Built-in wardrobes for the child's bedroom

Closet white together beds two large young ideas

As we all know, children need lots of space to play an idea that we are talking about today so you can free up space for your boy Is to incorporate built-in wardrobes in the youth bedroom.

There is no place in the house in which fitted wardrobes serve better than room Of a child.

Built-in wardrobes to leave children free space

Wardrobe drawers

The built-in wardrobes will help you solve the dilemma of where to put all the toys and the child's clothes. You will also have enough room to put a desk or table that your child needs when it comes to studying or doing homework. There are plenty of models. There are integrated that serve you for different purposes and combine closet and desk and everything is connected.

Built-in wardrobes in vibrant colors


In the market you can find beds with cabinets all connected in a single piece of furniture that will occupy the whole wall of the room with shelves and drawers to store what you need. The colors depend on your imagination and that of your child and as we have said the options are not lacking. Combine the color of the closet with that of the walls of the room of your boy or girl so that it does not look bad.

Closet ideas with built-in desk


Vibrant colors do not lack in youth rooms so it will not be a difficult task for you. To try to help you even more we have searched for the best ideas of wardrobes for children's rooms with the sole intention of giving you the opportunity to choose the best. In the images we have compiled today show modern and original ideas of cabinets of different sizes, materials and colors.

A set of bed and desk closet

Red writing desk ideas ideas

The only thing left for you to do is choose the one that is best left in your child's room. We hope you enjoy the ideas of cabinets for youth rooms that you will see below.

Bedrooms for two children in green

Wardrobe green large ideas spaces

Large wardrobe for the girl's room

Bed bedroom

Original ideas in colors suitable for guys


Wardrobe in very light blue

Wardrobe blue wall ideas desk

White cabinet with many drawers

Built-in wardrobes

Original idea for your child's bedroom


Built-in wardrobes Wardrobes two beds green desk

Room idea for the child from Viarde

Built-in wardrobes

Wardrobes bedroom mirror girl ideas large

Built-in wardrobes

Built-in wardrobes ideashabitacion classic style

Built-in wardrobes

Built-in wardrobes original idea room boy football

Green wardrobe hanging pareideas pretty ideas

Vibrant colors


Room white chocos ideas ideas wardrobe

Wardrobe Wardrobe ideas wall bed white