Arabic decoration for your garden, a luxury

Moroccan patio swimming pool

Today we offer you these bold ideas of Arabic decoration To transform your outdoor patio into the garden of a thousand and one nights, immerse yourself in this enchanting fantasy. The Arab culture has marked its architecture and decoration with details that make them really unique.

If we pay attention to the

Arabic decoration with architecture with pointed arches Arabic decoration large orange bows

Ornamental motifs of walls and columns we will be astonished by the enormous dedication and skill of the Arab artisans. Very common the details of acanthus leaves, palmetas, ferns or pineapple, shaped in a completely symmetrical way that rubs perfection, and symbolize both richness and abundance.

Arabic decoration with plants and cushions Arabic decoration cactuses large cushions

Very important are the arches and columns of capitals so detailed to characterize a real Arab decoration patio. In order to further Arabic decoration Of our exterior or interior patio we will give you colorful. Intense reds that highlight the golden and silver for a more sensual atmosphere; Blue and green for peace of mind.

Arabic decoration with green tiles and bows Decoration arabic green bows

The furniture should call rest and peace. Pillows and cushions can not be missing, as well as tapestries rich in details and colors. To achieve a Arabic decoration We will place large poufs and cushions around the center table. In case we are not convinced the idea of ​​sitting on

Arabic decoration with large palms and tiles Decoration arabic palm trees great sunset

Pillows on the floor directly, we will always choose furniture and low seats that we will place around the central table. To complete and complete our Arabic decoration for Gardens or patios We will pay attention to the illumination. It is a good idea to choose lamps and windows of colors of Muslim style as they will provide that touch so intimate.

Arabic decoration for outdoor patio or garden Decoration arabic blue walls exterior

Metals such as aged copper or wrought iron will abound in trays, teapots and other accessories that should not be missing in our Arabic decoration, not forgetting the tiles and mosaics that will always be well accepted in our beautiful Moroccan corner.

Moroccan bathroom decoration with mosaics Moroccan decoration

Moroccan decoration for outdoor patio or garden with plants Moroccan decoration outdoor patio garden

Moroccan orange decoration super garden Garden decoration marroqui super orange

Arab patio with blue tiles and plants Arabic patio blue moroccan tiles

Arab patio with lovely pink curtains Arabic courtyard super pink curtains

Arab patio large central arch Patio decoration moroccan color red Patio garden arabic morocco cushions Colorful Moroccan garden patio