Coating for walls - Advantages and disadvantages of plaster


Often, decorative plaster is used as a coating and decoration of the wall surface: this material is used for exterior (fa├žades) and interior works. But if we choose the plaster for the coating of our walls or ceiling we must pay attention to the specificity of the use of this coating that depends on its composition, technical characteristics, decorative properties and other factors.

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The modern assortment offers many shades, types, textures of decorative plaster, we have prepared some photos that reflect the advantages of this coating.

In comparison with other finishes, plaster has many advantages:

Even if the surface of the coating is badly damaged, you can still use the plaster

The ability to make a unique pattern on the walls;

Easy cleaning system (dirt from the surface is removed with a damp sponge)


The plaster is a simple coating system with a qualitative result (there are many ways to apply decorative plaster with your own hands even if you have experience)

You can enjoy a wide range of colors, as well as the possibility of obtaining non-standard colors and rare designs when the mixture is made independently

Not so high prices when it comes to buying material

A large selection of decorative design, which allows you to choose plaster for any interior design style

additional sound insulation is provided in the room

does not deteriorate under the influence of humidity and temperature changes

These are not all the advantages that this type of coating can offer.


But we must pay attention! Each type of material is characterized by its own merits, which is manifested not only in the process of finishing the walls with decorative plaster, but also with later use.


Plaster has become increasingly popular. The plaster can be used for finishes. Making a composition by hand with plaster is much more complicated than with other materials. But the plaster is the material you can use to make a volumetric panel with your own hands.


Gypsum is a very practical and self-sufficient material. It does not need to be mixed with other materials and chemical additives, so it is hypoallergenic. The drywall will be an excellent practical decoration for any room.

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The advantages of plaster as a material for panels:

Refracting Material;

It serves as an excellent conductor of heat;

It retains its structure for a very long time;

Good noise isolation


Gypsum - durable, natural and ecological material, which is often used to make a variety of gifts and decoration items

The final result a plaster composition on the wall can be an individual representation of style and beauty, if they do not like to follow established rules. A luxury panel can completely change the design of the room.


Design tips

Select panels, placing the correct accents. Select any composition but do not forget that the panel should harmoniously emphasize the general interior of the room and correspond directly to a specific room. You can use lighting to make it more expressive and animated. You can use a plaster composition, to hide small defects from the wall.


It is quite easy to make a small image at home, after buying the plaster and having the shape. All you need to do - is to dissolve the plaster until it becomes a thick liquid, pour in the prepared form, wait until it hardens, and get the product, you can leave it blank or apply the paint and fix the top with white tail if necessary. That's it, your plaster decoration is ready.

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Plaster inside

To make an original home decoration, you do not necessarily have to have a lot of talent or spend a lot of money. First of all it is necessary to have a great desire and elementary skills to work with plasticine, hand tools (brush, sandpaper).


Pictures of plaster on the wall

It is better for beginners not to make too big pictures of plaster. Very original on the wall you will see a flower or a composition of various flowers, berries, fruits, branches with leaves, the simplest contours of birds or animals. In a room with a high level of humidity, it is better not to use large plaster.


The bulky images on the walls can become an original decoration of the interior of the room. Unlike the moldings (decorative elements), they are created exclusively by hand.


Making a beautiful and high-quality bas-relief takes a lot of time and is a responsible job, but if you want and at least have some basic modeling skills, you can create plaster images with your own hands.


Created a plaster covering will not only decorate the interior, it will make it richer and more original. Such an occupation will help show your creative talents and will make the interior very unusual and even individual, which will be beneficial for you if you decide to sell the house or just brag to others.











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