Best makeup for the summer of 2018 What are the right products and how to apply them?

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Today we talk about the best makeup and fashion trends in 2018 spring-summer makeup. Plump lips, radiant skin and shine in eyes ; All this, as a general rule, is associated with sunny weather.

Summer makeup product: know the right products and how to apply them during the summer months

Therefore, to be sure that it is ready for the new season, we present the latest trends in makeup, which ideally will be seen both now and in the warmer months. With such a crazy range of options, you can be certain that you will find at least one that you want to prove yourself.

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We know perfectly: that the best makeup in summer It should be kept to a minimum, especially when it comes to spending days on the beach or near a swimming pool. That said, the truth is that during this season, there are quite a few opportunities that tempt us to use a little makeup, even on the beach.

This is the case, for example, when you attend a meeting, an outdoor wedding or a pool party. How to find the ideal balance between a fresh appearance but suitable for such occasions and comfort in warm climates? This is the question we will try to answer in this article.

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The best summer makeup: how to apply and use your makeup products for optimal results during the hot season.

To find the answer, we first review the essential elements to know about summer makeup products and the best way to use them. In the first part of this text, you can read how to apply your makeup products to not go over but also to make them last longer. In the second part, we review some makeup options that adapt perfectly to a day or an afternoon outdoors. Do not miss discovering them and trying them during the next months!

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We begin with the list of some of the most popular summer makeup products. You will see that some of these products must be applied in a specific way, others must be replaced to obtain an optimal effect. But without further ado in summary here you have, the products you surely already know:



powder bronzer;


the illuminator;


eyebrow pencil;


masks and eyeliners;

Best makeup for the summer of 2018 ideas and tips

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How to apply your foundation?

When we think of summer makeup, we all look for a perfect look, but also natural and informal. Therefore, the application of the foundation is a key step. How to make your base more transparent and, therefore, more suitable for the beach?

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The answer is simple: it will be necessary to rub the foundation of makeup very quickly between your fingers before applying it. Also keep in mind, a little advice from the professionals: you can use a base somewhat darker than your usual shadow. This makeup product allows you to eliminate the difference in skin tones after one or more days at the beach.


The fashion of natural makeup continues to occupy a leading position. The main thing when creating a natural make-up is to have an ideal and very well-groomed skin. To do this, you must arm yourself with beauty products such as foundation makeup, BB cream, C-C cream or a foundation and concealer. The maximum naturalness, however, may not be limited only to the skin.

Best makeup for the summer of 2018

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The use of a pencil to draw eyebrows or eyelid lines is also appropriate. You can also give your eyes a lighter appearance, slightly black lashes and eyeshadow of a natural color. For natural makeup, lip gloss is used with a tone that resembles your own lip color to the skin.

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The answer is simple: it will be necessary to rub the foundation of makeup very quickly between your fingers before applying it. Also keep in mind, a little advice from the professionals: you can use a base somewhat darker than your usual shadow. This makeup product allows you to eliminate the difference in skin tones after one or more days at the beach.

Dust, is it really necessary to wear the best makeup?


The answer is unanimous: we do not really need to apply the powder before a day on the beach or near a swimming pool. On the other hand, if you are going to attend a party or party, you can still put the powder in your bag. The idea behind this gesture is that you will have your gunpowder on top if you need a quick touch-up.


The powder is a practical product to remove excess moisture on the face. A small touch of this makeup product has been applied on the tip of the nose or in the T area is the perfect way to correct excessive shine on the face.

What about the bronzer?


According to the definition, the bronzer is a cosmetic ointment that is used to give the skin a tanned appearance. Many women of color feel that why they would use a sunscreen when they are already dark. But you must realize that this is a multipurpose cosmetic.


The bronzer plays an important role when it comes to obtaining a complexion tanned by the sun. Also, if you have dark spots, there is no other solution than tanning. It unites the color of the tan with that of the skin and will give a great natural shine to your face.


The bronzer is another summer makeup product that requires some clarification. As we know, it is ideal for daily use. On the other hand, on the beach or when it's hot, add an extra layer that may be too much. Experts advise us to replace the bronzer with another summer makeup product: the water-resistant base.

Best makeup for the summer of 2018


Let's not forget the blush

The blush is a versatile makeup product that is used to give contour or to give more freshness to a too pale skin. How to use the blush when it comes to a beach party or a pool party?


The truth is that in summer, the appearance that accentuates the makeup of the contoured facial type is avoided. After all, the warm season rhymes with lightness and natural beauty! If you use blush on your cheeks, try using a tan or very light pink tint (depending on the tone of your skin). For the rest, apply this summer makeup product as you do every day.

For or against the highlighter as a summer makeup product?


The highlighter is a makeup product that gives the skin a more moist look. The problem is that this type of makeup is not very suitable for the heat. In fact, it can melt quickly under the sun's rays!


To avoid this problem, it would be necessary to find a summer makeup product that can replace the illuminator. A good idea would be to use a light tan. This is apply to strategic places on your face. The cheekbones, the forehead, the chin and all the places where the sun would naturally touch your face should be favored!

Best makeup for the summer of 2018


Lipstick and lip liner, the stars in terms of summer product makeup


It is not surprising that lipstick appears, according to historians, as one of the first makeup products. And this is true even for the oldest civilizations, who lived in a very warm climate!


Nowadays, lipstick is still an essential makeup product. For a natural and beach look, choose a lipstick that matches the tone of your lips.

And if you want more exquisite lips, nothing prevents you from applying a little lipstick. Combine it with a balm to make sure the product lasts longer!


The pencil to draw the eyebrows

Is it good ideas you emphasize your eyes with a pencil of eyebrows? Yes, so you can keep it in your list of essential makeup products! Just remember that you are looking for a natural look. To avoid accentuating your eyebrows too much, think of a clear tone compared to the tone you are accustomed to every day.


Another problem with eyebrow pencil under the sun is that it tends to melt in the face. Avoid this problem by obtaining transparent gel. Apply it on the eyebrows and on the skin around to keep everything in place for longer.


How to use eye shadow in summer?

On the beach or near a pool, eye shadow is a summer makeup product that requires careful application. Here's how to use it to get an optimal effect.


First, it is essential to replace the powdered eye shadow with a corresponding liquid product. Then, with regard to the choice of color, it would be best to favor a neutral tone. Ideally, it will complete your complexion.

Makeup artists offer to apply the shades of the dark palette to the smoky effect, as well as tranquil colors with the natural and refined effect.

Best makeup for the summer of 2018


How to emphasize your eyes with mascara and eyeliner in summer?

Today, mascara and eyeliner are among the best-selling products in the makeup department. No wonder so many girls want to use them at any time of the year, including the spring summer season!


As for the mask, the choice is quite simple. You must necessarily choose a waterproof product. Eyeliner, knows that it would be best to use a pencil. For a more durable finish, apply well to the lash line by pressing lightly. Finish by extending a bit for a more natural and casual appearance.


The eyeliner around the eyes in the style of Cleopatra has become one of the most popular summer trends. But this year we can use yellow, sky blue, orange and white which is probably the most popular color. The more original and larger the line on the eyelids, the more fashionable it will be.


one of the catwalks. The presence of scarlet or red pink hues at the same time on the lips, cheeks and eyes is similar to the effect of an explosion.


The lipsticks with a greasy texture of bright tones were traditionally applied to the lips, while the shadows and blushes had a completely incomprehensible pattern without clear lines and merged into a single point, shaded at the temples.


This year we must not forget the lower eyelid. The accentuation of the lower eyelid with eyeliner or pigmented eye pencil in contrast is considered as a touch of special glamor. The perfectly drawn line of the eyelashes makes the face more vivid and expressive.


The nude lips are trend but the color is coming back to stay. The lips of white, gray, turquoise blue and blue are quite common to try this summer. Now, these lipstick colors have become fashion trends of the season.


Makeup is an art

The decoration of the faces through drawings on themes of abstraction and colors is another triumph of fashionable beauty. The drawings painted with shadows are complemented by elements such as crystals, which looks very extravagant.


The eyes, as you know, are the mirror of the soul, for this reason it is very important to emphasize its expressiveness and natural beauty to obtain the best makeup.

For blue eyes you can use pale pink, lush turquoise, cobalt, pearls, gold, chocolate, gray and purple tones. For the greens. The green eye color is compatible with shades of dark green, brown and copper, plum and eggplant - all these tones blend harmoniously with the color of the green eyes.


dark shadows that perfectly fit the girls with brown eyes. You can add bright accents with the help of the color of plum or sky blue.




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