Built-in refrigerators that will fit into your kitchen

Classic dark brown integrated refrigerator

Great way to save such a vital space. Accustomed to see white refrigerators that fade with our kitchen And they are noticed marring their harmony, we have been able to understand that the placement of integrated refrigerators in the kitchen is the perfect solution to achieve an orderly and quiet environment.

Integrated white refrigerators Refrigerator

We begin by showing some of the examples of classic and luxurious integrated refrigerators that completely camouflage with the rest of the Kitchen furniture . The finishing can be done at the request of the client and the final result is in sight: a space that encourages to stay, really nice.

Built-in refrigerators on the wall

Fridge integrated metal two doors wall

There are also innumerable variants of furniture that allow to integrate in them any type of refrigerator, that is to say, Furniture and kitchen cabinets Which are built from the shape and size of the refrigerator itself, so that later the refrigerator can be integrated into the cabinet.

Refrigerator integrated as a cabinet kitchen cabinet with gold details Refrigerator

In this fantastic kitchen of Mullet Cabinet we can find all the details that will make our kitchen a dream place. Of course, we also find Integrated refrigerators With wooden doors, fully camouflaged.

Integrated garden fridges with plants


One of our star pieces is this untreated wood construction refrigerator with planter. I would never guess that it is an outdoor refrigerator, suitable for our outdoor parties and meetings. Quite spacious, and with the natural detail of the planter that makes it unique and special.

Spacious built-in refrigerators for large kitchens Refrigerator

As we can see, the possibilities are many, we can choose integrable refrigerators that have been designed as part of the kitchen furniture, or create a custom design for our own current refrigerator. Whatever our choice we can hit.

Wooden built-in refrigerator Built-in refrigerator very luxurious large wood

Imitation wood-framed refrigerators Wood-fired integrable refrigerators

Wooden Built-In Refrigerator Built-in refrigerator kitchen brown wood Kitchen integrated refrigerators Built-in refrigerators dark wood kitchen

Aged classic style built-in refrigerators Integrated refrigerators classic old style Refrigerators-integrated-imitation-wood Built-in refrigerators white bell

Refrigerators integrated minimalist style white Integrated refrigerator green modern kitchen