Bathroom Furniture in the Garden: Your Own Home Spa

Bathroom jungle bath tub deck chairs

We show some examples of bathroom furniture that can be used in our garden, a daring idea that will transform natural spaces into real luxuries for the senses. Mainly we will look for those bathroom furniture that does not interfere with or harm the nature of the garden, we need such balance to achieve comfort.

Bathroom furniture outside with stone wall and shower Bathroom wall

Later we will have to adapt the bathroom furniture to the individual preferences and, of course, decide if we want to be contemplated by other glances while we take a relaxing bath, and to what extent this concerns us. Such is the importance of our modesty, that depends on it the location of the essential element of our purpose: the bathtub.

Bathroom furniture covered with wood

Bathroom cabinet

When we talk about bath, we also include shower or jacuzzi. We offer examples of outdoor bathrooms that fit perfectly with the ambience of each garden but catered to very individual tastes. Those spacious and uncovered gardens that place the place of relaxation in sight give us the experience of maximum contact with nature, there we have nothing to hide, and an act as intimate as taking a relaxing bath can be turned into a Approach to the new and different nature.

Outdoor bathroom with stone shower and plaster Bathroom shower shower stoneware

In contrast, in cases where a traditional covered bathroom is preferred that does not reveal our intimacies but also shows us the exterior, we suggest these fabulous ideas for semi-covered bathroom furniture or porches that extend the room to the garden . There is nothing like taking a shower watching the sky.

Bathroom furniture in the garden: bowl-shaped bathtub and plants

Bathroom furniture

Finally, for the most embarrassing we present examples of furniture for bath Completely camouflaged in the undergrowth. Practically they are a natural element more, like to take a bath in a swamp hidden in the middle of the jungle.

Marble bath in the garden

Bathroom furniture bathtub marble garden

Regarding the bathroom furniture that we are going to choose, if we opt for the classic white porcelain bathtub style we recommend choosing a more central place for it. To achieve a spa garden with natural harmony, we must use materials such as Stone and marble In combination with wood.

Outdoor hot tub with glass roof Outdoor bathroom cabinet glass ceiling

Outdoor bath with shower and spa pond Outdoor shower cabinet

Bathroom furniture with outside shower and stone wall

Bathroom wall

Bathroom furniture in the garden: bathtub and cactus

Furniture bathroom bath cactus minimalist style

Outdoor Bathroom Furniture on the Garden Porch

Porsche bathroom porcelain bathroom

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