are constantly changing and they are always evolving as all seasons bring out new collections of clothing as well the enamels and nail decorations change. Decorated nails not only embellish your hands, but also show that you are a woman who likes to take care of herself. Hand care is no less important since hands say a lot to people.

Nails decorated with stone detail

Blue clear nails motif zebra stones black

Wash them daily with neutral soap so they do not dry out and try not to leave them wet. For even better care apply special hand cream to avoid the feeling of dryness and keep them soft and moisturized. Creams scatter fragrances with delicate scents and you can apply them as many times as you think necessary. In winter care for hands is essential because with low temperatures scales or small wounds can emerge.

White nails with gold decoration


Hydrate them all the time using creams specifically for this. Ready to boast beautiful hands you can pay attention to the nails by cleaning the cuticles and skins that arise around the nail. Gently slice them gently and avoid biting them. Before painting the nails make sure that any rest of the previous enamel is removed then cut and file the nails but do not leave them too short to have more space when decorating.

French style different manicure with black and gold

Good idea french manicure gold shiny modern

It is time to apply the nail base that is normally transparent or blue, you can find it in any store where nail polish is sold. It will serve to protect the nails from spots or decoration materials that can damage them. Expect it to dry completely before proceeding. Look for bases that when dried have a sticky texture after drying as this helps the enamel layer stay longer. Do not wash the brushes with water because this will harden the enamel.

Different manicure for each finger of your hand

Each finger ditinta modern multicolored image

Repeat applying a clear enamel coat every two to three days to lengthen the life of your decorated nails. For summer and spring, the bright colors of nails are always fashionable and in autumn and winter the range of dark ones. Our ideas can help you have an original and elegant manicure! The good news regarding nail decoration is that you are not required to wear false nails just need to arm yourself with patience and expect your nails to grow a little to get a nice and nice manicure.

Different enamel colors on each finger

Each nail different color interesting modern idea

You can also put on false nails, but for the manicure ideas we have prepared for you there is really no difference between the false and real nails. And even if you are not a fan of long nails, here you will find a lot of original ideas for short nails. The neon colors are very modern for the next season, as well as prints, floral motifs, rhinestones and everything you can imagine.

Dark colored enamels look very elegant

Color range dark brown modern stylish

The French manicure is still timeless but play with colors and patterns. In case you do not have enough time to make your nails every day, you can very well make a gel manicure that will not really waste much of your time in making it and can also last even longer than two weeks depending on the speed of growth Of each girl's nails.

Light colors with decoration on the ring finger

Light colors decorated nails blue subtle modrno

Use nail polish for your nails

Electric colors modern nails call attention Buy a professional nail decoration kit where you will find all the brushes, tools and utensils to fix nails you need. You can also improvise using a toothbrush or hair fork to put the dots and make the spirals of colors with precision, or you can buy a brush with the fine point in an art shop.

Pastel color in combination with red

Colors red skin decoration nails modern stars

Celebrate Halloween we often associate this day with the colors orange, black and purple and is closely linked to symbols such as pumpkin, skulls or ghosts. Use a nail decoration for Halloween and you will be in tune with the holiday ready for the visit to houses Enchanted or costume parties.

Halloween Nail Idea

Halloween decoration nails pumpkins yellow bows

A very elegant and subtle idea for your manicure


Fresh idea and interesting strawberries on your nails

Strawberry idea

Pointy toenails with elegant manicure

Elegant style modern nails two interesting colors

You can give a little more sparkle to the party night that awaits you, a very common idea are nails decorated with shiny stones would not come at all badly. Imagine enamel your favorite color and add a little shine with a few shiny stones to draw the attention of all eyes.

Oval nails with decoration of stones

Style subtle-elegant nails pink light flowers

Make yourself a French manicure by painting only the tip of the nail with different color. The most common is to do it with white but you can make use of your imagination. Choose colors that complement and look good on the nails. Apply the transparent nail base and let it dry. Put French manicure adhesive on the nail, leaving the punctuation. If you do not have stickers for French manicure use a sticker with similar shape. Paint the nail without worrying about staining the adhesive. Then remove it and let it dry when completely dry add a layer of clear enamel to add more gloss.

French manicure in blue with flower decoration

Flowers manicure stones black modern blue

French manicure square nails decorated with flowers


Idea with pastel base combined with bright enamel


Oval nails with white and black enamel

Different idea nails white black long

A very fresh idea of ​​nails in different bright colors

Idea fresh summer colors original striking

Different textures for your nails

Innovative idea pink cotton modern nails

The ideal combination black with gold

Idea interesting nails black gold contrast

An interesting idea for your manicure

Idea interesting nails tower ifel colors modern

Paste colors for your nails


Decoration with small stars for your nails

Ideas nails blue pink decoration modern stars

French manicure with decorative bow

Ideas nails lace modern manicure french white

Combination of eye-catching colors on your nails


Manicure in the sailor style

Ideas nails motifs sailors interesting blue stripes white

French manicure interesting idea with stones

Ideas nails stones shine modern French manicure

Another idea of ​​French manicure with decoration

French manicure interesting long nails

An idea for French manicure with floral decoration

French manicure blue shiny modern nails short

French manicure with decorative hearts

Manicure french decoration hearts subtle modern

French manicure with ladybug decoration

Manicure interesting french decoration ladybugs idea

French manicure with black enamel and stones

Black french manicure gemstones modrno ties

French manicure aside

Manicure french black precious modern nails

Bright French manicure with stars

Manicure french idea nails short elegant

French manicure decorated with black enamel bow

Manicure and nail art

Base of pastel color and leopard print

Manicure modern wild leopard skin ideas

French manicure on square nails

Floral motives french manicure black modern

Electric enamels leopard print or chessboard

Modern wild leopard print pretty

Christmas card in black and white

Christmas motif nails white black original Motif stripes eyes glued nails black mumia Bears hearts nails short ideas pink modern Points decoration tie ideas nails modern pretty Red never goes out fashion nails long bold Red pink dots ideas nails stripes Blue nails a different color precious modern Nails blue purple light modern decoration interesting Base nails black floral motifs Nails white idea subtle modern stylish pretty Nails white black dots stripes easy Nails pretty white base short stones Nails pretty decoration original white base pink Pretty Nails yellow flowers modern blue decoration Nails light colors short gold shines modern Nails hearts base pink precious modern idea Nails decorated blue flowers bright modern lacquer Nails decorated dark blue modern idea interesting Nails decorated sponge bob youthful Bright colored nails bright modern color Nails decorated beautiful modern blue shine Decorated nails each different modern color Nails decorated light color pretty small flowers Decorated nails red dots pretty blue Nails decorated short beautiful stones black Nails decorated drawings rabbit pretty young Nails decorated vintage style interesting motifs Nails decorated pink yellow square stones Nails Nails decorated ideas modern cool summer Nails decorated modern ideas multicolored summer Nails decorated inspiration light blue pretty stones Nails decorated long beautiful gray flowers Tree-shaped trees decorate nails Nails Decorated Fabric Patterns Beautiful Pink Background Nails decorated black white interesting interesting idea Nails decorated black stones glitter pretty Nails decorated ovulated flowers pretty manicure Nails decorated beautiful precious stones modern Decorated dark purple nails interesting Nails decorated stripes multicolor interesting pretty Nails decorated pretty red dots white idea Nails decorated light tones beautiful ideas Nails decorated vintage style cute short Nails decorated salmon color pretty clear short Nails pointed French manicure interesting Nails long decorated blue white pretty ideas Nails long choose different reasons combination Nails long idea interesting oriental style Nails long french manicure interesting nice motifs Nails floral motifs green blue pretty decoration Nails new york interesting idea pretty Nails special occasion modern balls colors interesting Black Nails pink white nice interesting motifs Nails subtle elegant design pretty length medium Green light blue nails beautiful nautical Yellow black leopard wild yellow