Architecture and design of modern gardens

Great pool path tiles lawn

Look today at fifty examples of architecture Landscaper of a style of the most contemporary and novel.

We will check the fundamental characteristics of this type of outdoor architecture and what elements are essential to create a modern garden that is beautiful, comfortable and functional at the same time.

Leveled design garden architecture

Great design architecture garden level

The most famous architects of si Glo XX that founded this style looked for an aesthetic of exterior that adapted to the necessities and daily activities, so that they began to include certain elements and patterns like the straight lines and the levelings in the structures architect Unique from courtyards and gardens , Eliminating from space what is not estri Necessary and useful.

Modern garden architecture with pond


It is for this reason that the plants also began to be sown according to the pavements. As we can see in the images the geometric shapes and the straight lines have been included In the Gardening and landscaping from Outer shape That the available space can To be exploited in a better way and always adjusting to the needs of man.

Architecture with wooden platform for swimming pool


Instead it is in the choice of building materials where it has been sought to maintain the natural to the extent possible. We will see paths of stone And wooden platforms that surround the landscape, pools and ponds that make of mirror and use the light in favor of the aesthetics of the garden. In conclusion, s And look for products that are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Minimalist architecture for modern garden

Minimalist architecture

This beautiful garden of modern style confirms the aforementioned; The architecture is designed in such a way that the route brings us closer to the most natural elements without hindrance. In addition, we see that although the space available is small and the shape of the garden is somewhat specific, there is not a single corner in which a wonderful fusion between beauty and utility has not been achieved.

Outdoor Gardening and Landscaping


As for the button And gardening, we will see that according to each model of architecture we can also choose the most appropriate vegetation. For this we can always consult with Specialists Of the gardening and the natural landscaping always taking into account the conditions of the garden and the possibilities of care. As we have seen, there are types of plants that are more suitable for certain types of architecture than others, so

Outdoor landscape architecture

Landscaping outdoor plants architecture

We suggest in any case to inform us carefully before making a decision on the matter. Also many are those who consider creating a beautiful, natural looking garden path as part of the garden architecture. Often the trails cross the area of ​​vegetation but without disturbing it making of the way of the road a pleasant revitalizing walk.

Garden path with tiles and stones

Road stones tiles garden

The designs of these roads sometimes surround the main elements, but instead other pass directly by or on the architectural element in question, and hence its enormous practicality. The oriental influence is greatly appreciated, since in addition to functionalism, peace and harmony in the environment is sought at all times, with no more adornments than necessary.

Garden design with path and pond

Garden path pond modern zen


Garden architecture with wooden platform


In conclusion, contemporary fashion for gardens and exteriors get moving Constantly to achieve the perfect balance between man and his external environment, eliminating chemicals and using renewable energy and the least harmful to the environment.This is The best shape embellishes R the landscape around us .

Modern design of garden architecture

Design garden tiles lawn parcels

Garden architecture with porch


Modern landscaping and gardening

Design architecture gardens landscaping

Zen Garden Outdoor Design


Garden design with path on wooden platform


Contemporary style garden architecture

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Zen garden design

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