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Windows are like the eyes of the home to the world Exterior . However, throughout the year, the interior and exterior aluminum windows of your home are covered with dust, dirt and other impurities and cloud our view.

It does not matter if they have aluminum or PVC windows. The important thing is to be clean. These layers of dirt not only hinder your vision, but can also damage the image of your home from the outside.

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In order to clean aluminum windows your home , Keep in mind these simple steps. Wash your windows on cloudy days. It may seem strange and difficult to plan this task taking into account the climatic conditions, but there is actually a good reason. Heat and direct sunlight will dry aluminum or PVC windows quickly, before you have time to polish. And in your window would result as unsightly streaks. However, on cloudy and mild days this is less likely to happen.

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Start from the top of the window to prevent the drops falling down to make grooves in the crystals and in this way continue until you reach the bottom of the window. Another idea is to mix vinegar with water. Make two tablespoons of white vinegar in a gallon of water. In addition to eliminating the need for harmful chemicals, this economical solution leaves a glitter without glittering streaks.

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If the smell of vinegar disgusts your lemon juice is the other option that we offer. With soft cotton an old T-shirt or a clean cloth diaper can make a wonderful polishing cloth. Make sure the cotton is both dry and free from dust or dirt that could scratch the glass.

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Aluminum windows many small windows Make circular motions on the window panes. Use hard water remover. Hard water stains or raindrops cause calcium and magnesium to accumulate in the windows to eliminate this problem use rust removers.

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