Bunk beds for children - 20 original designs and tips for choosing


Today we have for all of you some very original ideas of children's bedrooms with bunk beds for children to be inspired by their designs. A room childish It needs an airy design since the little ones must have free space for games. An excellent way to take forward a design of a children's room for two Boys or girls for many years are the bunk beds for children.

Children's bunk beds in dark colored wood


The rooms for children with bunk beds are very functional, if you need to accommodate two children in a room and all parents who have more than one child will know. They save space, they help in the organization of the space, they can combine functions, for example they can be used as sleeping beds and storage systems and even work areas.


The design of the bunk beds can be very different, but their main objective is not to decorate the room, but to provide comfort to the children, so they should be given a great attention before buying.

rooms-design-classic-bunk beds

The size of the litter for each child should not be less than 180, and preferably 190 cm long and 90 cm wide, otherwise children who grow quickly in a few years will no longer have a bed they can use.

Bunk beds for children with elegant design


Years ago the bunk beds were nothing original but contemporary furniture has many ideas and options, and the choice depends on the taste, the area of ​​the children and their budget. In the past, these beds seemed even crappy: two identical beds, one on top of the other. Now, furniture manufacturers offer modern and functional versions of bunk structures for children with a place to sleep and on the lower level, a desk, cabinets, additional game modules and above all, one or two more beds.


The only problem when choosing bunk beds is safety, especially that of children who will sleep at higher levels. All the negative comments we can read about bunk beds for children is that the top-level child has fallen or slid on the stairs. In fact, not everything is so terrible, you should only choose a safe and quality option with the availability of protection devices.

What child will say no to a bed like that?


In the end, there will only be one advantage. The convenience of the bunk beds is obvious, especially when you need to equip a room for two or more children. This type of beds will undoubtedly save space, to have more space for rational zoning in the bedroom, the workplace and the children's closet. At the same time, there is free space for the play area.


What types of berths can we find in the market

The purpose of these beds is to rationally use the limited area of ​​the room and create sleeping places for the children. Modern two-tier models can be designed for several children, a child, a child and parents. Today, there are the following options for bunk beds for children:


Classic standard bed, where there are two places to sleep, one of which is on top of the other. These are simply beds without additional attributes such as shelves for storage, boxes, cabinets. The disadvantage of a bed of this type is that it is not a good option for a small room as it takes up a lot of space and is not practical as a place to sleep. However, if your room is large and the place allows you to buy that option, then you can go for this type of bunk.


Beds in which the places to sleep are also on top of each other, but there are steps in the form of boxes that can be moved and in which to put things what offers us space to store the bedding. Such a bed model is appropriate for small children; captivates with its compactness and the ability to rationally use the premises.


The next type is a place to sleep in which the upper place is not directly above the lower one, but to the left or to the right. In the resulting space there may be a closet, shelves or an empty wall, which the owners themselves will fill according to their wishes.

bunk beds for children color-white-original

The beds can also be placed perpendicularly. This option is modern and very convenient: in the place that is free you can put a closet, hang shelves, put a small table. A compact and interesting option for children is a transformative bed, in which the lower bunk is removed at night and stored after sleeping, freeing the area of ​​the room.

bunk beds for children color-white-green

The next option is a bunk with a bed, located at the top. On the lower level is the child's work area, with a desk, shelves and cabinets. Often, these beds are completed with a small sports corner. There is a staircase, which can be conventional or in the form of drawer steps.

bunk beds for children color-black-design-modern

Regardless of the requirements imposed on the design of children's bunk beds, the main condition is that they must be durable, since children will jump on these beds and these should not wobble. Be sure to test if this happens before you buy! Remember that children not only sleep, but also play in those beds, so the strength of the design is one of the main conditions.

bunk beds for kids ideas-boys-girls

The rooms for children with bunk beds should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable for children. Therefore, before buying, think about where the beds will be placed if it suits your design if the child will be comfortable, if it is secured against bumps on the top of the structure.

bunk beds for children wood-lacquered-options

Bunk beds can be made of wood but can also be made of metal. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. The choice of the material that suits you depends on you. Now we leave you with our designs of children's bunk beds to inspire you.

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