Architecture images - 6 ruined buildings converted into luxury homes

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Today we show you some amazing projects. It is about architectural images renewed thanks to the visualization. In our photo gallery you can see six buildings that have undergone an incredible change thanks to modern technologies. Some images of architecture and design in digital format will allow us to discover how the houses or historical monuments that are currently in ruins can be converted into luxury homes.

How to give a new life to these ruined monuments?

That is the question that was asked by the Neomam team, a company specialized in the creation of digital content, animated images (gif) and videos.

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How 6 dilapidated old buildings are renewed by digital design to become 3D architectural images.

To find the answer, Neomam embarked on an adventure. The team came up with the idea of ​​creating a digital architecture and design model for 6 buildings in ruins around the world. Through the use of new technologies, he has managed to create images that show how we can renew these old spaces of life to make them habitable today.

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Most of the buildings that interest Neomam are historical sites, but the project also includes some forgotten constructions and is famous for the unique landscapes they draw in front of the eyes of the spectators. Here we show you the list of sites that have been part of the project:

The Castello di Arco sliver castle in Trentino, Italy

Casa Chachabamba in Chachabamba, Peru

Crofter's Cottage in Orkney, Scotland

Thackaringa Street House in Silverton, New South Wales, Australia

The ruins of Negros Oriental, Philippines

Wukoki Pueblo in Arizona, United States

Next, we present each of the sites in their current state and provide a general description of the model in these architectural and design images created by Neomam for each one of them.

Castle of Castello di Arco in Italy


Those who visited the province of Trento in northern Italy probably had the opportunity to see the majestic castle in question. The Castello di Arco is a spectacular monument not only for its size but also for its construction site. It overlooks a hill at the foot of which is the city of Arco.

The monument was built in the 11th century. At that time, the objective of its strategic location was, without doubt, the defense of the surrounding town. Today, tourists are attracted to the ruins of the castle and the magnificent scenery that can be seen from there.


The construction of the castle is made of sturdy stone. The building also has walls that are typical of medieval castles. Much of the structure of the building was destroyed, allowing the Neomam team to improvise with its architecture and digital design model.

The house of Chachabamba in Peru



What is remarkable here is that the construction was carried out with very limited tools. That said, the monument is made of perfectly adjusted stones. The whole is in an important elevation since the site of Chachabamba is in the Andes.


To complete this description, let's add that the construction site is not easy.


The idea of ​​the renovation of this site is completely adapted to modern architecture. Open design and natural materials are particularly favored. The digital model aims to create a space that facilitates communication with local nature.

Crofter's Cottage in Scotland

Architecture images - 6 ruined buildings converted into luxury homes

The following model of architecture and design takes us back to Europe and, more specifically, to the Scottish countryside. The building that seduced Neomam here is a crofter hut, in other words, a hut of a small Scottish landowner.



The reconstruction model of this characteristic small house incorporates organic materials typical of the region. A nice idea of ​​renovation that would attract those who own a similar old house!

Thackaringa Street House in Australia


In the following architectural images you will see a design model that deals with a small house in Australia. It is located on Thackaringa Street, in the city of Silverton, hence its name. According to legend, this space was built in the 19th century.


The history of the house is probably related to the mining past of the region.


The Thackaringa Street House in Australia is within walking distance of the main road. It has a floor and is built of stone.



The ruins of Negros Oriental are the name of a remarkable historical mansion. According to history, this magnificent villa was built for a Portuguese sugar merchant. Its architecture is mainly inspired by the European style. As in many parts of Latin America, the elements of European architecture have not been taken as they are. They have adapted to the local climate, thanks to the creation of large open spaces.


In the 20th century, the building was burned voluntarily. It was during the Second World War that it was reduced to ruins to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Japanese. These ruins have been modernized as part of the Neomam project.

ThePueblo Wukoki in the United States


The Wukoki Village is located between Flagstaff and the Hopi Reservation and is one of the historic landmarks of the state of Arizona. This is a building considered a classic example of local construction methods in the past.


These were particularly popular during the 12th and 13th centuries. Its existence is known since 1851, when the site was first observed by the US Army. UU



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