Birthday Cakes for Kids, 100 amazing ideas.

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Every birthday is a special moment in life. Each year that we meet is a gift in itself that gives us life. Surely remembering this date come to our mind unforgettable moments.

For example, meals shared with friends and family, laughs and certainly some anecdote that evokes laughter. Without missing the images immortalized beyond memory in some photo album. Because a birthday is that, or at least it should be so.

Birthday Cakes, Creation for Girls

Birthday cake

Moments of joy around the table, around a cake! Undoubtedly, the latter steals the leading role of the party. It all comes to life and becomes much more magical if we awaken the child we carry inside. Candles, songs, games and more. Although we always inevitably go back to the cake. The choice of the cake may seem like a big problem.. It is not complex but we must keep in mind aspects such as the taste that children may like.

Birthday cakes, jungle animals

Birthday cakes zoo animals jungle

In terms of flavors we could say that anything is acceptable. But the tastes of children are often varied and variable over time. We can opt for chocolate, as something classic when it comes to flavors. However, especially for girls, if we choose a strawberry or cherry-flavored cake, it would fit perfectly color Pink we will mention later. Another would be the number of guests as it will determine the size of our cake.

Birthday cakes, trunk with bird

Birthday cake tree trunk teapot

These are guidelines that will help us find or create the perfect cake. Birthday cakes for children are the center of every children's party. Around them is the attention of photographers, guests and there is always someone who wants to prey on the taster and take a bite. Currently the change in the Designs Birthday cake for kids is huge. Both variety and quality are far superior to just a few decades.

Design with train of colors and candies

Birthday cakes rainbow blue train

Greater color and experimentation with shapes are some of the ideas that prevail today. The decoration requires a lot of creativity. Children in advance are waiting for cakes with fun shapes. We can achieve cakes that can be made in creative designs. It is only important, as we shall see later, the decoration appropriate to the interests of the child. The theme of the cake can be designed in parallel to the party.

Decorating style with rainbows and colors

Birthday cakes

They are very popular according to the age and sex of children, those inspired by cartoons. Examples we have hundreds and especially the fashionable anime or some other that inclines the taste of the little ones. The slightly older ones prefer mostly superhero series and films. Just quote Spiderman or Batman that surely we have seen in many cakes. As with toys or dresses in pastels for girls, the color pink.

Based on animated characters

Sponge bob birthday cake decoration

Especially the favorite theme is that of princesses, unicorns or sirens. On the other hand exist designs of square form that imitate the fairy castles. We can also add the decorative element ourselves. Barbie or other toys and characters preferred by our child will come great. We can even give the cake the shape of the Barbie dress and decorate it to our liking. Undoubtedly they can be an amazing centerpiece.

Design Styles for Girls

Birthday cake

Although they can also add animals that evoke tenderness, such as bunnies or butterflies. Although always in every case we must start with the taste of our child as is logical. In broad outlines it is necessary for both girls and boys to know their interests or favorite colors. Although they can change frequently, we must reflect their hobbies. These data will define the decoration of birthday cakes for children.

Cake with stuffing of candies

Birthday cake

Returning to the men the themes and designs are not only in superheroes. Many of the children also love sports and outdoor activities. There are variants for cakes simulating terrains of baseball or soccer. The first are bathed in green frosting and then you can apply candy in the form of a white tablet for the bases. Several figures of players are added later, but the bases must first be outlined with white glaze.

Cake with clowns and circus animals Circus animals circus balloons

Another favorite is motor sports. Racing both motorcycles and cars delight our children. The cakes with race tracks are also easy to design and decorate. Also like the previous case they should be bathed in green. Then using the decoration bag we make the track in oval form. The advisable thing as far as the color is the gray so that it simulates a real one better. Signs and other markings on it can then be added with white cream.

Track with candies and cars

Birthday cakes

Some plastic cars or motorcycles would give the final touch to the whole. From having the necessary skills and resources we could even create a cake with a self shape. It is usually based on a loaf of bread. With a precise trimming we must shape the front to achieve the basic shapes of a car. Afterwards it should be glazed according to the color of preference. With another dark-colored frosting we would shape windshields and windows.

Variant for girls with animated characters

Disney pink birthday cakes girls

In its defect we can use squares of chocolate in the sides to simulate windows. Then in the front a larger size as the car windscreens. We would insert pressed chocolate cookies on the sides for the wheels. Other details like lights can be made of candy. Finally some touches of black or green frosting on the contours to create the look of the road or the lawn. Birthday cakes for kids can have unique shapes.

Sports theme with popular animations

Birthday cakes disney animated sport

The mold if we want to do it at home, can give us some idea. In case it is round it can be decorated as a soccer ball or another sport like baseball. Otherwise we can make the whole cake with some thematic mold of some character. Always of children's preference. Cakes can also work as gift containers. Hide some surprise inside will always be fun.

Pink style for party

Disney minnie birthday party pink cakes

We would create a point of tension in the party that we can complement with other games. We can not overlook details like the quality of the cake. It is ultimately crafted to be consumed by children and guests in general. There are recipes that recommend using applesauce instead of oil. This is a way to create a healthier and lower fat cake. Another idea is to increase the number of nutrients using quick bake breads such as carrot.

Decoration with animated

Birthday cake

They are simple alternatives that without attacking the quality of the cake can make it healthier. If we also incorporate some fresh fruits will be a valuable contribution of vitamins. Birthday cakes for children will always be unforgettable. They have always been the center of attention and the most awaited offer on each anniversary.

With garden elements

Birthday cakes flowers ladybugs birthday girls

Give something unique to our children or enjoy the pleasure of creating something personalized. A cake does not end with the last bite. It is an emotion that accompanies us throughout our lives and is revived when we put out each of the candles. Regardless of your number. While we appreciate the taste of some Ideas In today's gallery.

Pooh in cake for children's birthday

Birthday cake bear animated bees

Contrast of bright colors with caramels

Birthday cakes

Soccer ball

Birthday cakes ball football sport

Pirate theme in pies

Pirates birthday decorations ideas

Marine style with animals and pirates


Mcqueen on track with plants

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Hawaii style decoration

Birthday cakes beach flowers decoration

Animals and video game themes

Birthday cakes jungle supermario animals

Colored Candies

Birthday cakes surprise stuffed sweets

Video Game Theme

Birthday cakes supermario games cakes ideas

For the first year of life


Home Decor

Homemade chocolate train birthday cakes

Creating with animated preferences

Thomas yellow train birthday cakes

Variant for girls

Birthday cake

Pooh and his friends

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