Boho chic deco; Fill your light space!

Boho deco chic chair glass window furniture

Enjoy the sunlight without leaving the house? At first sight it seems crazy, but it is absolutely possible. The proposal is exciting and risky: boho deco chic. It is an ideal style to give life to our bedrooms , With large glass windows where we can sunbathe.

For a terrace surrounded by glass, there is nothing more relaxing than the boho style. Most important is the abundance of light and specifically sunlight, so the large windows as we said above are mandatory, even the roof may be transparent or panoramic walls.

Boho chic deco and large windows

Boho chic chic lighting glass windows textiles

What we have is to let ourselves be carried away by the magic of boho deco chic and transform our space into something unique. What is boho deco chic without textiles? The textiles we add must always be very striking colors, as is characteristic of this style. One detail to be taken into account would be the prints, mainly representative of other cultures Such as Arabic. The effect we seek in our case is to achieve or keep solar lighting to the maximum.

Boho chic deco in living room with abundant light

Boho deco chic furniture lighting living room furniture windows

So we must try to locate the curtains, in case we use them, in a way that does not block the entrance of light. If in addition to rest we seek to give more dynamism to our space, the use of color in boho deco chic, also has the answer. We can create an environment full of color from red and orange in their different shades or more discreet with blue or brown or other muted tones.

Boho chic deco with mix of plants and wood

Boho deco chic jacuzzi hammock wood

Having good lighting would also be ideal to add plants, we can put them in pots hanging from the ceiling or containers on furniture. The idea is to create comfort, so the furniture has to be comfortable, we can do a mixture of several types and Styles , Preferably old ones, even large cushions on the floor to lie on. Sun, relaxation and vibrant colors in an environment full of emotions, the invitation is already made. You dare?

Abundant use of plants and sunlight

Boho deco chic wood tree garden plants

Cushions with light tones contrasting with plants

Cushions boho cushions sofa cushions

Boho chic deco in room with ample lighting

Cushions furniture wood colors windows

Textiles in vivid colors combined with wood

Design ideas boho terrace light living textiles

Saturation of green tones contrasting with garden background

Style cushions window sill boho deco

Large windows and furniture of different styles

Lighting boho table wood colors plants

Use of eye-catching colors in textiles and cushions

Lighting boho windows wood living room

Wide light input in contrast to white

Light garden cushions boho furniture lighting

Wood Plants boho lighting frame metal light Windows light sofa table metal