Chill out - the ideal environment for your terrace or garden

chill out

Currently, chill out environments are becoming very popular, especially on terraces or gardens, but also in private spaces such as balconies and patios.

When designing our houses, it is easy to think of the essential spaces we need: kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, living room and garden, but sometimes we can forget to take into account the room we most need: the room to relax. Obviously, we want our houses to relax in general, but it may be useful to incorporate or create additional spaces, corners, corners and retreats inside and outside our homes that really invite us to escape the stress of work and family life and in our own small worlds for a time.

chill out terrace

Whether it's a comfortable chair placed on a small balcony or a pavilion next to the pool, here we show you some inspiration for those moments when we really just need the perfect place to rest your butt, lift your legs, reach that glass of wine and reassure us.

chill out terraces

Look around your house and you may discover that it has a large terrace that calls for a touch of fresh air. Be sure to attach it with comfortable cushions and a rug for cooler mornings and afternoons.

terrace style chill out

Go for something even bigger and create a day bed along the terrace for a really attractive space to retreat. Because of the size, it's a great place for kids to hang out too, and it encourages everything from sitting down to sleeping to playing games. Add a variety of colorful and textured ottomans for even more options as to where to rest.

chill out style terraces

A few comfortable chairs (including a seesaw, of course) and an ottoman for those tired legs is all you need when the view is as attractive as this one. Do not forget some rugs to get that extra dose of warmth and comfort under your feet, and a side table for a glass of wine or a beer in the afternoon.

chill out style terraces

Large cushions can also be combined with a pouf. Place a carpet on the floor or a mattress not too high covered with beautiful fabrics. It is convenient to have places where you can sit or lie down. Add a low table to place candles or tea and take your time off.

great chill out style terraces

If you have a couple of beautiful large trees in your garden, make use of what nature has given you and lift a hammock this summer. Try to locate it where you get a reasonable amount of shade or where you feel comfortable to really enjoy it, and do not forget to place some cushions and a small table for your favorite drink. Oh, and a good book.

beautiful chill-out terraces

To illuminate a terrace of chill style, we have been able to find any type of proposals. The classic thing is to place some candles that provide a pleasant dim light to achieve that climate of serenity so sought after, so relax.

adorable chill out style terraces

Consider creating ambient lighting with some Christmas lights or retro-type lanterns. You can place some tea candles inside a flashlight, so that they are safe and thus eliminate any risk of causing a fire, and will not turn off if a strong wind blows.

beautiful chill-out terraces

The terrace of your house is a place that adapts perfectly to your desire to spend summer evenings outdoors. Who said that the hammocks were only for outdoor use? If you have space, why not consider hanging one inside? At least that way you will never have to worry about sunburn and mosquitoes.

stunning chill out style terraces

Just because you do not live in a five-star resort does not mean you can not take some of your ideas to your own backyard. Invest in a pair of really beautiful and comfortable armchairs and add stylish pillows and rolled towels for an additional touch of luxury resort style. An umbrella is a must: if it's too hot and you end up baking, you will not feel relaxed after all.

beautiful chill-out terraces

Gone are the days of uncomfortable plastic and steel outdoor furniture. Now designs are often as elegant as the furniture you would choose for your interior. Invest in the best quality, the most comfortable outdoor furniture you can afford to create a truly attractive space that you can use in all likelihood. Then, add some finishing touches, such as a carpet and a side table, so that the space is as welcoming as a common interior living room would be. You can use a variety of different chair configurations, such as an individual chair and a three-seater sofa, also open the space to use it in a variety of different functions, whether you want to relax with a cake and tea with friends, or simply with a good book on your own.

beautiful chill-style terraces

The color palette of the chill out decorations is based on bright and colorful tones. Whatever combination you choose can be successful, but try to have a theme or a primary color on which all the decoration is based.

chill style terraces

The patterns and exotic patterns are very good on a terrace, but they are not essential. You can rely on the natural elements to design the decoration of your terrace.

chill terraces

The support of the textile elements of the interior with the choice of furniture is a recommended solution. You can use the same fabric for upholstery or decorative pillow cases for other textiles and terrace items.

original chill terraces

Choose fabrics of beautiful colors and textures, compose a decoration of vibrant tones or leave a palette that stays smooth; This completely depends on your preferences and your own idea of ​​terrace style chill out.

Great decorating ideas chill out style

beautiful chill terraces

The boho chic style is also welcome on the terraces and patios. Do not hesitate to create a fun and happy atmosphere experimenting with all kinds of colors and patterns.

ideas for chill terraces

Form real explosions of color by spreading cushions, carpets and decorative fabrics everywhere. Your guests will be eager to try to sit in each of the chill out corners of your terrace.

ideas to decorate chill terraces

The violet, crimson and turquoise shades are able to create the ambience of an oriental fairy tale in this part of your home. You can complement the decorative layer with many colorful pillows and a hookah.

decorate chill terraces

The Moroccan style is characteristic of the chill out terraces, and it is not surprising. A snack with teas and sweets during the afternoon with friends will be highlighted if the decoration is appropriate.

ideas for decorating terraces

A chill-style terrace will also benefit from striped textile elements in colors such as white, blue and red; the ethnic accents of warm tones meanwhile add a very pleasant rustic tone.

great ideas for decorating terraces

The white and beige fabrics convey tranquility. Decorating with such fabrics and with wicker furniture, your terrace will resemble the living room of a luxurious tropical resort.

original ideas for decorating terraces

If your terrace is directly in front of your door, you can decorate the opening with expensive-looking textiles. This idea is very popular in Morocco and France.

simple ideas to decorate terraces

A sofa bed, chairs with linen cover with soft backrests and a Moroccan tea table to create a feeling. Or why not rest under the shade of a large umbrella and a retro design with a large glass of refreshing drink with lots of ice and your favorite novel.

original ideas for decorating terraces

If you want to escape with a good book and hide from everyone, what you need is a reading corner. Why not have it on the terrace with the help of the curtains of a padded bench and the climbing plants that hang down?

Great ideas to decorate chill out terraces

ideas to decorate terraces and balconies

Another very important thing on the terrace is to have a private dining room. If you want to dine alfresco or simply have a glass of wine outdoors on a nice weekend, a table for two is essential.

decorate terraces and balconies

For your dining room on the terrace, you will find a place protected from the wind that you can surround with plants. With tablecloths with happy prints every time you want to hang out at your table, you will have a new look.

decorate chill terraces and balconies

Whether your idea of ​​spending time on the terrace drinking cocktails and playing cards with friends, or enjoying peace and tranquility, a configuration like this that we show you today will look great.

Ideas to decorate chill out terraces and balconies

decorate chill-style terraces and balconies

If you have a small balcony, here you will find suggestions and inspiring ideas that will help you decorate it in a chill-out style. Obviously, the first thing you should do before thinking about any type of furniture and decoration is to evaluate the space you really have available. If, for example, the space is so small that it can not accommodate a table and chairs, do not be discouraged, you can focus on how to improve the space you already have. available. The balcony is a small space with great potential.

chill out terraces and balconies

A balcony not only has the ability to embellish a bare and even boring facade, but it can also be an extension of the house, you can have a garden, a training area, a storage cabinet or a reading corner.

ideas for chill out terraces and balconies

But be careful not to confuse a balcony with a patio or a terrace, a balcony is a compact outdoor platform that protrudes from a building or house. It is more typical that the balconies are on the higher floors. The balconies are only accessible from the interior of the building through a door or a window, ranging from purely ornamental spaces to very functional places. There are several types of balconies, but we will discuss three main designs to discover what type of balcony you have or want to have.

ideas for balconies chill out style

We start with the more traditional type, which is also the most common and consists of a small outdoor area surrounded by a balustrade, generally designed for protection because these balconies are on the second or third floor of a house. This type of balconies can be quite spacious. In contrast, there are very small balconies that can be installed in existing houses, which sometimes can not even fit into one person and are used purely as ornamental decorations.

ideas for chill out balconies

A balcony of these characteristics usually has the space just for a small table and two chairs (four, if they are small). The great thing in these cases is that with very few elements you can get a chill out space of the most interesting. A nice carpet not very big, cushions and some plants will be enough decorative elements for the space to look beautiful.

chill out style balconies

You can also achieve a chill out decoration on your terraa without having to use an explosion of colors or textures. Decide on an accent color and leave the rest in a neutral palette. After all, the purpose of chill out decoration is relaxation, and our mind is more grateful for a simple combination of shades than a world of fluorescent colors.

chill out style balcony decoration

You can even opt for a simple decoration and a set of minimalist furniture, and again achieve a relaxed and chill out atmosphere. Everything depends on the arrangement of the furniture and that there are many comfortable areas for relaxation.

mediterranean style terrace If your patio or terrace is Mediterranean style, for example, use the architecture in your favor and add several armchairs and cushions simply. It may be the case that all you need your balcony is to remove the odd object from the road to gain space. nice decoration

Natural materials such as wood and stone work marvelously on chill-out terraces. Accompany the decoration with many plants in pots of different sizes and colors.

nice terrace decoration

The wicker furniture is ideal also for this style of decoration, did you doubt it? And, of course, Diy furniture made with pallets are almost the most typical of a chill-out terrace.

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