Baths in black and white ideas and advice on what style to choose


As we all know well of our personal taste depends on the design of our interior. We are the ones who have to choose color solutions for the design of our rooms sometimes our taste can not be affected even by fashion trends.

Bathrooms in black and white - 20 inspiring designs


Since everything depends on you we are sure that there are good reasons for the choice of colors for your interior. The bathrooms are no exception. In this article we show you inspiring designs of bathrooms in black and white, in addition to the photos we will treat their characteristics in detail.

A bathroom designed by Soma Architekci┬╣


Many consider that the color black is too shady for use in interior design, and its combination with white is too obvious, cold and pessimistic and uncomfortable. However, in recent years, the combination of these two colors is often used in the decoration of rooms, such as a living room or a hallway. But the most popular is the bathroom design in black and white.


Black and white in the bathroom is not a trend: the color combination has proven its power over the past few years. In fact, many of the black and white tile patterns that are popular today date back to the Victorian era. And since you do not use white, the most common option for accessories such as sinks, toilets and bathtubs, adding the strong contrast with black is an easy way to make a strong style statement.


Whether you like traditional modernity, modern avant-garde or any intermediate style, black and white will work in your bathroom. For those who decide to make a bathroom design in black and white, it is important to understand that if these colors are used inappropriately and incorrectly, there is a risk of turning this room into a gloomy storage room.


The use of black and white scales is possible in the classic interior design, in high-tech or modern, vintage or Art Deco style. No other style of the installations does not accept such a clear contrast and even some lack of shades in the design.

For what bathroom design styles you can use black and white


Determine the choice of design direction is quite easy: in the contemporary style we find the predominance of rectangular shapes in the bathroom and a minimum of accessories. Furniture, plumbing, mirrors: everything has a strict and clear outline, with right angles.


Art Deco is a luxury decoration. All items are pompous, on curved pedestals, imitating carved legs of wood or stone.


The modern style is known for the lack of symmetry and repetition in objects, the use of plant or geometric ornaments, the presence of stained glass, for example, near the shower.

The vintage style is a skillful and discreet combination of antiquity and modernity. In the bathroom, the"outdated"lamps will look great, next to the shiny new pipe in a strict color scheme.


The classic style is the simplest solution if you plan a bathroom interior in black and white. Opt for tiles on the floor and on all walls, massive porcelain sanitaryware, luxurious minimalism in the decoration and luxurious accessories, but not flashy ones. Despite such high requirements, at first glance, you do not even have to be a professional to successfully create such interiors.


For your design we advise you to start with an accent wall. The pattern of black tiles on the wall of the sink will provide a beautiful backdrop for the brass sconces and mirrors in your modern bathroom.


Advantages and disadvantages of black and white bathroom design

Although only two colors are used in decoration, the flight of fantasy is almost unlimited. Depending on the objectives that are pursued, you can vary the colors and create a unique design in the room. This is the main advantage of using the combination of black and white.


In addition, that interior will never go out of fashion and will surprise the guests. And if you decide, change it or update it simply increase the presence of one of the colors, and the room will look completely different. For example, you can replace the toilet seat or liner in the bathroom, curtain or light source or add a stylish accessory.

Ideas for bathroom furniture in black or white


Even psychologists believe that the use of these two colors in a room where most people seek comfort and relaxation is optimal. First, they do not get bored. Second, they are able to adapt to a person's state of mind: melancholic people subconsciously distinguish black elements and optimistic ones, whites. That is, both those and the others will always be satisfied


The disadvantage of a black and white bathroom is just one: any dirt will be noticed, and it will have to be removed much more frequently. When planning the interior in these two contrasting colors, several rules must be observed. If the floor is black you can experiment safely, then when decorating the walls you must be careful. Too much black will create a depressing environment, so think about everything, consider several options.


If the bathroom is large, then using a contrast color game, you can divide the spaces. Those areas that you want to hide should be dark, and those that should be shown white with black ornaments. If you do not want to make a contrast, you can decorate the room with white or black vertical stripes on the floor, walls and ceiling.


The black and white design of large and small bathrooms has significant differences. In a small room, the main color should be white. This will significantly expand the space and increase it visually.


To"lift"the roof use the vertical dark stripes on the walls. And in no case should they be reflected in the mirror, which will be placed in the bathroom. Before decorating the walls, you must determine where the mirror will hang.

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