Bedroom Decor - 80 Breathtaking Ideas

Decoration Our room is our most personal and intimate space. It is the place where we feel more at ease, therefore it is the best space to be able to develop our personality and choose a bedroom decoration in which we can feel comfortable and relaxed.

Today we offer 80 fantastic ideas and suggestions for an ideal bedroom decoration.

Bedroom decoration in classic style

Bed flowers link classic rose

We will pay special attention to the bed . It is the main bedroom furniture, our place of rest that no one should interrupt. The ambience sought for decoration bedrooms is comfort and tranquility. Every bedroom should be cozy in its own way.

Baby room in gray tone of minimalist style


Let's look at the characteristics shared by minimalist examples for Decoration bedrooms That we present to you. Colors should not bump into sight too much. Straight lines and smooth structures, we look for open space and simplicity. We must cleanse the space of all pomposity since what we are trying to achieve is that our mind can rest in this place.

Modern design for rooms

Large bed-wall-red As a special trend, beds formed from rectangular building blocks, without headboards and without legs. We also find another variant of this model in beds completely upholstered in leather. In case of choosing headboard for them, it will not interfere in harmony either.

Room with dark purple and white design

Room pretty purple headboard

However, there are many who continue to opt for more classic dormitory decor. We also offer innovative ideas that are very useful. Cabinets, chests of drawers and bedside tables made of solid wood, details like brass or silver knobs and handles, will fit very well with the luxurious and warm look we are looking for.

Classic design for children's room


As for the colors, we will not get too much of the traditional, although we can achieve a very regal look if we choose a set of bedroom furniture white with gold details. This will give more light to rooms with reduced space and give a feeling of greater breadth.

Bedroom with large wooden bed in classic style

Large bed

Now let's look at the Youth rooms Of the images. In many we continue noting that the same minimalist and contemporary pattern is repeated, but this time with much color. Lightweight and smooth materials; Furniture that allows mobility. Very good idea for decor children's bedrooms are space-saving extensible furniture.

Bedroom with bed with wooden mosquito net

Yellow wood mosquito net

But we also find classic dormitory decor for children and young people. The furniture resembles adult rooms, only with the difference that in this case everything will be smaller. More neutral and balanced colors that create a cozy and serene atmosphere.

Blue modern room

Modern very blue bed room

Let's talk now about the proper location for each piece of furniture. We will use several tips of the well-known feng shui style, so requested today to offer so many benefits in terms of design And comfort. We will begin again by talking about the position of the bed. This should be located if possible in the center of the room, so that the rest of the furniture revolves around it.

Space with decoration pink bedrooms

Bedroom decoration pink purple carpet We will make sure that nothing hangs on the bed, but if it is inevitable, we will try to make sure that what is hanging is made of lighter materials. It is advisable that the bed has a headboard, and this is located away from the main entrance of the house. In this style you are continually thinking about peace, energy and vibrations, so it is very important what the person sees from the bed. The windows and mirrors should not be behind the bed, but neither of the front.

White bedroom with lots of light

Fourth bedroom white light mirror

For double or double rooms we need to achieve equity and symmetry. For them there will be a pair of each piece of furniture or object of individual use, for example, two equal bedside tables, two equal carpets, etc. Shared furniture such as the bed or wardrobe should allow access to both inhabitants equally.

Bedroom design with salmon and white colors

Fourth bedroom colors salmon white

We must remember that in this culture changes are made that attract prosperity and abundance. We will remove from our sight everything that causes us stress, such as work and everyday obligations including the electronic devices we use so much. The desk should also be away from our resting place if possible.

Yellow children's bedroom with colorful flowers

Fourth bedroom children's yellow flowers

The colors do not have to be anything aggressive, and the bedding should be made of natural materials, such as linen, cotton or hemp. Nothing should alter us in this space, everything we see should lead to calmness and tranquility, without obstacles or barriers. Finally we will talk about some of the complements

Modern bedroom in pale gray tones

Fourth bedroom

Decorative that we can be of great utility, such as carpets, curtains and bedspreads. The carpets can serve to delimit the spaces, but in case of using several mats for a bedroom, we suggest that they are not identical, although they are of the same set or similar tonality.

Bedroom with contemporary decor and large window

Bedroom bedroom poster colors window

In addition, the carpet can be that element that intonation to the room, so we can choose colors that contrast with those chosen as main for our bedroom decorations. We advise not to cover all the floor of the bedroom, but always leave approximately one meter of margin with the wall, thus avoid creating an optical illusion of reduced space.

Modern room in blue and orange tones

Fourth bedroom light blue orange

Here are some practical tips for choosing our bedroom curtains. Depending on the privacy we wish to have, we will choose opaque or translucent fabrics. In classic dorms the velvet is suitable, like the silk or the shallow. Also the color and the matter of the curtains will depend on the season of the year and the natural light that comes from the outside.

Great room in orange


To finish we will add that the size and length of the curtains are also of importance to get different effects in our decoration bedrooms. For smaller rooms and low ceilings the solution is to place curtains that are quite long and reach practically to the floor.

Bedroom Decor with Rectangular Platform for Bed

Decoration bed rectangular platform bed

Children's room with a blue bed-car

Baby car bed room blue Children's room with bunk beds and lime green wall

Children's room Purple and orange children's room with bunk beds

Purple Children's room with red and white bands

Children's room red white bands Modern bedroom with yellow bed upholstered in leather

Modern room yellow black skin Modern minimalist design room

Modern bedroom design minimalist cushions Children's room with striped wallpaper

Room very yellow striped paper Pink and black room with double bed

Room black pink zebra double bed Modern room green and orange colors

Green orange band bands mirrors Luxurious room decoration in white

Luxurious Gray and beige room decor

Brown Modern bedroom decor with wallpaper

Big clock bedroom decoration Colorful turquoise and white design decoration

Decoration decoration colorful turquoise fan Modern design decoration for large spaces

Decoration design battery modern percussion Gray bedroom design decoration

Decoration design bedroom attic gray Design decoration red and black colors

Decoration Design decoration for bedroom or living room

Bedroom Decoration for blue bedroom

Decoration blue electric violin bedroom Bedroom Decoration with Panda Bear and Bamboo Stickers

Bamboo bear bedroom decoration

Bedroom decoration with straight lines minimalist style Minimalist lines Decoration

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