Babies and myths about their dreams that we should not believe


The dream is one of the most confusing topics for first-time parents and the information that exists on how to help their baby to sleep better is everywhere. Your mother, your best friend, even the girl in the store is more than willing to offer you advice on sleep training. So, how do you get rid of every advice about the baby's sleep that is read so you can make the best decision for your family?


The theme of the dream childish year.


bed. Today we will try to discredit the most common myths about babies' sleep.


The baby will sleep throughout the night

The most confusing term is about the baby's sleep throughout the night. So here's the thing: we all woke up throughout the night, sometimes partially and sometimes completely. You do not sleep all night and neither does your baby.


night means that your baby sleeps 10-12 hours straight without waking, we redefined what it means that your baby can sleep through the night. Your baby can make the transition between sleep cycles without crying and without the need for you to help them fall asleep.


Thinking back on this terminology can help relieve some of the pressure when your baby wakes up all night. If the babies can sleep alone, then it can be said that they sleep all night.

All babies sleep all night the first 3 months


It is not like this. It is important to underline again that nobody (babies or adults) sleeps all night. We all have brief awakenings at night and we go back to sleep, without remembering them. While some babies are calmer than others and can go back to sleep on their own, most can not maintain a sleep period of six to eight hours until they reach six months.


The baby will adjust to your lifestyle and your program

This is when all the parents start laughing. Before we have children, that's what we often think, is not it? No way am I going to be that father who is stuck at home because my baby has to sleep. And in the first months, when you can move with your baby more easily, that is a possibility.


Your baby will sleep soundly while you move. But at some point, when parents want to start working to instill better sleep habits, they must change their active social life and focus more on a consistent sleep routine for their little one.


Your baby should have a nap and bedtime schedule and meeting these routines will be key in your sleep process. In addition, having a consistent environment will help promote the quality of adequate sleep your baby needs.


If you do not let the baby sleep all day you will sleep all night

Guilty! Many of the parents are totally guilty and have thought this exactly when they had their first baby. Quiet that this is normal happens to many people. There are many couples who do not let their children fall asleep on purpose throughout the day to sleep in longer stretches throughout the night.


If you have done your sleep training task, you know that most of the books will tell you that sleeping means sleeping and those books do not lie. The more restful your baby is during the day and before bed, the easier it will be to fall asleep at night and sleep more peacefully throughout the night. Concentrate on better naps and before going to bed. That alone can help your baby sleep better at night.


With the passage of time babies begin to sleep better

Possibly, but what parents should understand is that although we are all born with the ability to sleep, falling asleep without help is a skill that is learned and we must give our babies the opportunity to learn.


Starting to incorporate healthy sleep habits from the start can save you the headache of trying to teach your toddler or preschooler to sleep better at night. While it is not impossible to help your child sleep better when he is older, it can definitely be more difficult once they are in bed, able to move freely and talk loudly.


Big babies sleep better


The baby is not that I need to sleep as much

Nap fights and bedtime battles are the two most common problems that can be heard when there are talks between parents with babies. At some point, parents decide that their baby is the baby who does not need to nap and can stay awake and watch the Late Show with mom and dad.


But this is not so your baby needs to sleep much more in a 24 hour period than you. Your baby needs up to 14-15 hours of sleep per day up to the age of 1 year and up to 12 hours per day for young children. It is important to offer the amount of sleep your baby needs to promote better cognitive ability, hand-eye coordination, better behavior and mood, and a stronger immune system.


Some babies just have bad sleep

There are some babies who are very light sleepers and can be woken up very easily by environmental noise, and some who have difficulty disconnecting when they are exposed to noise or something that catches their attention but most babies are perfectly fine with your own dream It is the interruption of the parents' sleep that creates the most problems.


You are starting to get your teeth out because of this you can not sleep

Another myth that you have probably heard more than once. It's an easy excuse, one that every mother has used! Here is the thing. The growth of the teeth should not affect your child's sleep or the ability to sleep too much.


We are not saying that there is no pain associated with new teeth, that there may be and that each child is different, but that does not mean that you have to throw all the rules of the dream out the window and resort to help your child fall asleep .


If you have been dealing with sleep problems for a long time, it is likely that the problem is not teething. It may be time to consider dream training and work to break some of those sleep habits.


My baby can not sleep according to a certain plan

While certain medical problems can be an obstacle to sleep training, for the most part we must remember that children are 100% able to fall asleep. If you do not have an adequate plan and the lack of consistency you lack the training to sleep, it seems an impossible feat.

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That's why creating the right plan for you and your partner, and having the right support to keep it constant throughout the process is key. If you want to make changes, there have to be changes. It's as simple as that.


Once you start sleeping well, you will sleep 8 hours

No investigation approve. There is also no evidence that heavier babies sleep better. Surely at least once you've heard something like that. Once the baby weighs 8 kilos, he will sleep all night!


Is not true! Breastfeeding before bed can help smaller babies sleep a little longer. After eight months, they should not need to eat at night for nutritional reasons.


Breastfeeding helps you sleep better

No matter what your mother-in-law insists, experts say there is no evidence that this helps babies sleep better. If this were true, all babies fed with breastfeeding would sleep during the night after a few weeks of life, and we know that is not the case.


Babies wake up because they are hungry

At 4-6 months of age, as long as your baby is growing in the norm and there are no medical problems, nutritionally your baby will no longer need food overnight. If your baby is having a full diet all night long, it is because they need that nutrition to fall asleep again.

babies myths-ideas-dream-baby

This is the habit that has been created. Once we eliminate that habit, they can learn to sleep again without it, and readjust to absorb those calories during the day.

babies myths-ideas-dream-hair

The creation of sleep habits harms the psychology of babies

The greatest myth of all. If I let my baby learn to sleep alone, he will feel abandoned and without love. First, the ability to sleep is not just choosing the method. There are other sleep training tools that should be implemented to teach your child to sleep better.


We are also sure that most people who read this are raising their baby in a home full of love and attachment. Each mother suffers when she has to teach her little something more difficult since she has to see him cry.

babies myths-ideas-dream-new-born

No matter which method you choose, the change will result in some tears. But we assure you that although you are not helping your baby sleep, he will wake up feeling his love and attachment, and that is nothing can change.

babies myths-ideas-sleep-quiet

Always sleep when the baby sleeps

Many women find it difficult to fall asleep when they do not know if the child will not get up and start crying in five minutes or two hours. Taking a nap or sleeping in turns when your partner is at home can help you feel less tired and not suffer from anxiety. Getting your partner to feed the baby from time to time can also give them a break time.

babies myths-sleep-care-baby

Remember, your child must learn independent sleep ability. This ability is not different from any other skill you will learn throughout your life. Those skills are not forgotten, but they do need to be eliminated from time to time. Like the ability to ride a bicycle. At some point you should let it go, and that is frightening!

babies myths-dream-quiet

They can fall and hurt themselves, but they will also learn to ride a bicycle. Then winter arrives and the bicycle is saved and the following spring arrives. At first there may be some fear in the child and tremors when he is on the bike again, but they will leave quickly because the skill has already been learned. The same goes for sleep alone.

babies sleep-quiet-sleep

When the baby sleeps a total silent must be kept

Of course, we may need complete silence to sleep, but most newborns love the background noise with a dull or creaking sound, as it is quite noisy inside the breast gut when they were there. Some babies can sleep while you are vacuuming, making dinner or even watching a movie. It is comforting and familiar to them.