Colorful children's games with chalk paint or chalk paint


If you are looking for children's games ideas here we show you a very fun option. Your little ones will be very excited when you help them make the following recipe for game .

Children's games should be great to get the attention of the little ones. We are sure that not only your children but you have also played with chalk. Today we invite you to create some explosive paint bags. Experimenting with some of the basic ingredients can create explosive chalk bags. It will work, and it will be very fun!

Colorful children's games with chalk


You can make each bag as you go through the game. But if it is a matter of young children, it is better to prepare everything beforehand since small children can be impatient. So again we repeat better I prepared a lot of bags for sandwiches in advance. To be well armed and have fun when they go out!

Children's games - Discover the game of painting Explosive with chalk!


This recipe is similar to the most popular recipe, only you should use vinegar instead of water and store the baking soda on its side. Spring is here and we want to spend more time outside every time! It's time to enjoy the sun and beautiful days outdoors. That is why today we will offer you an idea of ​​children's games so that they can do together with the children as a family.


It is known that children love everything explosive, colors and magic. One of the best outdoor pastimes is drawing with chalk. But today we will offer you a different technique to try together.

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Read on to see the recipe. We will show you how to prepare everything you need to enjoy this game out of the ordinary. The elements you will need are:

Sandwich plastic bags

Corn (corn starch)


Food coloring and / or watercolor painting

Sodium bicarbonate

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When it comes to playing and doing experiments like these, ingredients are rarely measured. The amount used for each explosive bag may be a little different, they all worked wonders! The key is to fill at least 1 third of the bag with the liquid chalk mixture.

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The fuller the bags, the bigger the explosions will be. In each bag I mixed a few teaspoons of corn starch with vinegar until it has a thick liquid consistency. Add a few drops of food coloring or liquid watercolors for the color.


I added the ingredients to each bag. Re-mix just before playing (this is important since the cornstarch begins to solidify at the bottom of the bag when allowed to stand).

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Another way is to put in each bag, a few teaspoons of corn starch mixed with vinegar to obtain a thick liquid consistency. And add a few drops of food coloring or liquid watercolors for the color.

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For this game with explosive chalk, you would need baking soda. In addition to the paint bags, you will need some baking soda bombs. To do this, use square pieces of paper towels. Place the baking soda in the center and fold the paper towel so that it closes tightly. The more you use for each bag, the greater the reaction between the active ingredients and the greater the explosion.


Doing this takes about ten minutes to prepare all the material, and that's when the game can begin! When you are ready to have fun, quickly throw a pump of baking soda into a bag of paint that you have previously prepared. Then close the bag very fast.

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It is much easier to close the bag before adding the baking soda pump. Make sure the bag is very closed. If there is even a small hole, it will not work. Once closed, shake the bag with force. Stand on your side and watch the result. We assure you it will be impressive, right?


The bags will inflate slowly, becoming larger and larger until they explode. As they explode, the chalk bags spill over the ground, creating an explosion of colors, a true rainbow.


So do not hesitate to make as many bombs as possible in different and vibrant colors. Keep in mind that some bags can make a lot of noise, but others a little less. Then, if your children are afraid, warn them that there is nothing dangerous.


It will not take more than about 10 minutes to prepare all our supplies, and then the game can begin! When you're ready to start the fun, quickly throw a pump of baking soda into a chalk paint bag. Then very quickly seal the bag.


From children's games Why did we like this game so much?

First, it's a fun game from start to finish. Also, what better to prepare the whole game together as a family? It's fun and you can mix all kinds of colors. And finally, we should not overlook, the noise that is really fun! Outdoor games are fun and kids love them! Therefore, below we will also show you how to make your own chalk!


It can only be a chalk, but it is the beginning of a million activities that take place every day in playgrounds. You can also use chalk to trace the hopscotch, but also mazes. In summary, with the chalk can be invented many fun games for children and activities for the little ones who will be busy for hours.


The materials you need

Homemade chalk is easy to make. You can chalk the size and weight of chalk made with rolls of toilet paper, but you can use cardboard tubes of other sizes or silicone molds like those used for candy or bakery products.


Make a hole in a corner of the bag about two centimeters wide. Slide the open corner into one of the prepared cardboard tubes and squeeze the plaster into the tube to be filled. Make sure there are no spaces or big bubbles. Finally, repeat the same exercise for each color. Let it sit for at least 24 hours and that's it! This famous chalk is a practical game tool, easy to clean and is almost as fun to use as it is to make.