Acupuncture to lose weight - myths and effects realities

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Acupuncture to lose weight is one of the procedures that can also be used to free ourselves of a few kilos of more. To its effectiveness and the way it works we will dedicate this post. In general, acupuncture encompasses several procedures of a medical nature arising in China . With the needles are stimulated several anatomical areas that have to do with different functions of our body.

Acupuncture to lose weight and its effects

Acupuncture for slimming effects

There is a great variety of techniques to do it starting with the use of these fine needles which is the case that concerns us today. Each of the areas where they are inserted affect functional aspects of our body. According to specialists all these zones or meridians as they are also known has a greater electrical conductivity. All these methods have been evolving and adopting an increasingly scientific character.

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In the case of western acupuncture, not only Chinese techniques have been included. Both the Koreans and those of Japan have also been considered similar to those of other regions with similar practices. Just the best known is the one used with the manipulation of needles. For the treatment, the stimulation is done manually or with an electric source.

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Acupuncture to lose weight is not the only one of the benefits of this method of traditional medicine. Another of its benefits are related to the treatment of pain. This is often one of the main causes. With this use is located a very common and is back pain. Even when it becomes a chronic condition. Which leads many people to seek the help of a professional in this area.

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Manual or electrical stimulation helps our body generate analgesics naturally. Even changing the way we perceive pain causing a general improvement. As a fertility stimulant it has also proven to be very useful. The reason is that it directly affects the decrease of hormones involved in infertility.

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On the other hand, the flow of blood to the uterus is stimulated as well as the regulation of the menstrual cycle. With acupuncture, several hormonal imbalances are treated in a general way. In general, it has a great influence on the immune system. This decreases the chances of diseases that affect fertility. It really is a very versatile method that can even act on depression or anxiety states.

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If we are carrying out a treatment of this type with several areas that are stimulated will have an effect even on stress. In general, the effect of acupuncture has an influence on our general condition. So it can be used preventively as a way to improve our state physical . Both the immune system and stressful situations and anxiety can be treated effectively.

Back acupuncture to lose weight

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It is a great alternative and you do not have to worry about the dimensions of the needles. If you suffer from sports injuries, pain or anxiety it may be time to consider this method. All the improvement in general is due to the stimulation suffered by muscles and nerves increasing blood flow.

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The use of acupuncture to lose weight began to be known thanks to a study of researchers in Korea. Published in the British Medical Journal basically a treatment was assigned to more than ninety overweight people. We used about five points in the area of ​​the ears reaching to reduce the weight in eight weeks.

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The decrease in body mass index had been of six percent in this period of time. Today many wonder if it really is an effective method to lose weight. There really is no clear explanation that demonstrates the scientific character in this whole process. According to the explanation of experts there are points that act on the metabolism.

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Especially on the outer part of the ears these areas for acupuncture can have an influence on the appetite. Above all, it is a theory supported by Sharon Zarabi who works with patients with nutritional problems at Lenox Hill Hospital. He also explains that the relationship of acupuncture for weight loss has a lot to do with stress.

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Explain that when we feel stressed there is a release of adrenaline. This causes a hormone called cortisol to be released. The result is an increase in appetite that leads us to eat more than we really need. With the help of the needles the tension that can be contained in the muscles is eliminated.

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When this tension is reduced, endorphin is generated. Directly this has a huge influence on our general state. It makes us feel calm improving the stress and reducing the appetite. Many specialists agree that it is a way to restart the nervous system. However, although stress is reduced, this is not reflected in a direct weight loss.

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Many specialists agree on the need for diet and combined exercises to obtain better results. When extra calories are ingested it is not possible to cause a direct weight loss with acupuncture. This assuming that we are not going through a stress situation that could affect our appetite and our metabolism . In other studies the effects on digestion have been checked in the same way.

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Maintaining a direct effect on acidity or indigestion. Mainly in the cases of pregnant women, several Brazilian researchers combined acupuncture with diets. Arriving in seventy-five percent to experience improvements and not feel burning in the stomach. In parallel, one group undergoing another treatment experienced changes at only forty-four percent.

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In summary when it comes to acupuncture to combat obesity there is no solid evidence in this regard. Still studies are missing as in the case of other conditions that we have already mentioned. So it can not be said that it is something effective to lose weight. What is evident is its impact on our well-being similar to a massage or after a few hours in a spa.

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