Bathrooms in white and gray, some designs with personality for the interior

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In many of our articles we have talked about the combinations of colors and the advantages they offer us. The color white is one of the most used in bathrooms and in the other interior spaces.

However, the personal touch is what always leaves a lasting mark on people. Therefore, today I will focus on the decoration and the combination of gray and white, a perfect combination for spaces and rooms small and with little lighting.

White and gray bathrooms and the personality of the accents

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When they start to create the decoration of modern bathrooms, they have to remember that the color white is a neutral tone that must necessarily be accompanied by another shade. The choice of this tonality is this article we see reflected in the solutions presented by the gray. However, depending on the shade used, when it is lighter, the interior can become too unified and lifeless, even unpleasant.

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In these cases, they should choose to include some decorative accents of another color. This has to be striking, alive and it has to appear in some concrete areas of the interior. In this way, you will be concentrating the attention of the people who enter the bathroom in the accents, turning them into striking focuses.

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On the other hand, personality in bathroom designs can also be given by some modern objects. Mirrors are a good choice to attract attention for two main reasons: the first is that the mirror is a very important decorative detail that is part of the bath and the second reason is that they can add an aesthetic touch to their functionality thanks to their shape and placement.

Introducing a green touch in the bathrooms


At the same time, remember what are the typical elements of these spaces: the sink, the bathtub, the toilet bowl, etc. To add and underline the good taste and style in the designs for bathrooms can choose an unconventional ornament for him as are the plants. In this way, they will naturally introduce a decorative accent that will draw attention to their color and their presence in said room.


The only thing they have to consider when making their bathroom decoration with plants is the size of the space and the dimensions they have. Large bathrooms will be ideal for large potted plants and decorative trees. Also, take into account the conditions of your bathroom: to be able to place an authentic floor, the presence of a window is mandatory.


On the other hand, if your bathroom lacks a window and a source of natural lighting you can opt for artificial plants. In these cases, you can choose the climbing plants and place them on a wall or on a shelf to give the final decorative touch that your bathroom needs.

Customizing your bathrooms, using the wood in the decoration


Wood is a material that by its nature is not the most appropriate to decorate these spaces, as it deteriorates easily when it comes into contact with humidity and changes in temperature. The bathrooms are those rooms in the interior of the house where these factors are noticed with more intensity, so if you want to add wood in the decoration should consider and take into account the necessary maintenance.

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For the rest, wood is a material that will offer and contribute to its bathroom models a soft and pleasant decoration in combination with white and gray. However, our advice is to use it as a decorative accent for lamps, countertops and shelves. Using wood in this way, the accent will be more delicate and the contrast will be smaller, without the aggressive touch that the red color presents in most cases.

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Even if they want, they can make a combination with different ideas for bathrooms if the space allows it. In this sense, in an interior where wood has been used as a decorative detail, the placement of a plant is very appropriate, since it increases and the naturalness in the interior.

The personal touch of some bathrooms with other decorative details


One of the questions that many people ask is how they can make a small bathroom decoration as personalized as they would like. It is true that not so wide spaces offer fewer opportunities and variants, but this does not mean that they can not make an appropriate decoration with a personal touch.

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When we have little space, logic must lead us to the conclusion that the ornaments that will give personality to the interior do not have to occupy an additional space. In this sense, the lighting and the lights are very appropriate, since we can place them in the darkest corners and edges. However, they do not have to go through their presence.

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Ideally, they should appear in specific areas that need more lighting or areas where there are objects and furniture that they want to highlight. In this way, the lights inside the bathrooms will be conceived as singular decorative accents.

More ideas on personalized bathroom decoration

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Do not forget that the decoration of all interior spaces depends on your imagination. This article offers limited models and compositions that can be inspired and can move to your bathroom in the case that the dimensions and shapes allow it.


However, when it comes to decorating, you are the designers of your house. So you should consider the options they have and with which they can maneuver to get the most out of the bathrooms.


In addition, they must also remember that furniture and its designs are also very important when defining these spaces.

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