Custom shoes, modern proposal of 3D printing.

Women's shoes

Technology often transforms our environment into different sectors. In many occasions improves and optimizes many processes of daily life. Today we will show you a curious case that has also been touched by technology.

It is nothing more and nothing less than the fashion . Neither does she escape the continuous advances and progress in this matter.

Shoes made to order, printed in 3D


The case of today is one of those that has revolutionized in a way the way we see the footwear. This is Atossa a collection Made shoes made in 3D printing. A proposal of designer Behrad Ghodsi who has opted for a series of concepts for footwear. One of the foundations of this project is that consumers are able to print them at home.

Shoes to size, elegant design

Custom shoes

What according to the idea of ​​the creator will reduce the labor for the manufacture. In addition to providing greater access to new products. According to the opinion of many experts we will all have a 3D printer at home. This is foreseen for the near future and we will be able to design on our own.

Functional and elegant design

Shoes made to measure clothing blue bricks woman

Then it will be made relatively easy thanks to the printer. However, currently this type of technology is not sufficiently developed for a non-professional use. In the case of shoes a series of elegant concepts would accelerate the production process. This, according to experts, would contribute to a reduction in production costs.

3D printing sample by Behrad Ghodsi

Custom shoes

In general this idea will make the consumer more independent. We will all be able to create and print ready-made designs. Products that will be highly personal like these custom shoes. They can be designed in such a way that the less professional printers are able to make them. We leave you some images of this model and its process of conception. An excellent sample of a future that is already knocking on the door.

Stages of the design process

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