Children's parties - 40 decorating ideas and tips on how to organize a party


Planning a garden party for your children this summer ? Today we have compiled for you some of the best decoration ideas and games for outdoor children's parties for children of all ages.

Here you will find some classic activities and decorative elements that you can use in the party along with some really fun and creative ideas!

Decorating ideas for children's parties in the garden

If your children's birthdays are in the spring, summer or early fall, you can celebrate your parties outside in the back garden. Get inspired with these ideas for children's parties to plan outdoor games, decoration and activities for the little ones. A party for children may not be the most elegant, but it must be very fun. After all, try to create some of the most memorable moments for your children and their friends.


Are you looking for birthday decoration ideas or outdoor children's parties?

We have more than 40 suggestions to offer! Take a look at our photo gallery and follow our tips on how to organize an unforgettable and magical party for your outdoor child. Some of the decoration ideas for children's parties presented here can also be incorporated into the decoration of adult parties.


It is no secret that mothers get excited when the birthday of any of their children approaches, and even more when it comes to young children. If you are one of those excited mothers who take great pains when it comes to party planning. Today we will share with you, in addition to the photos, a list of ideas for the organization of children's parties that will help you prepare an unforgettable party.

Outdoor children's parties - 40 decorating ideas


Choose the date and time

If you are lucky and your child's birthday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, fine. Otherwise, choose the date closest to your child's birth date. The weekend is when most of your guests can be available and attend. Choosing the time depends on what you want to serve your guests. It could be lunch time or snack.


However, the first can be more expensive than the second. Time is everything. Plan your party from 2:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. After lunch and before dinner is the best time to party, when guests do not expect a full meal.


Establish a budget

Discuss financial matters with your spouse. It is important to establish a budget that is comfortable for you and make sure that all the necessary things enter into it. Remember that you can be creative and resourceful to make special DYI decorations for your child's birthday without spending too much money. For more inspiration, we invite you to review our bricomania section.


Start looking for supplies early so you will have more time to do everything. In addition, you will avoid running out of resources at the last minute and will not have to buy overvalued things that you have forgotten about.


The invitations

Most parents choose to send paper invitations for their child's birthday party. Next time, send your guests a free electronic invitation. You will save what you would normally spend on printed invitations. But if you like written invitations more, make them creative and coordinated with the theme of the party.


Indicate whether to invite the parents and whether they can stay (the parents of the young children should attend the party anyway), and include a date on which they must respond whether they will attend or not and the start and end times of the party.


It is recommended to send the invitations in advance. If your invitations are not ready yet, a notification via a call, text message, Facebook or WhatsApp or by email is a good idea. This will help ensure the attendance of your guests. Busy people can set the date of their calendar for their child's party. As soon as the invitations are ready, send them at least 2 weeks in advance.


If your child's birthday falls on a date close to a friend's, consider a double party. This is a good way to save as they will divide the cost with the parents of the other child and also the responsibilities. Just make sure each child has their own cake.


Discuss with your child what kind of party he or she wants

Dinosaur party? A celebration that includes all of Dora's things? It all depends on your child's taste so let your child help choose the theme. Having a theme will help you reduce decorating options and activities.


Choose a theme: who or what is your child's favorite character? Where are you dreaming of going on vacation? The beach? The jungle? What is your child's favorite pastime, talent or sport? It's your day, having a theme for the party makes it more exciting. You can also ask your guests to come with costumes!


Decide whom to invite

We have not forgotten about this you should discuss with your child if you want to invite the whole class or just want your six best friends? The number of guests will dictate the type of party you should take into account how many children can play freely in the garden.


Prepare everything in advance and more when it comes to the entertainment of children. The earlier, the better, it is not fun to tell your child that the magician he likes most is already reserved. Ask for references of people who have recently used the animators and decide which one to opt for.


If you have an established budget, a list with all your guests will help you fulfill it. Knowing how many children you are waiting for will help you count how many dishes or meals to serve. Knowing how many children will be present will help you prepare enough gift bags or treats you want to give away. In this way, you will not spend excessively.


Avoid the traps of the specified stores of birthday decorations. Do not pay a fortune for items from the party store you can find elsewhere for much less money. For example, chocolates can be sold five for 1 euro at party stores, but a bag of minis from a large store can cost them half.


Thematic cake

What is a birthday party without a cake? Blowing the birthday candles while the guests sing the birthday song Happy is the most important part of the party and the one that makes the most illusion to the children. You can buy cakes from the bakery or order online or if you have friends who know and can make themed cakes even better. You can also opt for muffin towers that could be your gifts for the guests.


Make a list of activities for the party

Plan to fill these two or three hours of children's parties with a combination of energetic games and quieter activities (like crafts or storytelling).


You also need to consider the time for entertainment, for food and to open gifts. If the gifts are opened, save them for the end; If you start to run out of time, you can skip a game. Keep in mind that an outdoor party can become an indoor party in case of rain, so plan activities that can be done indoors, just in case.


Make a list of all the things you will need

Make sure you have the following covered, and keep in mind if you need to buy or borrow something.

Possible ideas of things to include in your list:

-game and materials for DIY activities


-Sports team

-Large boxes to put food or gifts

- tablecloths, plates, cups and utensils

Buy or prepare your own party gifts that fit the theme (and gift bags to put them) and prizes for games.


Here are some ideas of games that children will love

The first game is called find the gummy bears. For this hilarious fun game, you will need whipped cream, rubber bears and a plastic plate for each participant. Give everyone a plate full of whipped cream with 3 gummy bears hidden inside. The first person to find all your rubber bears wins. Oh, we almost forgot, are not you allowed to use your hands?


Bubbles made at home. Bubbles are always successful, especially when it comes to children's parties and gigantic bubbles! This homemade recipe makes the bubbles larger with only 5 ingredients that you surely have in the kitchen.


6 cups of water (distilled is better, but tap water is fine)

1/2 cup dishwasher

1/2 cup of corn starch

1 tablespoon of baking powder (not baking soda)

1 tablespoon of glycerin


Treasure hunt

Create an outdoor treasure hunt by leaving tracks in the yard. Party guests can team up and work together to find clues. The first group that finds the treasure wins.


Donut eating contest

It's not your traditional donut-eating contest: this kid-friendly version involves hanging donuts from a string attached to the clothesline. Participants should try to eat the rolling donuts without using their hands. This game can be very successful if the adults who attend involve too! Make gifts for the thematic winners. Try a personalized DIY activity; eliminates the need to buy an expensive bag of goodies.


Do not be embarrassed to ask for any help you may need. Talk to friends, older children, other relatives or parents of guests to help supervise activities. Consider hiring a babysitter or professional to help with pre-or post-party cleaning or to help supervise the games, serve the food and generally, take some weight off your shoulders.


A week before clean the garden completely. In this way, you will only need to make last minute arrangements before the party. Opt for any food that may freeze. Order balloons. Check your list of necessary things and acquire the missing things. Make sure that hazard areas such as stairs and pools are protected, verify that chemicals are stored and that there are no sharp corners on furniture that could be dangerous.


If you think you need it, you can also opt for a photographer, but if you have a tight budget, you can ask a family member or enthusiastic friend to take photos of your party. For an outdoor party, cut the grass and fix the garden. Organize the furniture. Install tables for the elderly, place for gifts and activity tables.


Do everything that does not involve helium a day before the party. Prepare the food that can be stored in the refrigerator. Also, for any food that requires cooking on the day of the party, prepare as much as possible (cut into cubes, marinate, rinse, etc.).

children's parties-celebration-birthday

During the same day of the party. Finish preparing last minute food. Collect the cake and the balloons. Place the food one or two hours before the guests arrive, place foods that you know are not going to spoil. Wrap them well to ensure they will be fresh remove the wrappings when the first guest arrives.

Children's parties-celebration-birthday-style-hawayano

Give parents who have stayed at the party tasks to supervise. They can help with games or supervise an activity, which means you'll be free to check everything and keep kids from going crazy.

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